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4 Ways to Enable Your Employees to Work Remotely

Work from Anywhere

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If your business doesn’t allow employees to work remotely, it could be at a big disadvantage, especially compared to the competition. In today’s fast paced world of mobile devices and instant connections, the business that doesn’t take advantage of their technology is the one left behind. Will that be your business?

It could be, particularly if your current network configuration doesn’t allow for employees to access the office remotely. While there are many benefits to allowing your employees to work remotely, perhaps the greatest benefit of all is being able to access important information and records on demand, no matter where you are. By having access like this, you can instantly provide quotes, documentation, or any other item needed, without having to travel back to the office, saving both your employees and customers time.

There are quite a few ways you can enable your employees to work remotely, allowing your business to be as mobile and as flexible as your industry demands.

Allow Email Access on Cell Phones

Most smart phones today have the ability (and proper software) to access office email. If you are hesitant about allowing remote access to the office completely, consider starting with remote email access. At the very least, this will allow employees to stay updated on their email throughout the day. If your office communicates important information via email, this will also allow remote employees to get the memo long before they step foot in the office.

Provide Equipment – Laptop, Mini’s, or Tablets

One of the easiest ways to ensure your field employees have access to the office is by providing them with the equipment they need to be mobile. This includes providing a laptop or other portable computer so that employees have the right equipment. If equipment weight is a concern, consider going with a lighter, smaller device, such as a mini-laptop (aka netbook), or a tablet. If cost is a concern, consider issuing one computer to remote employees – a laptop – that they use both inside and outside of the office.

However it is important to note that providing equipment is just the first part of the equation, your network setup also has to allow for employees to access the office remotely.

Setup Remote Web Workplace

Depending on your edition of Microsoft Server, your business may already have the tools it needs to allow employees to connect remotely, using Remote Web Workplace. This Microsoft feature allows employees to access the office from any computer with internet access, by using a specialized website address.

From there they can access email, or log into a computer on the network.  Remote Web Workplace is particularly useful for allowing employees to work from home during a personal emergency, as they can use their own desktop computer which is already setup for their job duties.

Setup a TermServer

Another way to allow remote access is to setup a TermServer, which is a server that employees can log into using a remote desktop connection. One of the advantages of using a termserver along with Remote Web Workplace, is that you can have multiple employees logged onto same computer at once. Employees can access the termserver using a Remote Desktop Connection, or using the Remote Web Workplace, and selecting the server instead of their desktop computer.

These are just a few of the ways you can enable your employees to work remotely, allowing your business to stay ahead of the competition.

If you have questions about how remote access could work for your business, please contact us today so that we may discuss your options.

The Benefits of Having Remote Workplace Access

Work Remotely from Anywhere

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You are in the middle of a business meeting, when you realize you forgot to bring an important document. It would be rude to interrupt the meeting to call the office to

have the file sent over, but if you wait until later for the file, the meeting will be postponed for review, and you’ve already rescheduled this meeting twice. What do you do?

If you had remote access to your office, you could easily log into your computer to get the files you need, without the interrupting or postponing the meeting. And this is only one of the benefits of having remote access capabilities.

Remote workplace access is becoming increasingly more prevalent, particularly as mobile devices continue to develop into robust little workhorses, capable of doing much more than just making calls or sending texts and emails.

So what are some of the benefits of remote workplace access, and how can you make it work for your business?

Access your Business from Anywhere

Remote access allows you to take your business on the go. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business, you can access the office and the files you need no matter where you are in the world. In most cases, all you need is internet access.

Hire More Employees, Without Adding Space

Having remote capabilities allows you to hire remote employees – employees who work primarily out of their homes, as opposed to coming into the office. This allows you to not only save space, but ultimately money too, as you don’t incur the typical overhead expenses of office space, utilities, and other expenditures.

Allow Employees to be Productive, Even During Personal Emergencies

We all know that life happens, but when those personal emergencies arise with your employees arise, give them the flexibility they need to stay at home and take care of their personal life, without impacting their ability to be productive and get projects completed.

Secured Access

The remote setup access we advocate has your businesses best interests in mind. That’s why we make sure your files are secure, and only accessible by the people in your office. This ensures your data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Keep Up with the Modern Workplace

The workplace is changing, and if you can’t keep up with the times, your business is going to be left behind. Give your business the mobility it needs to keep up with the fast paced hustle of business, allowing you to go wherever the day, and your work, takes you.

These are just a few of the advantages of remote workplace access. If you currently don’t have the ability to access your office remotely, contact us today. Our systems are affordable, and often utilize your existing technology.

Julie Strier is a freelance writer who likes to help you get the most out of your business technology. Email: [email protected].