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Right now there is something that your business desperately needs that is out of your price range. Maybe it’s new computers, or a server, or a new database. Maybe it is the need to hire more employees, or the need to implement a company-wide change.

Regardless, you are probably hemming and hawing right now, dragging your feet and trying to decide if you should finally take the plunge. But while you’re agonizing over this decision, it could be your business that is paying the price of your indecisiveness.

So, how do you quit worrying? How do you make a decision once and for all, and put all of this behind you?

Resolve to stop worrying now and finally make a decision one way or the other, and then get on with it. Of course, if it were that easy you would have made the decision by now.

But maybe you’ve been thinking about the problem the wrong way. Here are a few questions, designed to help you think about your decision differently.

Will it solve a major problem?

If this purchase will solve a major problem, then you should consider spending the money. When you solve a major problem, you lift a burden from your business. You free yourself, and your staff, up to produce much bigger and better things which allows your business to evolve.

Will it increase overall efficiency?

Will this purchase help you, or your staff, be more efficient with day to day tasks? Think about all the tasks that must be accomplished to keep your business going, and then think about how your purchase could free up time. Even the smallest amount of time saved can add up quickly, depending on the frequency, and that time saved could lead you to work on more exciting projects.

Will it help you, or your staff, provide better service?

If something frustrates you, that frustration shows. It shows on you and everything you do which in turn trickles down to your employees and affects them, and the work your company produces. But most importantly, your clients can see your frustration, which is never a good thing.

Likewise, when you turn a frustrating situation into a positive one, it will also show in everything that you do. Don’t you want your clients to see the best of your business?

Will it be cheaper in the long run?

Sure, it’s tough to spend money, particularly in this economy, but think of all the ways that your purchase can help make your operating costs cheaper. For example, if your staff is more efficient, they can produce more, generating more revenue. Or maybe your purchase will help you create better reports easier, in turn helping your sales presentation. This is the time to get creative. In what ways will your purchase help you save money (and maybe even generate new revenue) in the long run?

If, after thinking about these questions you are still undecided, try to think of all the ways that your purchase will help your business. Dream big and be inspired, because what you’re doing now probably isn’t working.

While there are no guarantees in life, one thing is for certain – things will never get any better if you don’t decide to take that leap and make a change.

Julie Strier is a freelance writer who is interested in helping you achieve peace and calm.  Email: [email protected]. Website:

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