Do Human Energy Fields Affect Computers & Electronics?

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When you are on the computer, does it seem to do things that aren’t “normal” or does it work fine one day and then won’t work at all the next day? Are you one of those people who goes through device after device for no apparent reason? Is there other unexplained, almost supernatural, phenomenon that happens with you when it comes to computers and electronics?

Maybe it’s your energy field.

Please note that while the phenomenon we are about to discuss is very real for many people (I’ve personally seen it in action many times) it is not necessarily widely recognized by the scientific or technical communities as a real causality of computer / electronics issues.

An energy field, or electric field, is a physics term used to describe the magnetic fields created in the space surrounding electrically charged particles. Because of our electrically charged particles, our cells and tissues generate electrical fields. This is typically referred to as an “aura,” although it’s a bit more complicated than that. Should you like to get into the science behind this, here is some information surrounding the possible physics of human energy fields.

It is believed (and seen and experienced by many) that your aura can interfere, interrupt, and even affect and break computers and electronic devices. For some this happens routinely, and they go through device after device, with each one breaking for no apparent reason. For others, the problem is experienced intermittently, like when their emotions are running high, they’re overly stressed out, or when they are sick or run down. And yet others still will never experience this phenomenon at all.

One possible reason that human energy fields can affect electronic energy fields is that our modern day electronics all contain quartz crystals which help the internal clocks keep time, and which also help transmit and receive signals. The computer is electrifying and vibrating the quartz using a magnetic field, so if your personal energy field is strong enough, it could affect and even change the frequency at which the crystal is vibrating.

If you are experiencing an abnormal level of computer or electronic weirdness, it could be because you too are experiencing disturbances with your energy field. If this experience is sudden and out of the blue, review how you’re feeling. Are you stressed out, angry, or feeling any other strong emotion that could be causing the problem? If you are overly emotional for any reason, try to find ways to calm your emotions and see if that helps the problem. If you’re sick or rundown, give yourself some extra TLC and see if the problem is still occurring once you’re better.

If you experience these disturbances all the time, such as the man I know who cannot keep a digital camera for longer than a few months because they just stop working, you could have a larger problem with your energy field, one that may be corrected by finding ways to re-ground yourself, along with visiting an energy specialist, such as a Reiki practitioner, who can re-attune and align your chakras (the energy centers at particular points throughout the body).

You can also correct the problem by keeping particular stones or crystals around your desk, to help mitigate the effects of your electric field. Some good crystals to use for this purpose are: black tourmaline, tourmalated quartz, hematite, smokey quartz, or unakite. When you are experiencing effects, either wear the stones, or place them on your desk while you’re working.

While the scientific results are still out on this phenomenon, what do you believe? As humans, can our energy fields affect our electronics? Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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385 Responses to Do Human Energy Fields Affect Computers & Electronics?

  • Linda Schreuders says:

    I have been noticing for a couple years now….that I will have a challenge working on a computer….a glich or won’t move forward, won’t connect to server etc.
    It was proved again to me this week. I was working on a specific program for my business. When I attempted to move forward the numbers would not calculate, the data would not be accessible. My manager would have me move away from the computer and he would take over and it would work fine for him. He would get me to try again, and it would freeze or the calculations would not work. Then he would take over and it would work fine. I want to know what this is…but I think reading the above article has just given me a window to research and figure out what may be happening! Thanks for writing this article….I thought I was crazy!

    • trace says:

      I always have probloms with my tv phone laptop stero once i got mad and my stero went staticy till i calm down then it went back to normal anthor time i made lights flicker when i got mad does anyone elese have this happen to them its scary

      • Paula Gregoire says:

        I have this problem as well. I frequently cannot get my computer to do anything. The keys won’t move at all, the computer will stop in the middle of an article and won’t move up or down. I can’t log in at times because the computer won’t take my password which I’ve used for years. My husband gets really annoyed with me and tells me “I’m doing something on purpose”! He sits down and logs in just fine. He tells me he has fixed the problem as usual.

        Today he told me that my electrical field, as he calls it, is making the computer not work. I told him this was ridiculous until I found this article. Interesting.

        As an aside my husband tells me too that I am psychic. We have been married for nearly 50 years so he does know me well. I certainly don’t feel psychic but there are times that I just feel that something isn’t right or I ………………..well…………I’m not gonna get weird here! I just wanted to thank you for this article!

        • Monique says:

          Wow, I’m glad I read this. Our keyboard seems to freeze up if I’m near it and I don’t like using our pc because I have frequent issues. My husband says he doesn’t know what happens when I sit down at the computer but it was working fine for him. He said not to be offended but some people can’t even wear watches. Maybe he’s onto something.

          • Valerie Foti says:

            I have the same issue. Try using wired keyboards, and mice. I cannot use wireless anything and I can’t wear a watch, either. it’s a real thing. My husband was a skeptic until he saw it in action right before his very eyes.

          • Karen Kelly says:

            I am one of the people that can’t wear a watch . First they will start losing time and within a month they stop.
            My last 4 or 5 cell phones work fine for a few week then they start dropping calls
            I just replaced my phone 6 months ago and other than texting the phone is pretty well useless .

        • stephen says:

          Okay we all our psychic, there is raw natural power that we adapt into our daily lives and there are stuff that we force into our lives with practice over time. But the important thing is you have to make what other skill you are trying to learn into something that you use daily. If you don’t you loose them and its not really psychic power as you see in movies that stuff is allot of smoke and mirrors. Remember we are using 3d bodies but really we are 5d life, like a automobile our bodies are the same. One can turn on there 5d sense and use the sensors to see 5D and some get scared of that crap, say they are seeing ghosts but that is only the way there minds make sense of what they are seeing. ghosts are not real just spirits or energy they go into our bodies not as an invader but to help us clean up the body like when you take a bath or a shower. People make up this crap all the time its funny reading all this as they are so stupid, or young. Now as it goes for interference the body puts out that effects computers ect. You have to just train the mind to degauss this fixes this issue walking bear foot on the grass or cement for a bit this will help to remove the static that is causing the effect. Another way is to turn this dysfunction into a skill that helps you with operation of your device. That is not an easy task but nothing is impossible.

        • kat lan says:

          I have been having this problem since these damn electronics have come into our lives. My computer, phone, laptop, ipad.. will work poorly for me. It has to do with my stress level. The more stressed out or frustrated I am the worse it will get. The will completely freeze up and stop working. I have been taken to the point of tears because the time I need my phone the most it will completely seize up or start doing this blinking on and off thing. I have all types of phones and everyone last one has done this to me. I am here on this page because I have been wondering why I seem to have such bad luck with electronics while no one else does. Yes my daughters or my husband will take them from me and they work fine:( I have lost phone after phone to blue screens or the software going bad. I am sooo happy to hear that maybe there is something to this and I am not imagining this after all.

          • kat lan says:

            Yes I have the worse luck with cars too. My mom refused to ever let me drive hers because she said if I touched it I would break it. She always told me she didnt even really want me riding in it.

      • Angie says:

        Hi dont worry ur not on ur own its happens to me to the point i think im going mad i cause all electrics to go dead or comps do there own thing wwatches stop working around me all my friends n f members electrics go daft wen im at theres its to much for my head angie

        • Nicholas Wright says:

          I can’t wear watches either from a child, and i am fed up with electrical equipment going dooolally on me, as a kid I used texpload light bulbs. They should do more scientific experiments on this to prove this theory with emf metres ect… would be very interesting.

          • Laurie says:

            My dad was a watchmaker, he tried everything, I couldn’t wear a watch. He’s the one that told me I had this condition. It is very frustrating. The clock in my car has even stopped. There is a certain florescent bulb that flickers at work until I walk under it. Every electronic thing I touch malfunctions, I go through phones like underwear lol and back in the day when we had wall phones, the buttons kept blowing out and I couldn’t call anyone! It’s who we are, it could be worse!!

          • Veronica says:

            I am almost speechless. I am finally putting several things together and realizing that this is the cause for many issues in my life. I’ve always felt so unlucky or jinxed or even “cursed”. Either that, or totally inept. I was actually explaining to a new co-worker just a few days ago that I have the most unlucky streak with cars that I’ve ever known. My fairly new Lexus IS currently in the shop and needs an entirely new engine. The mechanic said he’s never seen anything like this before. He says those engines typically last for over 300K miles and more. There is no explanation for the engine breakdown. I have had one car’s engine catch fire, another car’s transition to go out after just 50K miles, batteries on cars dying constantly, cats very regularly breaking down (like once or twice a week) when I drive them but never once for previous or subsequent owners. I had a Tahoe that I bought from my sister. She never had any trouble with it at all. I had it for less than 6 months and it broke down (battery or engine issues) multiple times. I got a new car and my son has driven the Tahoe for almost a year with not a single issue. Not one. The new used car, an expedition, broke down repeatedly. We bought it from friends that never had an issue. After maybe two months, the car completely died. Completely. I bought the Lexus, and now it’s in the shop having a new engine put in. Electronics in cars malfunction. I can’t keep a cell phone charged for long and must replace phones way more often than average. Touchscreen kiosks often will not work for me. Automatically flushing toilets won’t flush for me. Computers often freeze or won’t work for me. I will try and try and try every solution or fix possible before asking for help. When I do, the person usually is successful IMMEDIATELY and looks at me like I am stupid or something. I’m terrified of lightening. My mother was struck once while inside a building. But, even prior to that, I’ve always felt that I had a certain something in my body that made me more succeptable to a lightening strike. I have a sister that can’t wear quartz watches. Watches’ batteries die very quickly on me. Let me say, also, that all of those car issues have been when I have been going through severe emotional stress. As I was explaining my bad “luck” with cars, it hit me. Maybe there something in my body that causes this to happen. I have had 3 people recently pass away suddenly (fairly young), and I’ve had the overwhelming urge to reach out to them just prior to their death, which I did. I hadn’t spoken to them in months, and tears in some cases. When I was 10 and my father died, I felt that he came to me and woke me up s d said goodbye BEFORE anyone knew he had died. The same thing happened with my father-in-law and an uncle. I sense that things “aren’t right” and find out later that I was very correct. I have had very unsettling dreams that have prepared me to handle emotionally devastating situations because I worked through them in my dreams, and they later happened, so I wasn’t so shocked and emotionally devastated. I had already lived the worst of the emotional turmoil in my dream. Now, I always follow my intuition and act on this feelings. I’ve learned over the years that they are ALWAYS correct. I am a very devout Christian. I believe in the Holy Spirit that guides is and in the gift of discernment. I also know that, scientifically, everything is made out of energy that can neither be created or destroyed, but merely transferred. I am also RH negative blood type. O negative, to be exact. I am finally putting all of this together and do believe that I am, in some way, manifesting extreme emotions and affecting electronics and my cars’ functioning. Light bulbs will often blow as I am turning them on, as well. I am going to continue to dig deeper into this and really hope to reconcile all of these things. I’m tired of feeling/looking like a screw up to others due to all of the car, phone and computer issues.

          • Suzie says:

            I constantly have trouble working anything from a coffee machine to a tablet. I actually broke a scanning device at a French airport and left security scratching their heads. My son, now 33 has never been able to wear any watch and apparently this weird stuff can run in families. Really annoying isn’t it?!

          • Sunitha says:

            Happens to me with watch as well, I gave up on wearing a watch. Nice to know there are people like me..

        • Rachel says:

          Wow this is crazy….things of this have also happen to . I have noticed it is always when I am upset or overly stressed. One time all the lights in the house went out. Another time the lights in the room was in fluttered then turned off. Another time the kitchen lights just stopped working. Computers treat me like their enemy. I can’t even say how many cell phones I have blown through in the past 4 years. Same thing happens to me with computers…then someone else will take over and it works just fine. Its very frustrating and the more frustrated you get the worst the problem will become…Hahaha, yea actually not so funny. In glad to learn that this happens to others.

      • Paul says:

        I know it’s been a long time since your post but yes when I get upset and sometimes not upset when my thinking isn’t straight or normal,lights always blow stereos act funny and even at times when I’m more stressed my cars sometimes will not start,eben brand new ones at work. Basically anything involving electronics will act funny or malfunction. Its happened at emotional times and times very calm and blisslike. I still swear to this day when I played sports the ball would move when I was in a zone. I fully believe one day in the future we’ll discover and better understand more capable parts of our body and specifically our brain. To whoever is reading this, I and my family know and witnessed this special “force” or phenomenom. This is only the tip of the iceberg folks.

        • Susan Sullivan says:

          I experience the same thing. I’ve damaged laptops so they need new motherboards, etc. and the car not starting or malfunctioning oh yes, fairly often. It seems worse when I’m stressed or anxious but happens any old time. Been this way my whole life . . . I sure hope one day I come to understand what it is. It’s embarassing and very frustrating, like why is this happening to me and not everyone around me.

          • Robin Wenz says:

            Do you guys have any other health issues like tiredness, aches, pains, crazy symptoms come and go that doctors can’t explain or test results are negative or don’t make sense? Over 100 plus symptoms – i mean from infancy until today- unusual amounts of problems come and go or hang around and can’t be helped? I’ve learned that Mast Cell Activation Syndrome can cause body issues AND human combustion – the body IS ABLE to produce electrical charges or something and bodies have been known to combust. I’m wondering if there is a connection with MAST CELL ACTIVATION SYNDROME!

        • benbloop says:

          I accidentally crashed a ladies computer at the vet this morning when I was hungry and irritated. Not the first time it happened. If there is a bulb flickering light I can turn it off or on. Intent is real and outcomes are infinite. Dont be afraid and if you don’t know what to do, at least just ground yourself an remember Jesus is Christ.

      • sara says:

        Same=) sometimes l get scaryed about this…light get creazy when l pass and lf l look it appance easyer

      • Sm0ky2 says:

        I have lived my entire life with these kind of experiences. Conversely to the situation of most, these occur specifically when I am calm or relaxed. I learned how to mentally/physically shut it down at an early age and walk around mostly in a guarded emotional state. When I become too comfortable or relaxed lights flicker, go out, or explode around me. Electronics within the range of the field stop working, malfunction, or even begin to make sparks. I am yet unsure of the maximum potential of this field, as I have not learned how to control it. Only how to make it stop.

