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Not all IT companies are the same. Most are only interested in your business when something is broken. After all, most IT companies only make money when your technology is down. But this traditional way of providing services isn’t necessarily the best for your company, because it doesn’t keep your business’s best interests in mind.

Consider this typical scenario. It’s mid-afternoon, and suddenly your office grinds to a halt. Nothing seems to be working. There’s some weird beeping coming from the IT room and your server isn’t responding. When you call your IT Company, they huff, and begrudgingly schedule you for late the next day, without any real promise of when your business will be up and running again.

Now, consider a different version of the story. It’s mid-morning, when you get a call from your IT Company. They noticed a major error in the nightly reports the server generates, and are concerned about your server stability. Instead of waiting for your company to go down, they recommend that they boot up the backup server to keep staff working while they fix the problem on the regular server. Then, they schedule a time that day to come out and work on the server.

Which IT company would you rather have?

While the first scenario is by far the most common, it doesn’t have to be this way. You do not have to be at the mercy of your technology, waiting for that unknown day when it suddenly decides to stop working. And you do not need to be at the mercy of some IT Company that will come out and fix the problem at a time that’s best suited for them.

Instead, you can make your technology work for you, and with you, as technology is designed to do. To break the cycle, you need to partner with an IT company that truly has your business’s best interests in mind, like fixing technology problems before they impact your office.

If you’re frequently experiencing the pains and frustrations of an IT company that always leaves you hanging, know that you do have a choice and that not all IT Companies are the same. When you decide you’re ready for a change, call us. We believe that technology can and should be easy, and we can show you exactly how we can make your technology work for you and your business.

Julie Strier is a freelance writer who likes to help you find better solutions for your business. Email: [email protected].

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