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Windows 7 Shortcuts

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Want to navigate Windows 7 faster, with less hassle? Now you can, with this list of Windows 7 shortcuts.

ALT + Tab: Allows you to switch between multiple windows. Hold down ALT, press Tab, until you locate the window you want. Release and the window will be pulled to the front, as the active window.

CTRL + Period (.): Rotates a picture clockwise.

CTRL + Comma (,): Rotates a picture counter-clockwise.

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC: Opens Windows Task Manager.

CTRL + SHIFT + N: Creates a new folder.

CTRL + SHIFT + Click: Runs program as Administrator.

SHIFT (5 times): Turns on / off Sticky Keys, which is a feature that lets you press SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, or the Windows keys key one at a time, instead of having to hold down several keys at once. Great for people with a handicap and/or accessibility issues.

SHIFT + Right Click (on a file): Gives you an enhanced Send To menu, so that you have more options and locations to “send to”.

SHIFT + Right Click (on a folder): Gives you an option to open a command prompt.

SHIFT + Click (on a taskbar item): Opens a new instance of that application.

WIN + D: Shows desktop by minimizing all active windows.

Win + Down Arrow: Minimizes the active window.

Win + Up Arrow: Maximizes the active window.

Win + Left or Right Arrows: Moves the active window to the left or right side of the screen.

Win + Home: Clears all windows but the active window.

(For Dual Monitors) Win + SHIFT + Left or Right Arrow: Moves active window to the left or right monitor.

Win + L: Locks PC, allows you to switch users.

Win + Plus Sign (+) or Minus Sign (-): Zooms in or out on screen. Great for small text on webpages, or checking out something small in a photo.

Win + F: Search for files or folders.

Win + F1: Brings up the Windows help menu.

Win + G: Cycles between Windows Gadgets on desktop.

Win + R: Opens the run dialog box.

Win + E: Opens Windows Explorer. Great for quickly browsing to network file folders.

Win + Space: Previews the desktop.

Win + T: Selects task bar items, use your arrows to flip through to the task bar item you want to use.

Win +1, Win +2, Win +3…: Quickly opens task bar items. The first item is the item closest to the start button.

Win + P: Connect a laptop to a projector or screen.

Win + Pause: Opens the System Properties window.

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6 Fantastic Free Smart Phone Apps for Business

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Make your smart phone work for you, and save you time and money with these 6 fantastic free smartphone apps, guaranteed to streamline your business and your life. These apps will save you money and time, and will allow you to track and manage your life better, freeing you up to focus on more important things.

1. Dropbox  is a cloud-storage service which gives you a place in the clouds to save your files. Think of it as a jump-drive you never have to carry. Store photos, documents, presentations, videos, etc. in your dropbox, and then access them where ever you have internet access. You can even stream videos from your dropbox.

2. Wunderlist Task Manager is a productivity app that organizes all your various to-do lists. With apps for your smartphone and web browser, it’s easy to stay on top of all the things you have to do. You can also email your list to colleagues, family, or friends, to share and collaborate on projects.

3. Evernote is a cloud-based capturing system allowing you to sync virtually anything (photos, voice recordings, videos, etc.) and save it, so that you can access it later for processing. Evernote also OCR’s images, so that everything stored in the app is searchable, even your own handwriting.

4. TripIt is a travel-management app that helps organize your reservations, itineraries, and more. Forward your travel confirmation emails to an address provided by TripIt, and it will gather the information and organize it all in one place. You can even share your trips with others.

5. Read It Later is a cloud-bookmarking service that allows you to organize your webpage bookmarks, so that you can read them at a later point in time, from any device. Integrates with your phone and browser.

6. TextPlus is a group texting program which allows you to communicate with up to 20 people at the same time. A great tool for office and team communication.

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10 Excel Shortcuts Meant to Save You Time

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Disclaimer: These tips are known to work in Excel 2010. They may or may not work in other versions of Excel.

Excel can be an extremely powerful business tool, if you know how to use it correctly. Take the hassle out of locating commonly used features, and save some time, with these 10 useful Excel shortcuts.

CTRL + Page Down / CTRL

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+ Page Up Move Between Worksheets

Both of these commands work the same, by moving you quickly through the workbook tabs at the bottom, but which command you use depends on which direction you want to go.

CTRL + Page Down will move through the tabs from left to right. This is helpful when you are on the first workbook tab, and want to move to others in the series.

CTRL + Page Up will move through the workbook tabs from right to left. So, once you’ve viewed your last workbook tab, you can easily move back to the first tab (or any other tab before the one you’re on) by pressing CTRL + Page Up.

CTRL + SHIFT + & Apply Borders

Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + & applies a thin black border to the selected area. Cells must be pre-selected before using this shortcut for this command to work.

CTRL + SHIFT + _ Un-apply Borders

Similarly, pressing CTRL + SHIFT + _ un-applies the border to the selected area. Again, cells containing the border you wish to remove must be pre-selected before using this shortcut.

CTRL + SHIFT + ~ General Number Formatting

With the applicable cells selected, press CTRL + SHIFT + ~ to format a cell with General Number formatting.

CTRL + SHIFT + $ Currency Formatting

Press CTRL + SHIFT + $ to apply currency formatting to the selected cells. Formatting will include two decimal places.

CTRL + SHIFT + % Percentage Formatting

To apply Percentage formatting, with no decimal places, highlight the applicable cells, then press CTRL + SHIFT + %.

CTRL + SHIFT + # Date Formatting

To apply date formatting (with month and year), highlight the selected cells, then press CTRL + SHIFT + #.

CTRL + SHIFT + @ Time Formatting

Similarly, to apply time formatting, including hours and minutes, AM and PM, select the appropriate cells, then press CTRL + SHIFT [email protected]

CTRL + ; Enters Current Date

To enter today’s date into a cell, select the cell, then press CTRL +; (semi-colon).

CTRL + SHIFT + : Enters Current Time

Similarly, to enter the current time into a cell, in AM / PM formatting, select the cell, then press CTRL + SHIFT + : (colon).

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