        • Sandi says:

          I’m so glad I found this site, my husband says I don’t know how to correctly use my cell phone, computer, car electronics, etc and I just keep saying electronics don’t always work “right” or stay charged when I use them. He’s even said I’m dense and can’t learn electronics.
          I also know I can feel people -who’ve died- and yet I know they are there with me at certain times.
          It’s all been getting worse in the last 10-20yrs. And the most upsetting for me is when I get emotional really easily and I know I’m “off kilter” — anybody have any suggestions for the emotions/off kilter feelings OR the electronics problems??

          • jann says:

            This is interesting I was searching the net for a normal reason as to why radios go crazy sometimes when I’m around,the weirdest was this morning my neighbour who is like 20feet away in her gallery,whenever I walk in my yard the radio goes crazy,didn’t known it could be affect from that far.Then the street lights and phones it makes sense now

          • Mac says:

            Hey Sandi perhaps you have had an NDE ( Near Death Experience) like me. It may not have flagged up as that or even been remembered by you, as was mine. But these things affect our nervous systems. which accounts for the fact that there is no point in my wearing a watch,they come to a shuddering halt, because the secondary magnetic field in my body is way out of kilter with the first.
            Fair bit of info on the web about relax you are not alone..

          • TF says:

            Do polarity sessions. Cut some cords to clear your field.

          • Amber Erickson says:

            Sweetie, as long as you have someone in your life who consistently tells you that you are dense and causing the issues, it probably won’t get any better. Anyone would be emotionally off kilter when the person who is supposed to back them is degrading instead. On a practical level, I have had success with a hard rubber case on my phone. I hope things have improved for you in the last year and a half.

        • Lynne says:

          SO grateful to you all for verifying the inkling I’ve had for decades. When I was meditating (which I haven’t for years) the effects were far less. Now they’re acting up in spades. Back to the cushion.


      • Ethan says:

        I know right every time I get either angry it shuts off, if I get sad it just freezes, strange isn’t it?

      • Amanda Porter says:

        Several times I have experienced things similar to this as well, including draining watch batteries or cell phone batteries almost instantly. I thought I was crazy as well but after reading this article I’m starting to understand that I’m not!

      • Chasity says:

        I do. The TV turns off completely or whatever show I’m watching will just stop. Its annoying when I feel emotional during a movie because I have to restart it so many times. Also I feel like I’m imagining it sometimes and then my family points it out to me if anything happens to the electronics while I’m upset or emotional which is often.

      • Julie says:

        Yes I Just had the same Experience happen to me n, I’m freeking out. Never felt it that damn strong before.

    • anelaokalani says:

      everything I touch any type of electronics will eventually malfunction within a year or so my laptop, my cell phone goes haywire and battery dies too quick then goes back to normal, down to even my washer its sounds weired but that’s how it seems…

      • Wylenthia Reynolds says:

        My cell phones always malfunction, I have a laptop at work that was purchased along with six others and while other people have had a couple of problems I have had three hard drives crash. Less than a year ago we purchased a new refrigerator and dishwasher, the refrigerator had some sort of motor go out in less than 6 months and it is already making strange noises again. Often I will be sitting at the kitchen table with my kids helping them with homework and the light above my head will flicker. The circuits for electricity have tripped cutting electricity to the entire end of the house three different times while I am in the master bathroom and no one can not find a cause. I have joked about it for years but I believe this is true. I also joke about being able to plant ideas in other people’s heads but on some level think it is possible. People have also said that I am psychic. And when I was a massage therapist people quite often made comments about how my hands felt like there was some sort of heat generating device in my hands. I think it is all connected. The comments here are quite interesting.

        • Heather says:

          I too have joked for years. Since I was a child things that were electrical would malfunction when I was around them or touch them. Not all the time mind you but enough for some to take notice. My kids even tell me to not touch their phones or the tv because it starts to malfunction. I have went through many cell phones and laptops as well. The batteries in watches die if I wear them. I’ve went for long walks at night and the street lights shut off. I’ve always though it coincidental until I wrecked a movie rental kiosk and today a 1 hour photo kiosk crashed while trying to print pictures. It is good to know I’m not alone.

          • Susan Sullivan says:

            oh my heavens yes, laptops, tvs, radios, cars, cell phones, watches and yes even street lights. thank you for sharing because yes it is nice to know you’re not alone. I to joke about it, but I do find it worrisome because I don’t understand why

          • susan crooks says:

            Thank you….I wanted to be skeptical until I read about the streetlights. Bingo!!! My boss thinks I am crazy, because the computer works JUST FINE for him. I am of the generation before computers, but streetlights have been performing for me for years!!!!! Thanks again for the validation!!

          • Nicholas Wright says:

            Sorry I laught when I read that, when you said as a kid you where not allowed to touch sertain things. Your experiences remind me so much of me as a kid, at least I am not alone. I thought I was crazy or had really bad luck. It’s weird and a pain! What I would like to know is why? I have healing abilities. I once healed some one I was in love with without them knowing from chronic Hayfever. I felt really sorry for her as she was so badly suffering. As I was doing it I saw lots of petels coming ut her nose and mouth in my mind and I mean loads. The next day I got really bad Hayfever for the first time in my life, but the strange thing was hers was completely gone!!!! I obviouslydid it wrong because I got Hayfever and suffered with it ever since then Thats the price of love I guess. My pointis though could having this healing energy be related in anyway.

          • Irene says:

            I always have problems with phones, tablets, etc…my husband makes fun of me that I can’t be around electronics. I’ll have other people look at something that I think isn’t working right and they have no problems with it!! I have gone through 7 tablets in the lasdt two years!

        • Angie says:

          Hi everything ive read all happens to me i am psychic and been told ive got healing hands. The heat on my hands are hot to touch im loosing my head with all the electrics doing therebown thing comps mobiles tvs joypads lights blowing kids toys coming on on there own taps coming on theres so much more it freaks me out it all happens wen i go to my family members its all to mad what can i do thanks angie

          • Nicholas Wright says:

            🙂 If you have the beautiful gift to heal another the side effects are worth it. Lol

      • Rass says:

        I have the same problem and been havin it for many years, unexplainable breakdowns of everything from my phone to my bulps in the seeling.. Just got a new phone from my brother and he never had any problem with it, but ONE DAY after i got it, battery dies and does strange things.. Its like someones watching me and just want my life to be stress full lol .. Crazy shit

    • Pixiedust says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s having “same” experiences. I’m so relieved to hear it’s because of some messed up chakra/ powerful magnetic field coming out of me and not some “demonic or negative entity” hitch-hiked on my meat and is trying to take over it by bugging and annoying me, and causing chaos in my surroundings, particularly anything that has to do with electricity and signals. God’ knows it even never fails to rain right after I do my laundry and leave it to hang to dry. Anybody here who was able to find a solution to this strange personal crisis/phenomena…. Please share!!

      • Michelle says:

        Today I started going to the gym and I tried four different exercise machines and none of them would tell me my heart rate, the lady working there said she never heard that before. I usually let these things pass but today was the final straw for me so here I am. I knew I couldn’t be the only one “always” having this happen to. I am so glad I finally I
        Looked it up.

    • I have experienced very similar things. I would try and access something on the internet on the phone and couldn’t, whilst my brother that was sat besides me directed me through it. I still couldn’t manage it. When he took over he had no problem achieving this task and I would say to him thats exactly what I pressed but it didn’t work. This happened time and time again to the point that I would say “Never mind me hating computers I think computers hate me more. I also noticed that it often happened more so when I was stressed, anxious or angry. This is why I looked the subject up. I was very curious about it but had not heard anyone else mention it in social media or news. I thought there was something going on and now I am sure it’s real.

      Thanks for having it indemnified!

    • Tina Glorioso says:

      I go through the exact same thing. I feel really bad because our IT people are always having to fix things and they’re convinced I’m one of those people that just have a bad effect on computers and technology. Maybe I just need a break from it all. I am pretty stressed out and get pretty emotional at times — just today I was watching a video online and it froze and turned to huge, colored pixels all across the screen and you could just make out what looked like a female figure that looked like me sitting in front of a computer screen. (The actual video I had been watching was about a lobster that weighed 20 lbs. and was saved from being eaten.) I just decided after that to start researching this problem. I can definitely feel energy go through me and into and out of the computer screen. I don’t exactly like it either.

      • Nicholas Wright says:

        Perhaps we would be best of living in the countryside and off the land. X

      • Karen E says:

        I stump IT people with what computers do around me, and have constant issues with cell phones and other electronic devices. It’s really frustrating. Just in the past week, I’ve had a printer at a Staples fail to print pages, siting to check the ink cartridge (which was half full); I later found out that, of the 8 pages of important documents I scanned to email, only 1 page went thru; My phone/battery got so hot I thought it was going to blow up, the phone took over 2 hours to charge (I turned it off); my text messages took 5 mins to open, then another minute to open an individual thread, then the keypad wouldn’t register my touch. It was later severely delayed to the point I couldn’t type anything; my phone opens apps on it’s own ALL the time. The only way I know they’ve been opened is when I go to close everything. Sometimes there are 10 things open when all I’ve used is 2-3 things; when i go to re-start it or turn it off, it often goes to airplane mode screen, or some random site; the brand new mac I bought got a virus/was hacked after I opened it up and had been using it for literally 15 mins; The replacement I got has been ok, but already froze on Google, and an image shook back and forth very quickly when I tried to flip from one photo to the next; Pandora will not work on my phone all of a sudden, even if i uninstall and re-install. Aside from that my camera has gone haywire on me a few times when I turn it on. The lens goes in and out a bunch of times, then closes and turns itself off. I have to hit the button quite a few times until it actually stays on. I get to to the same thing to turn it off. Fun! The 3-way bulb in a lamp in my house now only works on the lower setting as if it is a single watt bulb. The light in my fridge usually doesn’t work, but every now and then it flickers on. I’ve taken it out and put it back in multiple times, and checked the filament-which is in perfect shape.

        • Anna says:

          Wow, this is my daily life, for years I believed even the most expensive tech was all really just cheap, glitchy gadgets. I’m starting to realize maybe it’s me. No one else deals with this, or has these issues. Everyone else can connect their bluetooth to their car first try, or watch continuous episodes of Netflix without having to quit the application completely and re open every time an episode ends. And the number of hours spent on hold with tech support, or emailing someone (Netflix and 8Tracks both don’t believe me lol they think I am exaggerating).
          People at my office started joking about it then we all realized it was very real.

      • Sandy says:

        I’m so glad I’m not alone, reading all these stories like if I’m reading my own, I’ve had these phenomenas happen to me all my life since I can remember, the reason I started to look up info is because now with all this technology is becoming more n more obvious and I’m starting to freak people out. I need more info, I don’t know how to explain something that has become normal to me but to others probably “not normal” or weird, including my mom n family. That’s probably the reason why I love the mountains so much no technology no appliances to destroy lol!

    • Sydney Paige says:

      I have had this problem since I was a child.. taking computer classes it would freeze, I loved taking pictures yet all my cameras would break within a few months and what pictures I did get would be lost once my computer crashed, which happens fairly often. I also have a problem with cars glitching,like with the radio or with the locks randomly locking and unlocking. As I am typing this even,all of it is underlined as a grammatical error, no matter what I go back and erase and retype… I have worked with some quartz for this problem but no matter what or how I try to connect to the technology I have it has continued. I also have only ever been able to manage a flip phone…. could it be possible for it to be related to high vibrational levels of people and the many stones I keep around? Or the resonation of different energies in correspondence to one another? In other words, is this something that is a “problem” in my auric field or a reaction to high vibrations or maybe vibrations in higher resonance to the earth versus technology.

    • Paranoxx says:

      You all have it all wrong. It isn’t something that just happens. Well, it is at first. But you can learn to control it. When the weirdness is linked to your emotions, you are still in the beginning. It won’t stay that way. unless you let it. For me it started out small, with things like the inability to go near te antenna on my TV or a radio. They would simply turn to fuzz the closer I got. It was a family joke. Computers came out and when they would glitch when I was near. But I loved computers and so I concentrated on not making them fail when I was near. Now I am rather famous for being the one to call when one of them won’t work. Listen.Let your senses lead you and you can actually hear the EMF that surrounds you and everything else.
      It was a jumble of things that lead me to think this way. I am an Atheist and believe in nothing that doesn’t come with considered proof. I have done experiements to prove it and been proven right, time and again. It is real. I have frozen the radio wave feeds of anything that works with an antenna, on demand, so many times that it is a joke in my family. I can turn electronics on or off with a whim. You are all looking at your gift the wrong way. I could give you many examples but no one who can actually do it needs them. Embrace it. Experiment with it. Focus your mind and try. Cant hurt anything, right? Don’t think you’ll be a superhero, you wont be. You are just a person who can do something most people can’t do. Find me.

      • Hey Paranoxx,

        I saw your post on about being able to effect electronics. I’m not nearly a person who has yet to try and perfect such a skill, but I have, for many years, gone through computers, to the point where my computer geek friends have many times told me they’ve never known anyone that effects computers like I do. I have noticed when I’m very stressed my computers acts up the most, and when I go to my friends houses and sit near their computers, they start messing up.

        The reason I’m interested in contact you is because you mentioned you’re atheist and don’t typically believe in “mumbo jumbo” or whatever. I’m the same way. In fact, I’m the LEAST religious person I know, save for my wife. I think there may be…something…but wouldn’t call it God, etc., and don’t think there’s an intelligent being behind the grand scheme of things. But recently, in karate training (been doing it for 20 years) and also due to a very stressful 4 years of my life, I’ve noticed a strange sensation, almost a tingling, that I’d swear I can “project” for lack of a better term, out of various extremities (mostly hands). The feeling almost seems to be that of , say, two opposing magnets pressing against each other, so you can feel that they litterally “repel” each other.

        Anyway, like I said, I don’t believe in anything like ESP, UFO’s…similar bull…. etc…except….one time I met briefly the head of our karate system…a direct student of the late Funikoshi (founder of shotokan karate)…and I actually experienced something that I TRULY BELIEVE was something I didn’t understand. I’d heard crazy stories about this man from many people, some of which I believed, some which I didn’t. Until, I did something disrespectful in his Dojo, which was forgetting to clean the floor after practice. Instead I directly asked him to look at my “kata”…(fighting form)…I said…

        “Excuse me Mr. Oshima, I wouldn’t ask you to look at my form but I’m planning on taking the black belt exam.”

