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Have you ever wanted to learn more about computers – like learning about basic computing, or maybe something more in-depth, like programing – but you didn’t want to plunk down the money for a book or a class?

Don’t worry about putting off those dreams of acquiring knowledge any longer. Now you can learn about whatever you want to about computers

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and technology, and you can do so without it costing you a dime.

So how do you accomplish this task? With free eBooks!


internet is full of great information, if you know where to look. Instead of taking the time to sort through sites to find what you’re looking for, we did the hard work for you. Below is a list of sites where you can locate and download free technology eBooks on just about any subject imaginable. A website full of free computer, mathematics, and technical books, along with lecture notes, in-depth online tutorials, and other types of information. A site full of free eBooks and textbooks. Their IT & Programming section has a large number of books to teach you how to use software, learn programing, and more. A list of books for reading online or downloading. They have a robust Computer Science section, along with other computing sections such as Programming, or Computer Mathematics. A directory of free online books and free eBooks with listings on many subjects, including Computers & Internet. Another directory of free eBooks, however this one lets users rate books, allowing you to determine whether or not a book is good before you download it. This article about a free eBook titled “Identity in the Age of Cloud Computing” gives links to several interesting technology eBooks, including the one listed in the title. A place to find free computer programming eBooks and downloads.

These are just a few of the sites we found when looking for free computer and technology eBooks. Hopefully, one or more sites will yield exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you have a favorite eBook site? Leave us a comment and share where you like to go to get good, free books online.

Julie Strier is a freelance writer who enjoys helping you learn more about technology. Email: [email protected].

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