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With April Fool’s Day quickly approaching, it got us wondering, what are some of the best computer based pranks to pull on someone? So, we compiled a list of the ones we thought could be the most effective.

You can use this list to play a prank on a co-worker or friend. Similarly, if one of these pranks is played on you, use this list to undo the trick, and to come up with better ways to get revenge.

Just remember to tell your co-worker “April Fool’s” and help them undo the prank before they think something is seriously wrong and call the help desk.

Here are a few of our favorite computer based pranks:

Changing the Desktop to a Picture

The Setup: To setup this classic office prank, create a print screen of the desktop. Then, paste it into Paint, and save the image as a bitmap. Set the newly created image as the Desktop Wallpaper, and then go into the desktop settings and hide all the icons.

The Joke: While their Desktop will look the same, when your co-worker clicks on items, nothing will happen.

Incorrect Spell Check

The Setup: Go to the computer of the person you are wanting to prank, and open Microsoft Word. Change the autocorrect settings for the spellchecker, so that it changes perfectly normal words to strange things. Settings can be found under File > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options. Remember to setup the Replace Text as you Type option, and set it to replace common words such as and, the, to, with weird words such as rutabaga, firework, or whatever. Use your imagination.

The Joke: When your co-worker uses Word, any of the words you changed in the AutoCorrect settings will automatically change as they type. Watch as hilarity ensues as your co-worker tries to figure out if it’s them, the keyboard, or something else that’s causing the problem.

Speech-to-Text Prank

The Setup: Attach a wireless keyboard to a co-workers computer, and then give the keyboard to someone else. Take the co-worker you are pranking aside somewhere else, like the conference room, and explain that the company wants people to start using the Speech-to-Text feature in Windows. Train them how to use it, then send them back to their desk.

The Joke: Have the person with the wireless keyboard type in random words, and then watch and listen as the “trainer” starts speaking louder and louder, changing their pronunciation, trying to get the computer to recognize and learn words.

Swapping Mouse Buttons

The Setup: Open the Mouse Properties (Start > Control Panel > Mouse) and set the button configuration to switch the primary and secondary buttons.

The Joke: Sit back and watch as your co-worker grows more frustrated when their left-click acts like right-click.

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