        And I swear…I SWEAR…the man, smiling, not moving his mouth said very sternly…”YES YOU WOULD”….but just kept nodding and smiling. Then he acted like nothing happened and very politely asked me if I could help clean the floor.

        I was so taken aback, I didn’t know how to react. And that wasn’t the only thing that happened that was strange, but I won’t keep on…

        Anyway, I sure as hell cleaned the floor. And since then, I’ve believed EVERY story I’ve heard about the guy. And since then, one story I heard is that he can “extend” his finger tips, and press on a guys throat without actually touching the guy.

        I think he’s doing this with the same energy I feel buzzing though my body now on occasion. I think it’s a skill I’d like to improve, and so I thought I’d email you.

        Do you get a similar “feeling” when trying to mess with electronics?…Do you ever extend, say, you hands, or do you just “think” about doing it or what?

        P.S….that karate master’s name is Tsutomu Oshima…he litterally helped Funokoshi write and Illustrate what is considered the MASTER TEXT of shotokan karate.

        The name of the karate organization is Shotokan Karate of Åmerica

        Just telling you this so you won’t cry BS.


        Laurence Maher

      • lorelei says:

        Weekday else do you know about this subject.are there books or specialists that can be contacted to help guidea person through the learning experience?

      • LSM says:

        Sometimes it’s just not that easy. I’ve been a witch for over a quarter of a century, and I am very familiar with seeing and manipulating energies that science just hasn’t learned how to measure yet. For me, magic is simply weaving that energy into a pattern that will lead to the results I’m looking for. Every single spell can be explained away as coincidence. The only thing that makes it otherwise is intent. My problem is, electrical power is not within the scope of energy I can actually “see,” and the glitch factor only varies with my pain level. I’m a disabled vet with a severe chronic pain issue. I often have to hand my bank card to one of my kids, because the swipe machines throw a tantrum until I’m at least 3-6 ft away when my pain level is 7/10 or higher, which it pretty much always is these days, even with painkillers. I’ve dipped my toe into the Reiki pool, but so far that skill only works on others, no matter what I try. If I could figure out how to mentally control my own pain, I would be ecstatic, even if it didn’t give me a handle on my tech issues. I’m hoping to start studying shamanism if I can find a teacher who’s willing to be patient enough to deal with my slow pace, dictated by my low level of functionality. I think that might help with the tech issues as well. The goofy quantum energy pendants seem to scale back the glitch factor, but don’t actually cure it for me. They’re quite effective for my teenage son, who makes any type of compass – from a pine needle floating in a leaf, to an app on a cellphone – go haywire if he’s close enough to read it but isn’t wearing the pendant. I’d love to be able to at least stop draining every battery near me, at the very least, and would be overjoyed to be able to use the self-service kiosks in a grocery store by myself. Any thoughts on how to get this under control without the emotional variable? Also, does anyone else who has this issue suspect it might be connected with a major health issue?

      • Kim Car says:

        I’m in agreement. I’ve made it work for me in the past, such as when a cop pulled me over to ticket me in a speed trap. His computer went down and so he sent me on my way!

      • deborah says:

        you call it a gift, I wonder who gave it to you

    • PSM says:

      I never thought I would google search “my” problem and actually come across this post.
      My Dad has this problem of electronics not lasting beyond 6-8 months. The highest causality is his mobile phone and computer.
      Me on other hand have to hit a problem within a month of new purchase, be it Television, computer, bikes, camera etc
      For my bike, the chain has to break, on the first day itself, this has happened to my motorbike too. I dont think I am that fat 🙂
      My palm stays “warmer” than lot of my folks around me.
      Anyways, glad that I came across this article, now I know I am not cursed.

    • Mike says:

      I have always felt a connection with my electronics depending on my mood but recently I have been extremely stressed and emotional, and all of my electronics have been going nuts. My tv remote presses buttons that I didn’t press. My phone blinks between upper and lower case in the middle of a text. And if I hold my finger over the finger pad on my computer (without actually touching it) it will click the button as if I pressed it. Then sometimes screens won’t load on my phone or computer but if someone takes it away from me and tries it will work, as long as it is far enough away from me. This is just half of the stuff and it’s constantly happening. Driving me nuts. Can’t believe I made it through this paragraph.

      • Mike says:

        And I forgot to add, I was in DMV last week and their whole system went down as soon as I looked up at the screen to see my number.

      • LSM says:

        Mike, I have always had problems with any messages I wish to send with more than a dozen words, so I can sympathize. I’ve found that my best method to overcome that issue is to obsessively copy my messages before I hit send. It doesn’t always work, and I often have to go through the sequence of trying to copy up to twenty times before it works, but it’s much less frustrating than retyping every word 20+ times…

    • mike says:

      my father has this aura, he fries watches, stereos, t.v.’s. We are going to start using crystals to harness it. I use to think he’s nuts but i am happy their are more people that go through it. The funny part is he works for a phone company. wb

    • Andy says:

      Yes. I have this phenomenon. Phone glitching, computer issues, street lamps flickering and even going to black when I walk near them – sometimes even when I’m inside a car.

      The best event happened when I was buying myself a new mattress. There was a special mattress which could be used at the shop to assess your pressure points at the mattress. This way the most suitable mattress would be chosen for you. You would just be still at the mattress, laying there and the sensors inside it would evaluate your pressure points. The results would show at the computer.

      LOL. The whole thing STOPPED WORKING soon after I started to lay there! The program wouldn’t work anymore and the sensors wouldn’t measure jack squat. The whole computer had to be shut down, and even after the restart the problem persisted.

      “Well this is strange. This has never happened before and I’ve worked for 10 years at this shop.”

    • John Adams says:

      You are crazy. The physics here is utter bullshit. Electric fields describe the gradient of the potential field for stationary particles. Stationary charged particles do not create magnetic fields. Most likely your emotions and your demeanor meant that you didn’t perform the task correctly. Besides, if this were actually true, you’d expect that the EM interference would affect all of the components randomly; it’s far easier to make a computer crash than to make the numbers “not calculate”

    • Irina says:

      I would reply but my phone is acting up to much. I am with you guys.

    • Jennifer says:

      I had the EXACT same thing happen to me at work once. Exactly the same! The software/computer would not work for me but my boss sat at the computer and did exactly the same things that I tried but it worked for him.
      I nearly always have problems with public computers even if I’m not the one using it, I just have to be near it….even over the phone (!) when talking to someone else who is using a computer. My laptop at home works great most of the time. I am relaxed at home.
      The bigger problem for me is cordless phones. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve gone through. Whether I buy them new or used, they work great initially and then gradually start to have problems and then eventually completely die. Some last a year, some just a few weeks. Makes me think the energy is emanating from my head mostly and damages the phone, and might be transmitted over the phone signal to affect computers of people I am on the phone with. Craziness.

    • Christopher says:

      My wife shorts out the microwave, fries laptop circuitry; the coffee maker will not go on when she presses the button…she’s very frustrated by this..

    • Damien says:

      Right now, i am HELLA frustrated and i was sitting here recieving some neural downloads for a custody case tha im in. It was about 0421 but i took a break to play Clash of Clans so that i could block out the thought. Well the thought came into my mind that i wont receive “help” if im blocking my reception by sitting here playing this game and immediately the game turns off.
      It has happened with the Xbox as well where i KNOW that i need to do something very inportant and and either it doesnt turn on or it turns completely off instantly with that thought that, “i need to do something”. At first i thought it was “some one else” hearing my thoughts and answering but never though that it could be me. I dont beleive in coincidences. And that also explains the aura because i get long, wierd even, stares from children, especially girls and animals.
      Thanks for this post, it just sparked a new interest for me.

  • Heather Bullock says:

    YES!!!! I have taken too long to type this in the google bar– maybe because I Hate being on any kind of computer or cell phone. I have intermittant problems with every device I’ve had and unfortunately work on a computer for a living. Corporate gets tired of my so-called excuses of why I can’t log on or something that no one else seems to have issues with. I’ve walked into post offices, walmart, urgentcare, etc and have shut down their computers. And I am always stressed when it happens. These “stones” as you mention I will try, but should I avoid the clear quartz crystal altogether?

    • Julie says:

      Heather, you do not need to avoid clear quartz. In our research, we have found that tourmalated quartz (clear / white quartz with black tourmaline) may help with this sort of thing. If you get some, you will need to “program” the crystal, simply by holding it for an extended period of time, and thinking about what you want it to help you with. In this case, “ask” the tourmalated quartz to help you have a better relationship with computers and electronics and attune your energy to the computer’s energy. Then, leave it by the computer you use at work. Better yet, get extra and carry some one you. Hope you can find some relief.

    • Connie Keller says:

      OMG! Just Googled this topic after exasperated ONE MORE TIME because of computers. So glad I am not alone. I will try the crystals too. The people at work think I’m a dutz on the computer, but I have problems at home & on my I-pad too! Interesting correlation with stress. But the problem is I HATE COMPUTERS & they seem to hate me! so I’m always stressed when I have to do anything on them!
      Unfortunately the world has become completely dependent on computer communication. Any advice is worth a try!

      • Debbie says:

        Do you or have you experienced any issues with the electrical in your car?

        • Julie says:

          Yes yes YES with car issues my entire life. Every single car used or brand new that I drive has a dead battery often adds sometimes always. I have replaced so many car batteries and trailer batteries and with no improvement EVER! AT ANYTIME I WILL HavE WITH ME THREE DEVICES THAT CAN jumP StaRT MY CAR. …BECAUSE ONE OR ALL OF THE JUMPE.R CABLES DON’T ALWAYS WORK! I have been the laughing stock for ‘always leaving my car dome light on’ and been called crazy more times than I can remember. …..nobody believes me! I can show them receipts of yet another battery purchase or family can even be with me when my car battery dies at grocery store, we drive thirty minutes to Costco and the car will be dead again there. I even ask friends and family to please help me ‘discover’ the err of my ways and show me this Infamous damn ‘dome light’ I have been leaving on in every vehicle I have ever owned….for over thirty years! Thank goodness we are talking about this. I really am getting quite frightened to even drive. I feel like something evil may have something to do with this,

          • CRESSIDA KING says:

            The very same thing happens to me in cars. Usually someone else will be able to start the car with NO PROBLEM. But if I try…dead car.

            I’ve also been told that I’m “starting the car wrong” and other nonsense. It is frustrating & scary! I don’t think anything evil is at work..but it is very maddening.

          • Alice says:

            I thought (still do) something “negative” was messing with my life. I call myself the malfunction machine, and apologize to ppl all the time because their phones or computers won’t work when I’m near.

          • Rachel says:

            Could be the alternator…just saying….same thing happens me though

        • Valerie DeLisa says:

          I have been locked inside my own car on 4 occasions.. a brand new BMW truck.. the dealer said they never heard of such a thing.. the locks would not even let me out by manually pulling. I had to jump out through the sun roof.

        • Jennifer says:

          Yep! I just put 2 and 2 together last night…I recently had to have my car in the shop due to the airbag light being on. They couldn’t find why it was on, they just tested the system and the light turned off on it’s own. I also occasionally have issues with the radio/stereo switching itself to CD or losing all the programmed radio stations. Or switching from FM to AM on it’s own. I realized I had the same problems with my first car and went through 3 stereos over the 18 years I had the car. This is my second car and I have had it for almost 4 years and I just thought it was coincidence that I was having similar problems as the first car. Now I think it’s not the cars, its me. Maybe because I am a nervous driver. I didn’t get my license until I was 26 because I was afraid to drive.

          • Jennifer says:

            Update October 2019. I now have my 3rd car and guess what? I’m having the same exact issues with the radio/stereo.
            I do also have the issue with my presence causing computers to malfunction. Sometimes, chip readers at the checkout at supermarkets don’t work if I’m standing too close. As soon as I back away, they start to work again. I can slow down computers over the phone, too, somehow. It’s worse if I’m emotional/stressed. My mom has the same problem. We call it the Pauli Effect. It has a Wikipedia page.

            I love helicopters, but you will never get me up in one. I’d be too close to all the controls and I’d probably cause it to crash. I have a theory on why the new computerized Max jets crashed…too many passengers or crew near the cockpit where all the computer controls are who have this Pauli Effect problem.

    • Emma says:

      Anytime i am ever on the phone with a government agency or phone company or any kind of company, their conputers, everytime, are “experiencing technical issues” . We have to take this further!

      • James B says:

        I can crash computers on the other end of phone calls! Happens every time!
        I kid you not! My wife and children also have the same problem.
        Scary stuff.

        • Jennifer says:

          YES! This happens to me, too! I posted about it earlier. OMG, I’m so glad I found this blog. Too funny.

    • sony says:

      Yes, they work. My moms Heath care lady will be carrying some around my moms house. The lights goes off, TV too. The appliance don’t want to work. Her magnetic field burned the juice processor.

  • Valerie Daws says:

    I have been told I have the largest aura ever! I am also psychically attuned to it (of course). My current (as with all humans) is perpetuated through the heart beat. As I have atrial flutter/atrial fib the energy pull/movement is so irratic that it shifts font, languages, pages and times etc is a continual dilemma with internet connections – it just affects so many electrical devices breaking hard drives over & over again. I’m getting so “down” about it bc it is impeding my life flow totally. When I work off line though it isn’t so bad. Grounding absolutely is the issue. I’m wondering if grounding pads used for medical devices like for ERCP could be used under our butts where a good firm contact can be made. I am into the gemstones and use them in my home but my energy is so strong I’m like a light bulb when I enter a room things happen. The more active I am the more current I’m creating. I’m going to call the hospital tomorrow and ask what that grounding pad is made of…lead I think…ewww toxic! Now what…a very large terminated quartz where I can try directional shifting? I’m dumfounded again.

    • Tina Glorioso says:

      I feel better with my rose quartz rock next to my computer screen. I sort of gravitated to it naturally but then I read that this is a good fix for your energies in the article above. I told our IT guy that the rose quartz will protect the computer from me and he suggested I get a few pieces of jewelry made out of it as well and wear it all the time. LOL.

