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For many years, IT companies everywhere used the Break-Fix model to provide services because it only made sense to fix computers and other technology items once they were actually broken. However, as technology has grown, changed, and implemented great reporting tools along the way, a new model is emerging – Flat-Rate IT – and it’s sure to change how the IT industry does business.


The Break-Fix model of IT support is exactly what it sounds like – your IT Company is only called to fix an item when it is actually broken. While this is currently the industry norm, this model can create lots of problems for the businesses receiving services.

Under the Break-Fix model, businesses are at the mercy of their tech problems. If something breaks, that section of the business is down for an unknown amount of time until the IT Company can send someone out to fix the problem.

What’s more, under this model the IT Company only wins when your business is down. There is no incentive for them to keep you up and running properly, because they don’t make money when your business is stable. Instead, the IT Company is only profitable when you need services.

And that’s the flaw of the Break-Fix model, the IT Company isn’t a true partner of the business they provide services to because they don’t have their best interests in mind. They are only profitable when your business is down and have no incentive to ensure that your equipment is well maintained.


However, there is a new model that is being adopted by IT companies everywhere, known as Flat-Rate IT. Under this model, businesses pay a reoccurring monthly fee for monitoring, maintenance, and support. This model allows the entire network, including all office computers, to be monitored on a regular basis.

If something small needs fixing, like applying software updates or running scans, the technician can do so remotely, often after hours, so they don’t impact your staff’s busy day.

However, the beauty of the Flat-Rate model is when big problems

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occur. With Flat-Rate IT, it is easy to predict big problems before they get worse because of all the monitoring and reporting that is happening on the network. Often, this means that parts can be ordered and service can be scheduled prior to the problem getting so big that it takes down the entire office.

And that’s the beauty of the Flat-Rate model – your IT Company only makes money when you are up and running seamlessly, not the other way around. This model allows your IT Company to become a trusted business advisor that truly has your businesses best interests at heart and gives them incentive to keep your computers maintained and running well.

At TechQuility, while we can provide services under the traditional Break-Fix model, we prefer the Flat-Rate model so that we can partner with the businesses we serve and give them the best technology foundation possible. If you’re ready to break free from tradition and discover all the benefits of Flat-Rate IT, contact us today.

Julie Strier is a freelance writer who likes to help you learn more about your technology options. Email: [email protected]. Website:

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