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Have you ever wanted to share your screen with someone who wasn’t in the room with you? When this happened, what did you do? Did you use a fancy utility, or did you just shrug it off and not share anything because you didn’t know what to do?

Next time you need to share your screen, you won’t have to worry about this situation. That’s because the makers of LogMeIn (remote desktop access software) have created a new tool –, an easy to use, free app which makes screen sharing quick and easy. is a screen sharing utility which follows the belief that sharing shouldn’t be hard. With this concept in mind, they have made their tool as simple as possible so that you can get right down to business, without having to figure out complicated software.

To begin using their app, go to and download and install the free desktop app. They also have a free mobile app for both iPhone and Android phones.

Setup the app, and then click “share” to share your screen with others.

You will be given a nine digit code to share with participants. All they have to do is go to (either the website or the app), enter the code, and they can now see your screen.

While sharing, you have the ability to pause your screens to give participants a static view. You can also talk with participants via the included chat program or through internet calling.

The free features of are quite robust, and include the ability to share control of the screen, switch between multiple monitors, send

files, and use internet calling, amongst other features.

Additionally, you can pay for the service, which gives you additional features such as unified audio, presenter swap, meeting scheduler, user management, and more.

Don’t be left in the lurch next time you need to share something important with a remote employee or viewer. Instead, turn to this handy tool to get the job done quickly and easily.

What do you use for a screen sharing solution? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Julie Strier is a freelance writer who delights in helping you enjoy new technology. Email: [email protected].

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