    • Susan says:

      Sorry your situation is so severe! I’ve only read a few replies but wanted to offer a suggestion. Bach Flower Remedies, especially Rescue Remedy, work on balancing our emotions. This may be worth investigating and trying. I keep a bottle in my purse but never correlated emotions with electronic issue timing. Will have to try it myself!

      Rescue Remedy is great for pets too. I give it to my dogs whenever they are fearful(weather), hurting (arthritis, grieving, post trauma) or just plain stressed. Good luck

  • Joanie says:

    I stumbled on this article because I’ve been experiencing the same thing and I just realized the pattern a couple of hours ago and decided to research.

    Same thing as with the others. When my emotions are running high (anger, frustration, excitement, etc.), it is almost impossible to get any electronic device or machine to work — which, of course, gets me even more angry and frustrated. As of this writing, the power supply of my laptop just went out. And I kind of figured why the electronics board of my A/C conked out a week before. I generally stay away from fax machines, copy machines because unless I’m calm, they will not cooperate with me. Even the car won’t start when I’m rushing and stressed which is really a hassle.

    I was once told by my psychic friend that I had too much fire in me. And when I was frustrated and disappointed with a reading one time, my aura was giving off sparks. Astrologically, that’s true. I have lots of fire planets. But I’ve been incredibly stressed and highly strung lately so I suppose I’ll have to meditate and calm down before I wreck anything else. I’ll give those crystals a try too so thanks for the suggestion!

    • patti says:

      probably 20 years ago I had trouble at check outs the computer wouldn’t work things had to be input manually-laughed about but I knew it was SOMETHING then it stopped until recently=none of my magnectic cards work without manuel input–and any on sale items won’t registar==the bar codes just won’t work-haven’t killed any electronics but now that I’m thinking about it they seem to behave strangely==voice mails don’t arrive and for the pictures won’t arrive== right now I can’t seem to type what I’m saying

      • Mandy Prescott says:

        Im glad that I googled and found this article. Now I know I’m not the only person with this problem. I have probably gone through four cell phones this year. When I’m talking on my cell, the phone will constantly dial numbers. Sometimes it will even call people that are in my contact list while I’m talking to someone else. Im in the habit of not putting the screen near my face, to prevent this, but it will dial numbers and call people anyway. Just makes me feel crazy.

  • Nancy says:

    This is a great article. Thank you. I had electrical problems from 2002 to 2005. I fried 4 computers at my work (my boss and colleagues witnessed what I thought then was my craziness lol), portable phones, alarm clocks, watches (to this day I don’t wear one), colleague’s watch/computer/etc, car stereos, cell phones, etc etc etc. I moved from the city to the country in 2005 and then I had no issues. This was after I had been carrying crystals in my pocket for months though. I carried a crystal for each of my chakras, and it worked. This was also after months/years of internet reading & thinking I was crazy or even that I was haunted. It was a mad time. I’ve since moved back to the city and this week, my problems have returned. I will start carrying my crystals again. I am not as spooked out about it as I used to be. I know I am not haunted lol I figured it has something to do with my energy field…so it’s back up again…I just hope it goes away fast this time. It’s very hard to function like this in a technological world. Ground yourself. (PS. I did use mats & grounders too…I work with a computer all day long so I had to. I also used an insulation mat under my chair..wore crystals on me and did yoga. I relaxed more…)

  • sean says:

    I’ve noticed that some people that sit in my office completely knock out my wifi internet. I have a couch in my office that is right in the line of sight from our office wifi router. Nothing on the internet really says that people can have this effect on wifi. Well, I don’t know what to tell them, the same 2 people always have this effect sitting on the same couch in the same spot. They sit down – boom, wifi crawls to a halt. They leave, it’s back. They come back, its gone. Also, these people come to my office typically in the evening during late work sessions on projects, not during peak hours. IN fact, this is probably the time of the day with the least usage going on as far as our complex (everyone is gone by then).

    Sometimes when my own wifi acts up like this, I try normal troubleshooting for about 20-30 minutes getting frustrated with no sensible results while it seemingly gets worse (after it’s been working fine for weeks). Then, stumped, I roll back away from my computer, or walk away, and sure enough, not doing anything I have not tried before, the reception goes back up and everything starts working again just fine.

    Lastly, at home late at night when I’m downloading music or other larger files, I watch the speed of the download. There is literally a position I can sit in where it drops to 20k/sec (really slow for our connection), sometimes worse, like 5k/sec (usually I get like 750k/sec). So, when I see this happening, I swear to god I can make almost like an L shape with my arms pointing right at the antennas for the computer’s wifi card, and BOOM 750k/sec. Go back to the other position – 20k/sec – and back again, same result. (not touching the antennas, which of course is an old trick you can see with any radio reception). If I sit in the wrong position for too long, the 20k/sec will even drop to 0 and just drop the connection all together. I have literally sat in a retarded looking position for 10 minutes straight just so I can download a huge audio project file that I really need and cannot figure out any other way to speed it up.

    Weird, huh…

    What is with the crystals? Is that real? Or is it just dumbo’s feather (aka its your mind doing it, and the crystals just give you something to believe in / this is what I think about balance bracelets people sell that have no magnets, no rocks, no cystals, no nothing, and still can be tested with positive results towards the wearer). I wrote an article on this years back called “Magic Balance Bracelets: Real or Fake, or Does It Even Matter if It Works?” where it’s basically saying you can induce placebo effects on performance with almost any object and a good inspiring story (like “here take my lucky coin, it will give you the ability to _____” and then the person sure enough jumps 1 foot higher than they can normally).

    Thanks for an interesting article.

    • Tina Glorioso says:

      Our minds are really strong, so yes, you can control it all from just your mind which is what the placebo effect is all about. It’s about focusing all that energy correctly, which is difficult if you’re upset, angry, and stressed.

  • problematic says:

    I get really annoyed when you wait in line and you finally get to the register and the clerk says”that’s weird, my terminal just shut down. I’ll have to reboot.” Typical response, “no problem, happens all the time.

  • Ben says:

    I just started noticing this happening to me as well and I stumbled on a solution that works for me, but may not work for everyone. Ground your energetic body (not the physical body). You don’t need mats or stones or any physical objects to do this. Just imagine going 5 miles down into the earth and five miles out in all directions, then imagine roots growing and locking you into this space. Then bring the energy back up into your heart. I also like to pull this energy all the way up out the crown chakra, but make sure the roots are still connected. I came across this solution accidentally. My stereo will start making all sorts of digital noise and it will get louder and louder. I thought there was something wrong with it. I use this method to get answers from myself, so I figured I would try grounding myself and ask for a way to fix the stereo, but as soon as I grounded myself the noise faded and stopped. I thought that was funny, I don’t need to ask anymore and went on with my day. Then it happened again later and I did the same thing and as soon as I grounded myself the noise ended again. I’ve done this three times now, so I decided to search the internet for answers and came across this. It looks like I’m not alone. I’d be interested to know if this method works with others. It works great for me and you can do it anytime, no need for any external tools. I hope this helps.

    • E. says:

      I do not perceive this as negative. I believe we can train ourselves to use our naturally strong frequences/energy outside of the realm of what we are able to do today. I believe we can make this a function, not a disfunction. This begins with research, then development, then standardization and taken to market.

      I believe that studies into accessing contrasting electrical energies between humans and other matter I think is the first large step in our human spiritual and scientific evolution — and do not be confused, for those are the same thing.


      • E. says:

        As a sidenote, I think our energy or intent can be transferred over distances as I made a friend’s room shake (only best way I can describe it) in another city as my own room shook as we spoke over the phone. I felt incredibly warm but it didn’t burn, and although I didn’t say anything he somehow knew I was doing it. If you are reading this sentence and have the ability to properly research or do something about this human-tech electronic phenomena, DO IT AND START NOW. It will be profitable in MANY ways.

        • Emma says:

          I use my intent in the best way possible i believe and we have to get all of man kind on our “level” if you will. If we had ALL people purposely intenting peace harmony and love and (or just us) with our capabilites we could chamge the world!!!

      • Juanita says:

        Absolutely and exactly what I believe! Took the words right out of my mouth. Tonight I’ve had one bulb go and a light in my kitchen has just melted it’s casing and the bulb is now exposed but still going strong. I used to notice this very strongly as a child, knew nothing about it but stuff happened in a way that was as consistent as gravity! (Apt phrase!) x

      • Emma says:

        I completely agree! I live in Houston Tx and i am curious to know what part everyone else is from. I ahve been thinking of taking my “phenomena” to a university here in houston and hope we can use this for the benefit of all human kind!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Whoa! Thank you for your blog! I always wondered about my ability to kill a blender or vacuum, but today I learned I affect tattoo machines.
    Every time my artist would set her needle speed, she would lower it toward my skin and the motor would slow. It happened each time! To the point that she teased,
    “you have a magnetic personality, know how I know?”
    She would then change her frequency on the tattoo machine, move close to me, then have to re-adjust!
    How do you feel about finding counter-or neutralizing minerals to offset these affects? Should we do that? Or accept our “emissions”?

    • Jay says:

      Jennifer, I recently read an article regarding hyper communication, in brief when we are completely centered and connected on a spiritual energy plane, we are in a state of communication by energy, and thus someone a vacum is created.

      My recent experiences: The last 4 or 5 times I have meditated, I have caused to stop working and go static. “error has occured”. It does not matter if you clear the browser, history, restart phone, same thing.

      Scenario: Meditate state completely transcended into the spiritual realm, meaning, do not feel body , of if i do, its very slight consciousness of the body. My complete focus is God at this point. I turn on youtube because worship music helps me get to this plane of energy which is free from the body. It does not take very long, under five minutes, suddenly youtube will stop working.

      Alot of comments state if the person is emotional, so in a sense this is true, my emotions are definitely running very high, and thus projecting a ultimate positive synchronized energy with God, Not emotional as in turmoil.

      I really like the word you used “Magnetic”. It immediately brought to mind this book about birthdays, in it it provided details of a persons qualities by the date of birthday and year. It has a sun on the front, pretty thick. On the right side it list your Tarot Card, and it list 3 traits. One of mine was Magnetic. I’m a Libra.

      So, I’m not sure what exactly is a vacum yet, but it does seem to create a vacum affect in a sense by wiping the phone. I’m thinking now what happens is because of the super elevated awareness, which thus magnifies the magnetic property of my energy (or of a person), it wipes the phone, or causes the electronic device to stop functioning. As like when you run a powerful magnet across a debit card, or computer it will wipe it.

      I would like to learn more about the actual science or mechanisms at work in detail about this. It’s fascinating. More so is this. Recently, to be astonishment.. I was able to hold a phone, a dove was flying , it was a dove in relation to a holy spirit prayer, and all things have energy, and not only do they have energy but they carry the energy that was imprinted on the medium, movie, object while it was created.. so there I was holding this phone, just holding it while listening to music.. guess what? I was able to feel the flapping of the dove’s wings. Completely blew me away. I put the phone in the other hand so as to rationalize perhaps it was my hand being shaky. Place it on a straight surface. Once again I was able to feel the dove flapping its wings. Completely exhilarating.

      A important note to all: if you are going to transcend into the spiritual realm know that everything is highly magnified on this plane. In order to transcend there to begin with your conscious awareness already has to be magnified and vibrating on a higher level, therefore, consider this INTENT is very important. Do not cross over simply because you are recreationally out to discover things with no point or really objective. One must have discipline. The reason is this, once your in that state of energy, not only do you project energy at a magnified rate, you also absorb it. Lets say you suddenly are tempted by a negative force , example watch a explicit sexual video, the energy imprint behind the video is negative. Therefore a video or dvd, doesnt seem negative on its own accord, sitting on a desk for example. However, during the production of the video, who are the actors, what is their intent, who are they aligned with, God or the energy, positive or negativity? So once you are in the elevated state of awareness which is magnified greatly, and you are tempted, be strong, resist, this is a sacred plane, respect it. If you decide to go ahead and listen to your flesh, which flesh doesnt belong on this plane to begin with, be prepared to suffer the consequences. You will absorb that negativity in your field, it will integrate with your own energy, thus causing many different distortions, ailments, imbalances, that later manifest into disease. It is easy to absorb and be lead by the flesh, but do not do it, it’s not worth it. It becomes very difficult once you absorb it willingly, cause it was willingly afterall, you did make the choice, to release or disconnect this energy from its integrated connection its’ made. This is profound. It connects and affects all aspects of energy down to the cellular components, DNA, organ function, brain function.

      One can even identify the location and visualize the size, form, character of the energy mass or form that you have absorbed. It is awful. Never did I believe I would be blessed with such knowledge or understanding. I pass it on to those willing to listen. I have suffered many things due to my disobedience and not listening to God.

      Some of the enlightened ones even fear to publish such documents, information, for they fear they themselves will become targets, which is partially true, for our enemies do not want thier possessions to be ripped from their greedy energy eating hands, but I proclaim that Jesus Christ has placed our enemies under are feet and he has Authority over all. They may not fear me for I am just a man, but I am indeed powerful by means of the Authority of Christ given me, and to all those who choose to believe in him. Glory be to God. May he protect those he sees fitting. May those who have spiritual eyes hear. May we always continue progressing forward, learning, teaching, sharing, educating, lifting each other up, and not get tied up in the chains of religion, or allow our minds to have limits of our existence and possibilities.

      To those who have helped us on our path to wisdom- Thank you. To those who have shed blood and sacrifice for the sake of Good- Thank you. For those under current sufferings for the sake of Good- Thank you. Thank you to the Angels in Heaven for their continued adoration of God in such a powerful inspiring way that encourages mortals to give praise and worship in the same way. Thank you to all those who stand united against negative forces. Thank you to Jesus, The Almighty Creator of everything in Existence who has privileged us with such beautiful gifts of his glory. ” Allah, Father I shall see you soon” my heart clamors.

    • Jay says:

      Hello modertator, Will you please remove my previous response. I have taken a few moments to edit the response in order to provide a more pleasant reading experience.


      Jennifer, I recently read an article regarding hyper communication, in brief when we are completely centered and connected on a spiritual energy plane, we are in a state of communication by energy, and thus somewhat of a vacuum is created.

