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Earlier this week, Google announced the rollout of its latest service, Google Drive. This virtual storage space allows you to create and store files in the cloud. Additionally, you can share and collaborate on files, keeping up with changes in real time.

Google Drive quickly differentiates itself from its competitors both by the amount of size they offer for free (a robust 5GB), as well as with a plethora of amazing features that users are sure to love.

One of the more beneficial features is the ability to view over 30 different files types in your browser, even if you don’t have the program installed on your computer. This means you can still view your friend’s shared Photoshop file using your web browser, even if you don’t have Photoshop on your computer.

Additionally, Google Drive allows you to track changes, and saves your revisions, keeping changes for up to 30 days, or choose to keep a particular revision permanently stored, depending on your needs.

You can also download and upload files with ease, regardless of platform. Want to save files from your IPad in your Google Drive and later move those same files to your PC? No problem, Google has you covered and allows you to easily move and save files, no matter what device or computer you are using.

If you want to use Google Drive there is currently a wait list (as Google always does with any new service), so if you want to be one of the first to use it, then go to the Google Drive Sign Up site and request some space. They’ll notify you when it’s ready.

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Are you using Google Drive now? Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience.

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