Technology Related April Fool’s Day Pranks for 2013

April Fools Day 2013

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Happy April Fool’s Day!

Every year as the first of April rolls around, many people find themselves plotting pranks to play on co-workers and friends. After all, that’s part of the fun of April Fool’s Day.

However it’s not just people who join in the fun. Every year, some big name tech giants also enjoy the day by playing some silly prank on the Internet. Typically, it’s fairly obvious what the joke is, but not always.

Here are a few of our favorites for today:

Tech Pranks April Fools 2013

Google Pranks

Google, a notorious prankster, is responsible for a few pranks today, including the rumor that YouTube is shutting down, and the BETA project for the Sharpest Olfactory Experience Available.

Yup, you read that right. There’s a rumor today about YouTube, and it ends with it shutting down at midnight. Apparently, YouTube was really just a video contest all along, and it’s come to the end of its 8 year run. After winners are picked tonight, it will be shut down for good.

Of course, this is most likely a prank, because why would Google shut down one of their most used money making giants? They wouldn’t. You can read about the “contest” here.

Smelling is Believing, as the slogan goes, and today, Google will have you believe that they’ve created an app that can smell. Though still in BETA, this app will help you discover new scents, or explore old favorites. You can read about GoogleNose here. 

Want to know the other Google Pranks for the day? Then check this list out.

Twitter Prank

Today, Twitter announced the release of Twttr, a basic Twitter service which allows you to only use consonants. For an extra $5 / month, you can upgrade to the premium Twitter service, which allows the use of vowels. Read more about this service here.

Sony Prank

Sony also decided to join in the fun, by announcing a new line of products that include televisions and computers, and are targeted for pets. The Animalia Line helps modify electronics so your pets can use them, helping Fluffy consume information in style. To check out the Animalia Line, click here.

Did we miss one of the big pranks today? Leave us a comment and share the awesome tech prank you found online. Remember to include a link, so we can check it out too.

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Does Your Business Need a Server?

Rack Mounted Servers

Image Credit: Jamison_Judd

At what point does a business need to think about the big picture when it comes to their technology infrastructure?

Small businesses sometimes find it difficult to spend money on computers and technology when there are more pressing things to purchase. However, there comes a certain point where a technology investment needs to be made in order to ensure the growth and expandability of your business.

This tipping point of needing to invest in technology typically occurs as soon as the business has grown enough to really start gaining momentum. By the time the first few employees are hired, many businesses aren’t even thinking about the next big technology benchmark – the server.

Why does a business need a server?

Servers are more than beefed up computers – they are the backbone and lifeline of any business. A server is a machine that stores critical data and documents, and allows this information to be accessed by any of the computers on your network. Depending on the setup, this information can also be accessed remotely, by employees who work in the field.

However, servers do more than store data. They can also run important applications, like hosting your company’s email in-house, so that you don’t have to pay additional fees for email and hosted Exchange.

Additionally, having your information in one location makes backing up your critical data easier, and more reliable. Instead of having to back up all the computers on the network, the backup can be focused to the most vital and valuable part of your business – your data – to ensure it is backed up and protected from emergencies.

When does a business need a server?

While there are many ways to tell when a business should upgrade to using a server, here are some of the most common signs:

  • Using 2 or more computers. If your business has 2, or more, computers hooked together, then you are already utilizing a simpler type of network – the peer-to-peer network – and would benefit from a server.
  • The need to share documents. When employees need to share documents, or cannot work on an item because it’s on someone else’s computer and they cannot access it, then it is definitely time for a server. Servers allow you to keep your documents in one central location, so that everyone can easily access them.
  • Mobile employees. Servers allow businesses to better serve their mobile employees, by giving them access to the information they need remotely, so that they don’t have to make unnecessary trips to the office.
  • Backup and Recovery of data.  Is your valuable data easily recoverable? A server can help you protect against data loss by giving your business better backup and restore capabilities.

Because the cost is exponentially higher than a desktop computer, many businesses fret over the initial expense of a server. However, the benefits you gain far outweigh the costs.

If your business needs a server, but is concerned about the funds needed to properly implement one, give us a call. We have many cost effective options which make servers much more affordable for small businesses.

Julie Strier is a freelance writer who likes to help small businesses make the most out of their technology. Email: [email protected].