      My recent experiences: The last 4 or 5 times I have meditated, I have caused to stop working and go static. “error has occurred”. It does not matter if you clear the browser, history, restart phone, same thing.

      Scenario: Meditate state completely transcended into the spiritual realm, meaning, do not feel body ,of if i do, its very slight consciousness of the body. My complete focus is God at this point. I turn on youtube because worship music helps me get to this dimensional plane of energy which is free from the body. It does not take very long, under five minutes, suddenly youtube will stop working.

      A lot of comments state if the person is emotional, so in a sense this is true, my emotions are definitely running very high, and thus projecting a ultimate positive synchronized energy with God, Not emotional as in turmoil.

      I really like the word you used “Magnetic”. It immediately brought to mind this book about birthdays, in it it provided details of a persons qualities by the date of birthday and year. It has a sun on the front, pretty thick. On the right side it list your Tarot Card, and it list 3 traits. One of mine was Magnetic. I’m a Libra.

      So, I’m not sure what exactly is a vacum yet, but it does seem to create a vacum effect in a sense by wiping the phone. I’m thinking now what happens is because of the super elevated awareness, which thus magnifies the magnetic property of my energy (or of a person), it wipes the phone, or causes the electronic device to stop functioning. As like when you run a powerful magnet across a debit card, or computer it will wipe it.

      I would like to learn more about the actual science or mechanisms at work in detail about this. It’s fascinating. More so is this. Recently, to my astonishment.. I was able to hold a phone, a dove was flying in the video, it was a dove in relation to a holy spirit prayer. All things have energy, and not only do they have energy but they carry the energy that was imprinted on the medium, movie, object while it was created.. so there I was holding this phone, just holding it while listening to music.. guess what? I was able to feel the flapping of the dove’s wings. Completely blew me away. I put the phone in the other hand so eliminate the cause being a slightly shaky hand. I placed my entire arm on a straight surface and tuned in again to the song, closed my eyes. Once again I was able to feel the dove flapping its wings. I was able to feel the phone slightly bending its physical composition. Completely exhilarating! What prevents a majority of people from such an amazing experience, is due to the limits the person place on themselves by allowing doubt or logical thinking of the mind to dominate or lead the spirit. We should should do well to allow the spirit to lead, not the logical brain which is in the physical realm.

      A important note to all: if you are going to transcend into the spiritual realm know that everything is highly magnified on this plane. In order to transcend to this dimension, to begin with your conscious awareness already has to be magnified and vibrating on a higher level, therefore, consider this- OUR INTENT is very important. Do not cross over simply because you are recreationally out to discover things with no point or real objective. One must have discipline. The reason is this, once your in that state of energy or on this plane, not only do you project energy at a magnified rate, you also absorb it. Lets say you suddenly are tempted by a negative force , example watch a explicit sexual video, the energy imprint behind the video is negative. Therefore a Video or Dvd, doesn’t seem negative on its own accord, sitting on a desk for example. All it is is a DVD disc with no positive or negative energy one could argue. However, during the production of the video, who are the actors, what is their intent, what are their actions, who are they aligned with, God or a negative source? Is the energy, positive or negative? So once you are in the elevated state of awareness which all is magnified greatly, and you are tempted, or confronted by a sinister darker energy, be strong and resist. Remember this is a sacred plane, respect it. Don’t attribute unworthiness to the sacred experience. These talents and abilities have been awarded to us for a reason. They are not lead by the flesh but to lead by the spirit of God which resides in us. If you decide to go ahead and listen to your flesh, which flesh doesn’t belong on this plane to begin with, be prepared to suffer the consequences. You will absorb that negativity in your field, it will integrate with your own energy, thus causing many different distortions, ailments, imbalances, that later manifest into disease, addictions, sickness and I don’t even want to know what else. It is easy to absorb and be lead by the flesh, but do not do it, it’s not worth it. It becomes very difficult once you absorb this powerful negativity like Darth Vader who turned to the dark side, because it was willingly after all, you did make the choice.To release or disconnect this energy from its integrated state is difficult, extremely difficult but not impossible. This is profound. It connects and affects all aspects of energy down to the cellular components, DNA, organ function, and brain function.

      One can even identify the location and visualize the size, form, character of the energy mass or form that you have absorbed. It is awful. Never did I believe I would be blessed with such knowledge or understanding. I pass it on to those willing to listen. I have suffered many things due to my disobedience and my unwillingness to choose the right choice before me instead of the one that gratifies the flesh.

      The flesh is never satisfied. It beckons for more sin, it never is satiated. We were born into this conflicting battle of opposing wills. The will of the spirit aims to glory God always, to promote love and well being, and to help others. The will of the spirit seeks only it’s own interest and pleasures that are as temporary as the flash of a digital camera, because the gratification is so short lived, more is always required. One must always strive to lead the physical body by means of allowing the spirit to dictate and lead, not the flesh. Allowing the flesh to dictate your life leads to repetitive looping cycles. The direction of the spirit aligns itself in a breathtaking magnificent synchronized design, called the flower of life. A true inexpressible masterpiece of creation.

      Some of the enlightened ones even fear to publish such documents, information, for they fear they themselves will become targets, which is partially true, for our enemies do not want their possessions to be ripped from their greedy energy consuming hands, but I proclaim that Jesus Christ has placed our enemies under our feet and he has Authority over all, They may not fear me for I am just a man, but I am indeed powerful by means of the Authority of Christ provided me, and to all those who choose to believe in him. Glory be to God. May he protect those he sees fitting. May those who have spiritual ears hear and see clearly with their spiritual eyes.Once this vehicle we have been freely given to accommodate us through our commute in this life de-materializes,our body, we do not cease to see or reason, so the question must be raised, Where is the primary brain or the source of comprehension? After passing we continue to reason, to think, to understand without the use of the material human brain that so many intellectuals pride themselves on. The irony is very thing that’s limiting many from the spiritual experience. May we always continue progressing forward, learning, teaching, sharing, educating, lifting each other up, and not get tied up in the chains of religion, or allow our minds to have limits of our existence and possibilities.

      To those who have helped us on our path to wisdom- Thank you. To those who have shed blood and sacrificed for the sake of Good- Thank you. For those under current sufferings for the sake of Good- Thank you. Thank you to the Angels in Heaven for their continued adoration of God in such a powerful inspiring way that encourages mortals to give praise and worship in the same dedicated way. Thank you to all those who stand united against negative forces. Thank you to Jesus, The Almighty Creator of everything in Existence who has privileged us with such beautiful gifts of his glory. ” Allah, Father I shall see you soon” my heart clamors.

    • Will Grady says:

      Well,I have a friend who is a little mental,her electronics break all the time,I always thought she was careless or spacing I know better! My trick is my stuff runs better,when I use it,can do stuff wild! I have 92 Camry,runs perfect.all my electric toys always work,never that. Financially dumb.

  • Vanessa Darrough says:

    So I just googled human ESP energy field and wow. I have disrupted TVs and video cameras in every store I have gone to as a kid my sister and I would walk past these and static would appear as I walked by. My Iphone resets constantly and the closer I move my hand to a radio antenna the more static and changing stations from A.M to F.M. gets louder and more frequent shifts the closer to the base. I thought my fillings were the reason I heard radio stations with nothing electric no stereo or TV on until I got them replaced with vinears or porcelin fillings, but I can still hear radio transmitions. Even when I am on the phone with someone on a computer I get the “That’s strange. My computer is having problems, AIU-online is based in Ill. and I live in Las Vegas NV. How does my energy affect computer equipment that far away? My bank cards will not read if I keep these cards in my pocket for too long as well as flashdrives. My Fiance had to reload his PC five times in one day because I kept “zapping” it, by just touching the frame of the door into the room. I’ve zapped a PC n a classroom so badly that I went to turn on the tower saw the arch of electricity inches before I turned it on and the monitor made a wierd sound and started to smoke. My friend and I looked at each other and choose to sit in the back. When it was noticed of it not turning on the tech guys brought a new set up and the entire power outlet was cooked and never worked again. That was at Iadt in their PC lab, I also freeze MACs, which my fiance didn’t or wouldn’t believe until he saw it himself. It does not matter my mood I wear hemitite all the time as well as decorating my work area with all the afore mention stones and crystals. Does not matter I zapped two laptops as well, watches stop working even automatic and kenetic. If I catch a good song I change the station just to sing the song at the same time I find what station it was transmitting on. Its something I am used to. An insomniac as a kid led me to meditation at an early age, ten or eleven, after wondering why my sister can sleep all night and I would have to trick myself to sleep. My grandfather blamed his breaking of watches on welding. Lighting has hit him a number of times and we have driven right past TV stations as they get hit by lighting its amazing yet hurts like hell. Predicting wher and how strong lighting strikes during thunderstorms and inadvertenly struck by a netted out vein keeps me indoors when it rains. ESP is through the roof on acuracy it’s crazy. Thanks for all of the information and comments from people like me, I don’t feel so alone anymore! I never comment on sites but I couln’t not comment, you know? Again thank you for getting close to deciphering why I interfere and “hear” what it is that I am really hearing. Vibes is what I call when I guess when someone is not telling the truth or what they are feeling and thinking, mind reader, no way, but what that person is “putting off” I can “decode”. Amazing, when you think about it!

    • Caroline says:

      Vanessa,in my searches on the Net to find a logical explanation for all electronic devices commiting hara-kiri in my presence,i’ve seen this phenomenom associated with psychic abilities.These usually run in families just as an ability to draw,play by ear,or write poetry might.Its probably a dominant genetic trait;as it has shown up in every generation of my family(the psychic/intuitive skills-thankfully,only a few of us are afflicated with electronic mayhem syndrome!)
      Funny that you should mention a connection with lightning-every house ive ever lived in has become a lightning magnet-cross country!We’ve a pile of burnt out TV’s to prove it.Apparently it began with my conception,and continued in every home ive resided in!I NEVER go outside,use landlines,or take showers during rain/thunderstorms.No sense tempting Zeus!
      I also was told i had a”strong energy field”(by folks who i never mentioned ANY of this to.) All my life ive had precognitive dreams,premonitions,and i have a horribly accurate judgement of folks character-which cant be misled by nice clothes or flattering words.I end up knowing things about people id have been MUCH happier not knowing!But this skill has strong survival value-and that is why its probably a dominant genetic trait-it helps ensure your survival if your 6th sense lets you know if that funny looking guy asking you for directions is a serial rapist-or just a badly dressed tourist!
      I’ve met a few other folks who have the same trouble with electronic stuff-my cousin ,a nurse at my clinic,a cashier at SweetBay-(often ive had to hand my ATM card to be swiped by cashiers because the machine keeps saying”read error”for me.)Lisa Kudrow said she suffered from the same problem in a Parade interview;shes a brave girl!Most of us are afraid to talk about it-but it DOES happen.And it does run in families,though,as with eye color,it may be expressed differently-.
      My son affects his computer only when he’s upset.For me,its all the time.And its just about EVERY electronic device-i even had a car that wouldnt start for me-and when others would start it,+i slid into the drivers seat it would-stall!!My family+friends have seen it enough to know its real.
      Has anyone else with this effect had the unpleasant experience of shocking people or (mostly)being shocked themselves?Its not from shuffling steps-im usually stationary when it happens.I’ve been standing in the shower,+been shocked when i grabbed the shampoo!Most upsetting of all,i’ve shocked other folks!Its been happening since i was a tiny thing..and i know that its got to be associated with the other anomolous electrical effects ive experienced.
      I know there are other folks with unusual electromagnetic anomalies-ive read about the “magnetic”folks(and seen them in documentaries.These people have metal objects stick to them!One guy even was able to make a nonmetallic slab of marble that weighed more than he did,stick to his chest-no hands,no glue.I wonder if this too is genetic,since these magnetic folk all seem to come from certain areas of Russia.
      Just as the poor “Tree man”(and others like him)-were Javanese men who had inherited immune systems that couldnt resist wart viruses.
      For most of humanitys history,having an electromagnetic field that interferes with electronics wouldnt have mattered.Having the 6th sense that seems to be associated with it was probably more dangerous in certain times and places.
      Some societies chose those with the sight to be their medicine men/women,their Shamen/Wise Women.Others(particularly after the advent of Christianity and other religions that were fearful of “witchcraft”became prevalent-persecuted and destroyed those folk who showed the least glimmer of intuition.Europe,and Colonial America had a shameful history of these persecutions(though thankfully,America’s witch trials were short-lived.This probably thinned out the genes for the 6th sense considerably-much as it did for black cats(the idiots in Medieval times thought black cats diabolical-and killed them;though a patch of white was considered a sign that kitty wasnt “really”all Lucifer’s-thats why theres very few completely black cats today in Europe-or even in the US-check-most have a white patch somewhere!)Well-thats what i was told,anyway.A sad story of ignorance and pointless murders..leading to elimination of genetic traits that have real survival value!
      The electronic glitches only became a problem when we entered the age of electronic machines.And if the intuitive senses are inextricably linked with the mechanical mishaps,i guess thats just the price we have to pay for knowing other things that may save our lives.In our family,and in my own experience,we’ve had many warnings in premonitions and dreams that enabled us to literally dodge bullets!Now if only i could dream a winning power ball number! Heck,id settle for a way to sheild my cell phone so it doesnt need to be replaced at an ungodly rate!

      • Alan Lara says:

        Hey i would like to run a real clinical study about this, i am talking in a few years from now of course, once i get the funds for it. I have the same issues, i was reading and asking myself when did i write this.
        Anyway, in short i can´t have some types of credit cards, i mess up radio signals like peoples cellphones, FM radios, or even TV´s. Many times when i get stressed and upset light bulbs snap, or Tv´s tune a blue screen, sometimes when i am sad i turn off the street lights, and when i am stressed i just make any device with a battery very hot and also drain the battery somehow.
        I have to say not every device, but once i affect the device i kinda feel it different, as if i knew already that i am affecting it, dunno if it makes any sense, but in a room i can feel the devices. The CRT tv´s for example became annoying at one point, good thing there are LCD and Plasma, even when I feel Plasma too. Almost every computer i have worked with has suffered some kind of damage to the HDD, right now i bought myself aToshiba external 3tb HDD and a few minutes ago when i barely passed my hand above it the computer restarted the USB as if i had disconnected it and that is why i looked up the words “people that affect electronics” on Google.
        Please send me an email and i will give you my contact info so we can be in touch. Thank you.

