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With your business, there is nothing more important than your data. Computers, equipment, physical locations and even people can be changed and replaced if necessary. However, if something happens to your data, it is completely unrecoverable and could take down your entire business.

That is, unless your data is properly backed up. So how do you ensure that your most valuable asset is protected? And, what can you do about it if it’s not?

Perform the Right Type of Backup

Not all backups are created equal. To ensure you have your data backed-up correctly, you’ll want to make sure that you use the right kind of backup, that is, image based backups.

There are two main types of backups, file-based, and image-based. Of the two, we recommend using image-based backups. Instead of backing up individual files, as with file-based backups, image-based backups take a picture of your computer or setup, including all your programs and files.

If you need to restore your backup, you simply restore the image. There’s no need to reinstall an operating system, or software, because the image does that for you automatically, restoring the computer to exactly what it looked like before, software and all.

Schedule Backups Automatically

Don’t leave your backups to memory and chance, for when you really need them, there’s always a possibility that someone “forgot” to perform the backup for that period, or hadn’t yet gotten around to doing it.

Instead, schedule your backups so that they happen automatically, overnight, every night. That way, if you do need to restore a backup, you have the most current data. We prefer to schedule our backups at night, when the office is quiet and files aren’t actively being accessed and changed.

Keep Software Current

Another important aspect to keep in mind about disaster recovery is your software. Make sure that your software disks are kept in an important location, so that they can be reloaded if they need to be. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that any support plans for the software are still in effect, as many companies now require this if you need to re-download your current software, or if you need to obtain new software.

Have a Plan B

It’s also important to have a Plan B when it comes to your data. Even if you back everything up properly and routinely, if the office goes down, will you still be able to access your backups?

We recommend using solutions like our Backup and Disaster Recovery Device (BDR), which not only backs up your data routinely, but also allows us to get your office up and running again in as fast as one hour if there’s an emergency or catastrophic event. What’s more, our BDR allows us to boot your office up in the cloud, meaning that staff can work remotely, if the office is an unsuitable work location for any reason.

If you are concerned about the backup status at your office, contact us today, before it’s too late. We can help assess where your systems stand currently, and can help recommend ways to ensure your data is safe and protected against any sort of catastrophic event.

Julie Strier is a freelance writer who likes to help you make sure your business is properly protected from disaster. Email: [email protected]. Website:www.mybusinesswriter.com.

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