Google Multiple Account Sign In

Google's Multiple Account Sign In Screen

Do you have more than one Gmail account that you check? Is it annoying to switch from one Gmail account to another? Now you can log into multiple accounts, and easily switch between them.

There are two main ways to access your Gmail accounts, either by logging into them online, or by using an email program like Outlook

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to manage your accounts.

Switching Between Accounts

Since late 2010, Google introduced a feature allowing you to sign into multiple accounts at once. With multiple sign in, Google allows you to log into up to 10 different accounts, and access various Google products, all in the same browser.

The problem is the feature is (sort of) hidden, if you don’t know what you are looking for. To sign into more than one account, go to any Google screen (Google search, Gmail, G+) and sign into your main account.

Once you signed in (or if you are already signed in) your name and profile picture (if setup) will appear in the top right hand side of the screen. Click on your name / picture, and you should see some choices appear,

including “Add Account” and “Sign Out.” Click on “Add Account” and sign in with your second (or third or fourth) Google account.

After linking multiple accounts, you can easily switch between them by clicking on your name or picture located at the top right, and then selecting the account you would like to access.

Once that account is selected, you can use any of the Google products setup for that account. When done, repeat the procedure to switch back to your main account.

Using Outlook to Manage Gmail Accounts

Another option for managing multiple Gmail accounts is to set them up in your mail program, like Outlook.

There are some definite benefits to having your Gmail in an email program, such as being able to better manage and organize your email, and being able to setup signatures more easily.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using an email program. Outlook, for example, tends to have IMAP issues when more than 5 Gmail accounts are setup. (To fix this issue, increase your time out time to the max allowed – 10 minutes.)

Additionally, because of the management of multiple accounts, Outlook will occasionally send your Google email through your domain server, instead of through Google’s servers.

These are only small concerns, but are still things to think about when considering using an email program for Gmail administration.

However, either alternative – using Outlook or using Google’s multiple account sign in features, will allow you to access multiple Gmail accounts easily.

Do you have a favorite Google trick? Leave us a comment telling us about it.

Julie Strier is a freelance writer who enjoys helping you enjoy your technology. Email: [email protected].

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