        • Will says:

          I have had on going problems with cell phones for the past 5 years, last year alone I went through 7 phones all the same model but everyone with the exact same issues, battery getting extremely hot, phone freezing all the time, getting error message when trying to download apps, screen going black. I’m getting very annoyed at this point and would seriously like to find out more about what’s going on, I see that I’m not alone..


        • Sarah Richardson says:

          Hi Alan. Are you still looking at running a study? I have been reading the posts and I pretty much experience all of them all the time. It’s affected my whole life. Email if you are. Excuse the short vague msg but I’m exhausted with it all. Thanks Sarah

          • Julie says:

            Please keep me posted too. I am struggling with dealing with this issue as I am changing careers and have learned that all applications and resumes must be submitted on-line. Mainly though, I guess my hope for all of us to figure out that this ‘condition’ is a positive situation and not related to any dark harmful ‘magic’. Thank you for Nut thinking I’m crazy and giving all the input.

        • Josh says:

          i have just researched this, by chance i moved away from a credit card machine while waiting (as i always have to with my card) and i have realized ITS ME! when i go into shops my card always fail. i must interrupt the signal. so glad its not just me! tried and tested my theory. would like to know how you get on with your research. p.s also my phone battery sometimes get super hot too and phones cut out.

        • Erin De Cesare says:

          How many of you have the RH- blood type? This is a very common anomaly amongst us, along with numerous others. I experience same symptoms often. Street lights I walk under often go off and on, along with my space heater, TV, computer, cell phone, battery operated watches stop sporadically, etc. Even items stationary for months will suddenly fall off shelves. I notice event frequency increases when my emotions are heightened; (anger, anxiety, depression, grief, stress, etc.) It’s quite maddening, even though I’m accustomed by now. I’ve actually had knives fly off counters, must often step back from cash registers, as they’ll malfunction (and thats usually my good mood times…shopping!) LOL. I often feel like a freak, but realize there are many other positive characteristics of RH-s! I don’t believe in ghosts, so this is all I can attribute it to. Given the fact only approx. 15% of US pop is RH-, there must be other explanations for all these reported mysterious occurrences. I believe power surges may be a possible cause for electrical malfunctions, but the moving items…. who knows?

        • Robin Wenz says:

          Hey’ i’m interested in what you’ve learned about affecting computer equipment. I believe something freaky is happening to me too – I’m not sure how to put my email here without it being publicly seen.

      • Michelle says:

        I shock everything and everyone and most of them hurt.

  • ang238 says:

    I have thought that I was alone. I tend to mess up electronics. Anything ‘automatic’ will not work for me. Watches, earbuds, I go through a lot of. Is there a reason?! I am an air sign, no fire, I don’t understand why?

  • Heather Tobin says:

    My son gets mad at me because I always freeze the computer when I am in the room. I have been freezing computers in just about every business I walk into. “I don’t know what’s going on with our system it has been fine all day” I have heard too many times to count. Watches, cell phones get really hot and I just put my hand toward a light that was burning out and it lit up? Freaky! In fact my cell phone just froze up while I was writing this text and the battery drained so I had to plug it in…. I am really effected by whatever this energy field is so what kind of crystsl do I need?

  • Ken Hill says:

    I have a love-hate relationship with “modern” computers, specifically most computers with touch pads. Sometimes they behave themselves, and on other occasions for no immediately apparent reason they don’t. No reason until now, that is. Tonight, I was keying in on my laptop (ie with touch pad, and not my beloved mouse) an important business email. As is often the case, for no apparent reason the cursor jumped around within the text “of it’s own accord”, I pressed the down arrow key to move it back – and it deleted all of the text before that point. About 45 mins of work, gone, just like that, for no good reason. I was furious. Then, a couple of minutes later, I knocked over a full glass of beer, and how I didn’t drown both my Blackberry and my flash drive – which were on the table next it – in beer I will never know.
    This kind of thing doesn’t happen all the time, but on more occasions than I care to recall. I use a Blackberry because touch screen mobile phones and I just do not get on; I merely breathe on one, and off it goes into Bing for no reason at all. The touch screens on the treadmill machines at the gym; half of them just won’t work with me at all.
    So, after tonight’s episode I wondered, not for the first time: I’m a Reiki master and a self-employed Reiki therapist – does that have anything to do with this problem? This time, I went further, and went online – and found this website. Phew! It’s not just me! Ok, let me look into these crystals! Thanks for the blog! And thanks for the other responses!

  • Ian says:

    I use a necklace with tourmaline, copper and haematite. Under the computer insert a large obsidian. This sorts out most of the issues. However if you get worked up, nothing stops the computer of photocopy machine bombing out. Best bet is to have somebody that can help you and you distance yourself from the electonics when you are feeling rather intense. Good luck in finding somebody that does not think you are nuts. In time you can learn to control the intensity of thought. It gets exciting when the glass starts shattering.

  • Johanna Zion says:

    I have done research on this as my family does these things all the time. My cousin says legends say we are from the Star Beings who came here and interbred with people. Proof of this is in the Bible and also many archeological findings that some beings more advanced DID connect with people here on eartha nd interbreed with them. We also according to One Step Beyond can have genetic memories passed on. It can be very frustrating and alone filling out online apps and them not working, nuking computers, lights, cars, satellite transmissions to t.v.s, etc. When I got mad stuff used to fly around the room at who I was mad at. They call that PK abilities. That does not happen anymore as I take suppressants to try to make myself NORMAL. We know so very little about our beings and our brains. It would be nice if we could be ourselves and not try to be chamelions or NORMAL anymore. I love your site. I was so bumbed out today and lonely. Thanks for being.

    • Alan Lara says:

      Wanna meet you and know some more, i want to make a real study of this phenomena and give it a respectable name in medicine knowledge. First i need to gather as many as possible people with this phenomena. I had the same things with objects, but not exactly, i mostly use to brake objects in the room, crucifixes and crystal objects, sometimes just hit some tiny metal objects loud into the wall or the floor in the same room, but people who i had some bad feeling had also object from their rooms at their houses thrown at them, also in the car while they where Driving had some issues that led to strange car crashes. Not anymore that i know of. I believe it must be some Scientific explanation and want to know and write about it.

      • Emma says:

        All of these and more happen with me……i am so in tune with the universe that i can bkock signals to and from the t.v., radio and internet. I only noticed it a few years back however i have always known there was something “different” about me. I happen to be watching the fifth element right now…..thats just kne example of how i line up the sources….i dont know if anyone senses the correlation however since your senses are divine, you must. My contact information is ANYONE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME……its time the secrets of the universe and divine power be revealed for the use of good and not evil!!!!

      • Julie says:

        Please keep me posted too. I am struggling with dealing with this issue as I am changing careers and have learned that all applications and resumes must be submitted on-line. Mainly though, I guess my hope for all of us to figure out that this ‘condition’ is a positive situation and not related to any dark harmful ‘magic’. Thank you for Not thinking I’m crazy. I Will happily participate in a study on this. Call or text me at 541-205-1277. Thanks!

  • Karen says:

    For years I’ve been experiencing issues with electronics…watches, lights, computers, cars, etc. I used to work in a corporate office and went through a couple computers within about a month’s time. People were standing around my cubicle when the image on the one PC’s screen appeared to implode, then there was a loud noise and sparks and smoke appeared out the back. I’ve had a car in which the entire car’s electronics would shut down while driving…often over 50, 60 mph…nothing worked…not even the brakes. This happened on more than one occasion. Fortunately, it was a manual transmission and the ebrake would stop the car but it was scary and happened once behind a school bus full of children 🙁 I turned the car in and blamed the car though the shop couldn’t figure out anything wrong with it and said they’d never heard of such a thing. My next car was brand new (Honda Accord) but after a year or so, the electronics in the car started coming on even when everything was shut off. Go figure. I brought it in numerous times for drained batteries but was always told that what I was explaining was impossible, that the battery was fine; that I must’ve left the lights on. But I knew I hadn’t. ONe day, as I left the shop after yet another failed attempt to diagnose the issue, I noticed that my car’s reflection on the car in front of me indicated my lights were on although the buttons to turn them on were decidedly off. I turned around and went back to the shop and asked them to explain it. They just scratched their heads. I chalked it up to bad luck and dealt with it until I bought a new car…brand new again…BMW 325xi. And wouldn’t you know it, this car had a penchant for locking me out even when I had my keys with me. It was so disheartening to have a physical key and not be able to get into your car. I had it towed (thank the Lord I hadn’t pulled the eBrake or parked it in first), and the dealership told me the all too familiar “that’s impossible; we’ve never heard of that). Hours later, despite having the key, the remote, etc., they came back to say they could not gain access and had to drill through the door. Next car? Hyundai Elantra. 2011. Car wouldn’t start after about a year. This time though, it was an issue effecting many owners and a recall was put in place. Woohoo…it wasn’t me! Though admittedly, I used to spend 3-4 hrs each day in the previous cars commuting…at a time in my life when I was severely stressed and ill due to a gluten intolerance I wasn’t aware of. Now, my cars just sit in the driveway since I’m a SAHM and all 3 kids get severely car sick. I think that’s why I haven’t had issues with the latest mobile…a Toyota Sienna. Regardless, I’m just tired of it. Stoves, microwaves, computers…nothing works right around me. My husband comes in and it works fine. I’m starting my own photography business (brave, I know…since it requires computers and electronic equipment) and bought an iMac for editing. Eventually I want a workhorse MAC but for the budget, this is the most computer I’ve ever had. Macs don’t have issues, right? Wrong. When I sit down to edit, I often get “end of file” errors and lose entire files that were saved throughout the editing process. I’m so frustrated and thought to look up if maybe my energy is messing with all this stuff. I’ve come across some interesting info. The issues with files getting corrupted and disappearing has been at it’s worst the last 2 days…hours editing and I only have 2 files to show for it. Many were redone multiple times. From what I’ve read, these issues get worse the more stressed we become which got me thinking back to my cars and the last time I had issues with editing. It dawned on me that it was when I was behind in workflow and stressed. I’ve been sick (still am) and stressed about catching up over the last few days so maybe this is what caused this life-long problem to resurrect itself with a vengeance? I was ready to take the Mac and throw it when I read that rubbing the back of your neck releases the pent up energy. I figured it was worth a try. No problems with the Mac since…got through a bunch of photos and am posting them online now. I’ll look into those rocks you mentioned though…not sure how they work but if they prevent the frustration of the last 2 days, that would be great. Now if only I could figure out how to channel all this energy to clean up my kids’ mess while I sit behind the PC…

  • P. Mientka says:

    I am on my third iPad and my fourth Kindle. This is starting to cause me a lot of money!

    • Emma says:

      “They” knew we would do this and hence making them more money. We have to come out about this!!!!

    • Josey lee James says:

      I understand you going through this is my extra phone that I have got within the last year my body physically drained messes up any kind of phone in the radio song that I touch is getting spoiled this is costing me more money just to buy more phones than to find out the solution for the

  • James White says:

    Wow. I only breezed through the internet on advice from my mother. I honestly thought I wouldn’t find anything on human fields effecting machines. I cannot have a cell phone for more than a couple months without having to replace it. I go through laptops so fast I usually don’t even know what brand I’m using without looking at it. Watches? Forget it. They die in a couple weeks. Machines hate me.
    But the information I was looking for was vehicles. We all know how expensive putting a new vehicle on the road can be. But because what I call my curse. My vehicles always somehow find a way of being irreparably damaged within months. It has always been that way.
    Because of this, I have gotten really good at fixing them, and am no slouch when it comes to keeping my fluids perfectly topped up, and always use new parts, never used.
    Is it possible that your energy field aura hypothesis could effect vehicles? Is there enough data and followers of your hypothesis to make it an actual theory? Please someone send me their thoughts. It’s Christmas day and I’m on my way to go pick up yet another vehicle. I’m sick of buying a new vehicle every couple months. I’m sick of emptying my bank account every couple months. I want to know what it feels like to drive somewhere without a truckload of tools, spare parts, fluids and extra fuel. I want… I deserve one stress-free drive. For once in my life.
    As a side-note, I am really good with nature though. Does that have anything to do with my field?

    • Emma says:

      I have had this happen. I bought a brand new 21015 Hyundai Accent. I was driving on i-45 in Houston and its electrical internal device that controls the speedometer, the whole system completely shut off during me driving!!! This is completely dangerous and we have to have this researched as it is VERY real however it is not a curse. It is a blessing and we have tk think of it as such and it will start working for us and not against us. ♡

  • Therese says:

    Ahhh! My people! It’s so nice to hear this happens to other people even though it’s so frustrating. I can crash a computer instantly if I get irritated, frustrated or stressed out. I’ve heard so many times at the cash registers when I finally get to them “Hmmm, that’s weird. I’ve never see THAT before.” Some days I can’t run my own gift shops c/c machine–error, error, error…then have someone else try, no problem. If I walk away from an electronic that has crashed or errored, it usually comes back fine…til I get back to it. Recently, everytime I walked into our gift shop where the ipod touch was hooked up to play music on a wireless speaker system, the ipod would stop. Then if I went near the speaker, (within 5′) static. Walk back a couple feet, music…walk up, static. I’ve also had street lights and lamps go off and on and couldn’t wear a watch for several years because they’d die. I’ve had issues with cars—anything electric/electronic. It’s a trip. I assumed it was energy/aura related–how could it not be, but it’s nice to know I am not alone in this! I will be trying the crystals and obsidian mentioned above, thank you for this post!

