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While there are many IT companies out there, not all are the same, nor do they all provide the same level of service. So how do you know if you’re getting great, good, or even mediocre service?

Below is a list of what we think are the 5 signs of great IT service. How does your IT Company stack up? If they are hitting all five points, then you’re receiving great service, but if they’re only hitting two points or fewer, you may want to consider going with an IT Company who can hit all these points, and more.

1. Great Turn Around Time

How is your current IT Company’s response time? Your IT Company should be providing emergency services well within their response-time window. Additionally, how is your company’s response time for non-emergency items, such as emails, phone calls, and the like? If you’re always waiting around for your IT Company to get back to you for even the smallest question, it could indicate a problem.

2. Able to Fix / Upgrade Computers After Hours

Does your staff and office productivity suffer every time something needs to be fixed or upgraded? Occasionally repairs and upgrades can cause some downtime, but this shouldn’t be the norm. Your IT Company should have the ability to schedule repairs and upgrades during off hours, so it doesn’t affect your business, your staff or their production time.

3. Is Interested In Your Business

Does your IT Company see you as another dollar sign, or are they genuinely interested in your business? When your IT Company is interested in your business, they want to see you succeed, and as such they want to make sure your business technology is stable day in and day out.

4. Offering Solutions That Are In Your Best Interest

Does your IT Company offer solutions because they like the solution, or because the solution is truly in your business’s best interest? (There is a difference.) If your IT Company pushes software on you because they believe in the software, it could be a problem. Instead, your IT Company should provide solutions that alleviate common concerns and frustrations with your business, and help increase productivity.

5. Helps You Streamline Services

Sometimes businesses string several services together in an attempt to create a solution that works best for their business. However, often different services can cause problems with one another, causing slowness, frequent crashing, and reduced productivity. A good IT Company can help you review your services, determine if they work well together and if they work well for your employees, and if not, can help you locate and implement services that work together, reducing strain on your office and staff.

So, how does your current IT Company stack up? If you’re concerned that you aren’t receiving the best possible service, give us a call. We strive to hit all of these points and more to give our clients the best solutions and service possible.

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