    • Stephanie Foley says:

      I am so happy I am not the only “jinxed girl” lol as I refer to myself. The cash registers acting up happens to me a lot.And when I comment it’s me, they never believe me or think I am being negative. Not negative, just stating facts.Recently have gone to plug something in and sparks fly and at christmas time when the same thing happened the plug and prongs burnt off separately from the cord

  • Cathlyn McCullough says:

    The first time I noticed the phenomenon was when I was wearing a battery-operated watch. The battery would always give out within 3 days. Also, I could feel a pulse associated with the battery that felt like it was literally pounding on the bones and tissues, etc. causing pain. I have come to the conclusion over the years that I am sensitive for a reason. I can sense vibrations that those around me cannot. I believe it is my immune system that cannot tolerate a pulse that is not in tune with it. The farther away I am from anything with an electromagnetic field the better I feel. I can tell when others are angry, sad, etc. and it affects me. I try not to go anywhere when I am angry or sad, because I affect the whole room. I have learned that when a feeling comes on suddenly (i.E. I was fine before walking into a space) that my energy field is translating a vibration that is coming from somewhere else, either a human, or a device or other field like a metallic earth formation.

    Humans can feel the fields of other people. One example,, I was at someone’s house for meditation with a group. I walked into the room. Others were arriving as well. I walked by someone I didn’t know – at a distance of about 3 feet away, as I was walking I suddenly got a sharp pain in my knee. As I continued walking past, the pain lessened and my knee returned to normal. I heard the hostess say to the other person “How are you?” and they said something like, “Fine except for this bad pain in my knee”! I think that balance is the key, because I do not want to stop the flow of information that I get from my environment. At the same time, living in a world with so many devices that are not vibrating at a natural rate makes my body wildly uncomfortable. Still dealing with this. I have some stones that I wear and grounding is helpful, but I am continuing to use as few electronic devices as possible. My acupuncturist agrees with me that my field is trying to make sense of the communication it is receiving from literally everything. BTW – when I was feeling very frustrated years ago, I borrowed my sister’s car to pick my son up from school. I never made it back from the school, since the car battery “blew up”!

    I wanted to mention something about water. I have a great affinity for it and have had trouble achieving balance in my own field. Many times I seem to cause floods. For example any house where I am living will develop water overflow problems of some kind, also water will spurt all over someone suddenly in what seems like a comical chain of events.

    Keep in mind it is not only your energy field but the combination of fields at the location and the fact that fields either interfere with one another or resonate together or even cancel each other out. I have learned that the body field is a steady state field and that pulsed fields interfere with it. Once I nearly passed out from a deep vibration coming from an industrial air compressor. I had to flee the area. I felt it at the base of my skull. The main thing is that I don’t want to “become normal” but I do want to be more comfortable.

    Another thing, I get shocked a lot by static electricity and tend to shock others as well. I no longer drive cars, but when I did the car door would shock me every time. As I understand it, the car was not grounded, but I was. So the build up of static electricity found a natural release through my body to the ground. There is a device I have heard of that grounds your vehicle as you are driving and avoids this build up.

    I have trouble pressing buttons on computers and cell phones as well. I feel a resistance between my fingers and the buttons, so that when I think I am squarely pressing the correct button, the one next to it or above it will activate. Devices are so sensitive these days that if my wrist or fingers are even hovering over a button it will activate. so texting is near impossible, especial with a touch screen. Thank you for this website. 🙂

    • E. says:

      I can’t be electrocuted, does anyone share this?

    • Steph says:

      I enjoyed reading your post and I can relate to everything you described. I have some interesting things happen around water as well,but a bit different from you. Also, the car door shocking you, I understand as well. As I had to have all the electronic wiring stripped underneath the car panel on the driver side door. I share your point of view, I don’t want to be normal either, as this can be very intriguing and is very much a part of me,but I do want to understand it better. I am a Christian,but I believe that God is full of massive energy,but I am still doing research to better understand this and its great to know that other people are like this. I have a half sister and she always says, if we ever both were mad at someone or went into a building at the same time, we would probably short circuit everything, lol…However, these occurrences are not just emotionally based or interconnected as there are others things,but this is a social media site and I will be careful to what I say. However, I appreciate you sharing. Thank you =)

    • Julie says:

      Wow…you are so right about the texting. It is painful. I feel like my car, phone, computer, camp trailer(with three new sets of batteries) and my brain, all seem possesed and act on their own as they see fit. Trying to find the silver lining but struggling with it. At this point, as these events happen daily and way too often, I am fearful. I sure don’t like that emotion. I’ll try Crystals…I had a great stone collection at one time. Thank you and I’m hopeful about the stones working!

  • Misha says:

    I want to try using crystals, etc. but do not know where to buy them or in what amounts. My difficulty using desktop computers, cell phones, laptops, etc. has become so bad that I cannot get any w0rk done. My work is all done on computer, so I’m panicking. Any suggestions will be appreciated!!

  • Shannon says:

    I am so grateful to have found this site; I thought something was wrong with me. It’s great to know that I am not alone in these experiences, although, it is not something I openly talk about. Like many of you, the interruptions are worse when my emotions are high. Often, calls on my cell phone are dropped then it just turns off and won’t turn back (leading me to purchase a new one every 6 months or so) as well as computers, radios, etc. My family and friends have all seen this and we all agree that it must be bad luck in all of the electronics I purchase.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences, I will continue to research this. Based on what I have read so far, I am not sure exactly which crystals to purchase as I experience a multitude of events.

  • 'T' says:

    It is nice to be in the company of others who are having the same issues I am having… Has anyone had trouble with cars (modern cars are computer controlled…) I have tried all sorts of cars from 1985 – 2014 and all are controlled (to a lesser or greater extent ) by a computer. All cars intermittantly shut off for no reason. Mechanics find no problems with the cars. I have rented 3 2014 cars this year; a Chyrsler 200, Hyunda Elantra, Ford F-150: All have same intermittant problems. Sometimes when I try to open the car door the car alarm goes off when the car is unlocked. Sometimes the radio does not work right. All sorts of strange behavior only when my emotions are running high with sadness/ stress/ happiness. Transmission does not shift correctly or climate control goes really wacky. When mechanics check out the car(s) all works 100% corectly.

    As a test I refer to 3 cars I bought: 1967 Olds, 1977 MonteCarlo, 1971 Ford F-150: All worked perfect with the exception of the occasional mechanical issue that is common to an old car. All the old cars were immune to me and workes perfectly to satisfaction (only not having the modern nice things I have grown to enjoy) such as power steering, a/c, FM radio, etc.

    DOES ANYONE know how to use a ‘new’ car without all the drama of intermittant breakdowns. Any advice would be appreciated. I am thinking I may just go with the old cars from the past and forget about finding a cure. Most people do not take this seriously.

    Perhaps there is some merit to the stone theory; I shall have to read up on the power of stones.


  • Rachel says:

    I’ve always messed up watches. I get a light shock from all sorts of appliances. I am going through a laptop every 6 months. My brand new car’s message system is frequently sending out random messages when everything is working fine. I always said I was my body’s electricity messing things up. I just secretly thought it was all in my mind. I am glad to find I am not the only one experiencing this phenomenon.

  • Rachel says:

    lol as I tried to submit my comment. It came up as an error. It said I needed a comment. Coincidence?
    Let’s try again.

    I have always caused watches to stop working. I frequently get shocked by people or appliances. I go through laptops every 6 months. Even my new car send me random messages indicating problems when there is nothing wrong. Intuitively, I’ve always said it was the electric field around my body, secretly I thought it was all in my head. I am glad to see other people experience the same phenomenon.

  • Anastasia says:

    I have the opposite effect, at my work I am their IT genie (even thought I am not in IT at all). At work people constantly call me up when something is not working on computers or anything else electronic and the moment I walk into the room they somehow magically start working again, this has happened countless dozens of times if not more. Well today my coworkers computer screen was having a techno party, it was flickering and showing weird lines. So she call me over and her and my other coworker were joking about how once I walk into the room it will start working. I said I don’t want to jinx my magic by saying that. Then I jokingly just put my hand over the top of the computer and it started working instantly, I didn’t notice it because I was standing behind the computer but my other coworker saw it happen; she said she had to see it to believe it and now she does. I am just curious to what that means, perhaps my chakras are aligned right? I dunno, I can’t find anything online about it only the opposite.

    • admin says:

      You could be onto something there. It is probably more that there is a collective belief that you have this ability therefore it manifests for you.

      • Mike says:

        Hi, I not sure why but I get a mix of both. As in at home my WiFi is a fair way away from the playstation and i had many issues with it connecting. Until i was standing next to it and noticed the signal received by the playstation would increase dramatically when i was near. And would basically drop out at the same rate as to how slow or fast i would move away from it. However, i go to my friends place last night and literally as soon as i go near his computer and struggles getting any signal to just stopping. And since a kid i have always been zapped with electric shocks. To the point of a borderline phobia of them. Any suggestions if this is the same or different? Only because my devices around me have always worked perfectly fine. Its only signals i seem to distort. Kind regards

        • Lori Stray says:

          I suffered an electrical shock from my clothes dryer when I was 20. Since then I get static zaps constantly, year round. Radio stations turn to static if I’m within a few feet but clear up as soon as I walk away. I kill watches and they can’t be repaired. Once cell phones came out, I blew through those too. My husband and I always get the same phones and his last for years while I go through three in the same time frame. I’ve baffled IT at work with issues they’ve never seen before and can’t be corrected. But then again, if a co-worker is having issues they’ll call me over and the issue vanishes. I have a friend that has an EMF tracker that goes crazy when she puts it anywhere near me. It’s kind of cool that I’m different but also very frustrating…especially now that cell phones all cost $600!!

    • PixieGlitch says:

      In addition to my previous comment, following my experiences with energy field receiving&transmitting signals and electronic mishaps. I tend to cause malfunction on appliances/electronics like most of the time but then again when someone else is having the trouble of electronic malfunction issues, the moment I walk-in it gets back on track. Although the ratio of me causing the malfunction and causing it to function is like 8:2 (8-causing malfunction and 2-mysteriously/magically fixing). Can somebody explain that that?

  • Debbie says:

    Always nice to find others who experience the same issues with electronics. I usually don’t have a problem unless I’m experiencing strong emotions — really angry, nervous, or sad — then all of the electronics in the house malfunction. I blew out my cell phone recently. I’ve walked past street lights that are out and get them to turn back on by waving my hands near the poles. I’m having trouble with my new Fitbit. I work on grounding myself and settling my emotions. It saves a lot of money that way!

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  • Todd says:

    I need help with this, seriously. What really works and helps with this? I bought a new laptop two months ago for my college classes and it only lasted one day before the hard drive crashed. Thank goodness bestbuy will let you return laptops, no questions asked if returned within 15 days of the lurches date because I have gone through two more in the last week….. I can’t use computers at school now because they go haywire. I’m in college, I HAVE to be able to use electronics. Even the microscope at school has issues with me.. HELP

    • admin says:

      Hi Todd,

      Crystals are the best remedy for this. Iron based ones are best for EMF related issues such as what you are describing. (lodestone, magnetite, hematite, pyrite) Pick up a couple of these and keep them in your pocket. You will be amazed at the sudden change in your experience.


      • Todd says:

        Thank you so much TQ, I’m going out today to try and find some. I’m so glad I’m not alone that is enduring this. I’ve always been scared of this and kept it to myself, but I had to look for help because my EMF has to be off the charts now. I hope this works!

      • Josh says:

        thank you so much!

  • John says:

    I’ve worked at a computer for 8 years now, (before this I was outside all day in my work) and I am so , so tired of IT people, Engineers, and others standing at my computers{one every 8 months or so} and exclaiming ” That’s weird, I’ve never seen that happen before” I just killed a 7 month old desktop last week. I’m wondering what to do. very little sympathy where I work. I liked the article and suggestions and will try the crystals. anything to move forward.

  • ldange says:

    what about long before computers and cell phones? I could never ever wear a watch that would keep time when I wore it, only when I wore it. From 1st grade til the present day (40 plus yrs)
    I have gotten great with computers but I know all my life any electrical appliance etc worked wacky for me always….glad to hear this Im not crazy!!!

  • Lyn says:

    I have an odd case, I don’t seem to have problems with computers but many other odd things. One week, my car wouldn’t start for no reason, just for me. My porch light started flickering for that whole week, then when I was cooking something in the kitchen, I had energy arc from my stove to my microwave with a big ball in the middle of it. The stove and microwave being two feet apart. Also around the same time I kept seeing repeating numbers, and i’ve had many paranormal things happen in my life. This was a few years ago, now again i’m starting to see the repeating numbers, and my clock which is battery powered works whenever it so chooses, replaced the batteries twice now in a few months. Any clue as to what this is?

    • admin says:

      Sounds like you need to do some grounding. (Bare feet on the grass or dirt for 10 min a day) Also carry some crystals or place them around the room.

  • Arno Swanepoel says:

    I have read the above article and it has really confirmed my suspicion.I am a motor vehicle technician for a popular German motor manufacturer .Every vehicle I work on has to be interrogate via a laptop diagnostic procedure.I constantly have these laptops freezing or just not responding as it should.
    It ads allot of frustration and emotional distress to an already negatively loaded work environment.
    at first my manager laughed at my suspicion of it being my natural energy causing the problem.

    Now after many times of calling my manager and demonstrating my findings,he agreed that I am not doing anything different than what he is.I find that it doesnt happen at home that much,unless i operate our cable television remote.This happens on such a regular basis that I prefer my life partner to handle it.
    for the week that she was in hospital,I could not watch television because the remote would not function as it should,hence i could not exit the t.v Guide at all.Only after switching everything at the wall power socket.

    I thank you for this informative article,and will acquire the relevant crystals.
    Could it also have to do with the fact that I am a very emotionally sensitive person,who is working in an environment where people are mistreated and exploited .

    kind regards,Arno

  • amajoy247 says:

    hey evryone grtngs. Just a quick response @ those of u who think it’s okay to make silly funny jokes & comments here abt othr pples concern just bcos u never experienced the confusion & insecurity it creates in our lives,all i feel for u is Pity. And to my fellow electrolites;embrace,explore and be thankful for the UNIQUENESS that u are*

  • Jessica says:

    I’ve had some similar experiences.
    I have two cats for whom I have automatic feeders. One of the feeder’s clock functions faster than the other. The other cat feeder doesn’t rotate properly and sometimes doesn’t open at all.
    My alarm clock, which is pre-set (I can’t change the setting), is always 7 minutes fast.
    My iPhone dies very quickly, but not sure if it dies faster for me than for others. I’ve changed the settings to be as basic as possible but I still have to charge it 2-3 times per day.
    My wireless mouse at work dies every 3 or so months, while some of my coworkers haven’t replaced their batteries in years.
    My personal laptop no longer connects to the internet (though this may be a result of the old operating system). My other laptop overheats, sometimes within minutes and sometimes within about an hour.

    A lot of this started or intensified over the last year, during which I’ve been going through a divorce and subsequent major spiritual overhaul. Makes sense, I guess. I’ve also felt very drawn to water and to nature. My hand and feet chakras have opened tremendously. Just thinking about them brings tremendous energy into them. I feel very connected to the chakra system and often can relate colors that I’m drawn to or tension/pain to a particular issue I’m having and the chakra center that would govern that issue.

  • lnda kelly says:

    I need to know more

  • William says:

    I have been experiencing this with cell phones for more than five years, I’m not exactly sure on how many different phones I’ve been through, I believe it’s well over one hundred, issues like dropped calls, crazy static, phones freezing, phones getting extremely hot, battery’s discharging from full to completely dead in minutes and just within the last eight months I’ve exchanged the same phone six different times.
    My car’s TPMS, Tire pressure monitoring system’s lights come on every single time I get behind the wheel and I have had the system and the tires checked by three major tire companies who have all told me the system is operating fine, when I’m on my desk top computer it runs extremely slow, will not load pages, the mouse doesn’t work well, but if someone else gets on it everything works perfectly, I just bought a brand new Tablet that will not load applications, gives me messages that my memory is low, which it is not even at 25% capacity, so my gosh I don’t know what to think at this point, but can see that I’m not at all alone.

    Sincerely Will
    I Wish The Best Of Luck To You All.

  • kruxialk says:

    Plain and simple.. yall talk to much.. everything electronic ends up messing up when I come around em. At work ppl start noticing it was fine till I had control. Tho im still the best worker..
    I cant watch cable… all other rooms have it but itll act funny when im around. I will not buy a expensive phone cause phones act funny super fasy. Its so irritating.

  • star says:

    I do believe this is true becouse for years i have had to deal with it so im more or less going to ask a qquestion is there any way i could find maybe a bracelet or necklace to help me becouse. Its not just efecting me its like im a walking virus cant have a phone for more than a month no computers its gotten so bad that i have teave the room durring school becouse it wull mess with the teachers computer as well but the second i leave the room it back to normal its efecting my education! !!!! I have had almost all my teachers fail me becouse of this and its getting out of hand!!

  • MacLeod says:

    I’m with Anastasia. I’m not a programmer or real smart, but ever since I got in contact with electronics, they work for me. I walk into a room or even talk to a colleague on the phone, and their problems go away. I’m also real patient training people, so help them get around their issues. I let them do the fix while I hang out, and they learn (usually) how to do it right.

    My problem is with human beings. I join conversations at parties, and all the conversation dries up. I try to make a point, and it’s like people don’t hear me, or don’t even know I’m there. I’m a trainer, so when I get in front of a group I’m fine, but I’m like a small talk black hole — I suck the energy out of a good conversation. So naturally I like electronics and avoid gatherings. Not very social, but I’ve got an aura that enhances electronics and turns people away.

  • SortingHat says:

    For me I have an energy field where anything that requires emulation no matter how little even the legal Nintendo games that you buy in the Wii Store tends to either not work or go haywire with weird errors nobody else has when I look for troubleshooting.

  • Barbara Ward says:

    I rarely have internet problems, I have very fast Broadband ….but….every single time my friend visits the internet drops off immediately and try as I may I cannot connect until she leaves.I try my laptop, ipad, Kindle , nothing works.Even the WiFi signal to our TV fails.The minute she leaves the house everything is fine, literally the very minute she leaves , all is restored.She has no problems with WiFi in any other house.This house that I live in used to be her Mother in Laws house and I always say she has set off some sort of negative energy as they never got on too well.( her mother in law is dead ) .

  • Barbara Ward says:

    Forgot to add the router shows the broadband is working , all the lights are on.It is the WiFi that is affected.

  • Jena says:

    This is called the SLIder phenomenon . I started noticing this when I was 21 (49 now) I can’t wear watches, light bulbs blow out every day, computers go crazy, cell phone lose their charge or go nuts, walk, run or drive by street lamp lights and they will either go on or off and as soon as I pass they go back to normal. I also noticed it was in my early 20 when my health declined and I got many auto immune conditions. I’ve lost friends and boyfriends over this because it scares people. A person has no control over it , it just happens!

  • Amy says:

    Wow I can’t believe I came across this. This is me ALL my life! Been through so many cell phones it’s ridiculous just bought a pad along with my children mine stopped working within the week. No warning just died. I too always suspected something to do with aura but never said anything due to not wanting to appear crazy. But family has witnessed this phenomenon. Watches, radios, phones, all electronics fizzle whether I’m stressed or not. Do want to mention though that I have strong psychic ability and have done it professionally for decades. I was floored when someone made that connection here although I’ve never doubted my abilities as they are plainly evident it is good to know I’m not some freak and these phenomenon is not in my head. Eternally grateful to all those brave enough to share. Blessings to all

  • Lunafly says:

    LOL Thank goodness I am not only one living in disturbing TWILIGHT ZONE esp as an indigo I can feel the energy and when down it is disturbing and toxic to me, now switch that purpose around to love and light and we have enormous power! And keep working on it! Love and Light Namaste

  • Anu says:

    It’s kinda strange with me…I believe that I have healing hands..whenever my phone or iPad or any electronic things are down, I try to give them energy with my hands and then keep following it up mentally…Viola, they start working sooner or later.

  • I had read something similar to this. It sure does explain a lot of things with me. I have a lousy track record when it comes to anything electric/electronic. I’ve gone through countless vacuums, cassette/cd players, mp3 players, computer glitches, etc. My latest “challenge” is tablets. My son gave me his old tablet for Christmas. My daughter-in-law warned me there were issues with charging it. I thought I had solved the issue when one night it just refused to charge regardless of what I tried. My husband took me to get a new, inexpensive one not long after. That worked fine for a week or so. Then it would just randomly shut off. No reason. It would just shut off. This article makes perfect sense!

  • Kay Taylor says:

    I have never been able to wear a watch. Recently went thru three Motorola cell phones in 10 days before I switched brands. Recently bought an IPad and keyboard. Have returned three keypads within days of each other because they will not stay paired with the IPad. Now the IPad is “grinding” away and I have to turn it off and reboot it periodically to get it to function. Plan to try getting tournaline or quartz and lay by the pad to see if it will help. Will also try meditation/mindfulness training to see if it helps. Have become a believer that our bodies do emit energy that can affect electronics!

  • Zoriah says:

    Finally, I have found information on this. sigh…where to start. I have unlocked my car by touching it without keys or key-less entry. I disrupted 3 computers in one week at a job (that I hated) in the past , was scolded by the tech person who had to replace them who thought I was “doing something” malicious. I thought the computers were old but the last one was brand new so I was the common denominator. I get shocked when I touch water when I’m “stressed”. Lights went out in a mega church that I visited which sent the security in high gear. ATMs suddenly disable. Just this week, I glitched two cell phones (overheated, voice and text msgs delayed for over 3 days), my friend’s computer glitched when I touched it, my computer, WiFi connection “suddenly” disables at school & home and public transit. Maybe these few that I have shared are all pure coincidences. I would like to learn how to use the energy proactively and constructively because now it just erupts chaotically and dis-harmoniously.

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  • Helene Henryka says:

    I have always had an issue with electronics malfunctioning around me. Teacher at school could not explain why any computer I sat at just didn’t work in someway or another. But I was wondering if anyone also experienced anything else strange? Like for me I have what friends and family have dubbed” animal magnet” . Any strays will find their way to my house and normally unfriendly critters treat me like a long lost friend. Just wondering if anyone else has had something like this?

  • Kristen Brenan says:

    I have a completely opposite issue I’m dealing with. Let me start by saying that I have also always felt that I short circuit electrical devices. I researched this further when I went through a skin esthetics class recently. They use electronics galvanic devices on the stimulate the collegen or to loosen bacteria etc… These devices cannot be used on people with pacemakers, seizure disorders, thyroid disorders. I have A lot of mercury fillings and always have a matic taste in my mouth. I have also suffered from tremors in my legs that I have been experiencing for almost 25 years. I also am very sensitive, am a very emotional person and have a lot of anxiety. I decided to experiment with the galvanic device and put it up to my face to see what kind of response I got. It was crazy but exactly what I thought. The taste I. My mouth became very strong and I felt an overwhelming feeling of tensness. My legs began to tremor out of control so I pulled it away. The sensation continued to last for hours until I was able to calm down my system. I put the connection together that I had a tremendous amount of energy in my body which was causing it to short circuit. I felt I needed to be grounded to help my tremors and anxiety. This is where it gets really interesting. About 3 weeks ago, I was feeling very stressed. I had just had a second session of acupuncture where he did a treatment with the points on my ears. About an hour after I left the office, I was driving in my car. My cell phone was plugged into my car charged with a cheap charging cord I had our based. I felt a polling sound in my right ear (the one I was talking on) along with a strange sensation that crossed over to my left side that. The sensation was a pressure, like defending in a plane. I felt like my hearing was muffled and I actually became very anxious to the point that I could not get out of the car and had to drive home. As much as I tried, I could not clear my ears. I case my acupunturist but he said nothing he did could have caused this. I went to see my ENT and he said my ears looked perfect and checked my heart g which was fine. Almost a month has passed and I still have this pressure in my head between my ears and bad headaches. The anxiety is off the charts. I have thought long and hard about what could be causing this and what comes to my mind every time is that after opening the energy fields with the acupuncture in my ears and the use of my cell phone which was plugged into my car charger, I short circuited my brain?? Or the crystals in my ears?? This makes so much sense and is the only logical explanation. I for got to mention I had a CT scan of my brain the other day and it was normal. No fluid, no infection or swelling. I have this pressure between both of my ears. I’m constantly trying to clear if but can’t. I’m having Terri me headaches and am ultra sensitive to any stimie. More than I have ever had. I am a very normal person so this sensation is very real and come on out of the blue. I am so scared that I will not be able to correct this problem. Has anyone ever experienced the same thing. Is there hope that I can balance out my own body?? Did my electronic device short circuit my own body??

    • Sammie says:

      Ive just come across your entry. there is one non emf idea that is worth exploring. Superior canal dehiscence syndrome. It’s a rare condition where a tiny hole opens up in the skulll connecting the inner ear with the brain. It can take very little for this to happen—even A vigorous cough (ear acupuncture does move energy so who knows). Lyme disease and syphilus can cause a similar condition. The symptoms are quite variable so if you look this up read more than one site and possibly a forum like this one. Inexplicable anxiety is extremely common. pressure in the ears, muffled sound are alll possible. Sound intolerance is common. B4 This was a documented syndrome, the sufferers were commonly though to be suffering from mental illness.

  • areyounuts says:

    Seriously? This isn’t possible. Human beings don’t use high currents, and the field produced is of extremely low intensity. Electronics are “shielded”. Not because the manufacturers are afraid of the user interfering with the internals, but because of interference from other electronic devices (a cell phone resting beside a laptop). You guys are just “unlucky” with electronics. We live in a chaotic universe. Things WILL go bad. Entropy WILL increase over time. It has NOTHING to do with your “psychic” abilities- there’s no such thing. If there was, it would have been mentioned in mainstream science books. Stop thinking about yourselves as “freaks”, you are not.
    I have killed lots of computers myself. Some brand new, some died for no apparent reason, i still have a laptop that will randomly lock-up on the “HP Invent” screen while restarting from openSuse 13.2.
    This in NO WAY indicates I’m special. There is something wrong with it and the issue is intermittent, but the problem is NOT being caused because of my “energy field” or whatever.

    I love science. This is BAD-science. There’s NO documented evidence for it. There is no logical causality. There is no proof. No respected peer-reviewed research paper supporting this idea. No reproducibility (Professor Steven Hawking said this–“A good scientific theory is something which holds. Put it thru a million trials, and it will always hold. If the theory breaks, even one failure after a zillion successes, the theory is bad and needs to be abandoned. Think about newtons 3rd law of motion-it always holds. It has held it’s ground for all these years. But if there is ONE instance, after so many years, where the theory doesn’t hold-one instance where there is an action without a reaction- the whole theory will be abandoned and we will look for an alternative theory or modify the original theory. This is how science works”.

    • Shannon says:

      @areyounuts: I cannot accept that I am unable to wear a battery powered watch for more than a few days without the battery dying as “normal” and coincidental. Once or twice, sure – it could have just been a new battery with a flaw. But not dozens of different watches and batteries over decades of time. My grandmother also couldn’t wear a battery powered watch. I’ve had many of the same incidents that others on this thread have described as well. Unless you experience this type of behavior as consistently as we have, you have no right to call us nut cases. Albert Einstein proved that all matter is energy, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes properties (you know, E=MC2, since you seem to want to reference science). New scientific discoveries are made daily, is it so far outside of your understanding of scientific theory that this “condition” exists for some and we have just not advanced far enough scientifically to be able to prove it? Science has not discovered everything there is to be known….yet.

      • Connie says:

        @areunuts If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? In other words, if the situations we experience have not been scientifically studied, does that automatically make them imagined or stupid? What basis are you using to determine that we’re just too uniformed/stupid to realize that what we’re experiencing is coincidental? You stated that there is no DOCUMENTED evidence to prove that what we experience is possible. How we take your statements seriously if there have been no known attempts to prove or disprove it? Touting your, supposed, vast scientific knowledge in a attempt to make us feel silly; only serves to make you sound so.

  • Carolyn C says:

    As for me I have never been able to keep a watch running longer than 6 months. I have fries 2 laptops in a 3 year period . All have been unrepairable. I will give the crystals and or stones a try.

  • Robin says:

    Yeah, electronics start cutting out or just plain not working SOMETIMES when I walk up to them. Like at cash registers run by computers, there have been SEVERAL times I’ve gotten up there, only for it to stop working, and always laugh and say, “it’s cause I”m standing too close”. One time I said that and backed away and as I backed away it booted back up, so then I said, “oh cool! Back on!”, only for me to take a step forward, toward the cash register again, and it stops again. I hate that crap! It’s embarrassing! And people really do start fussing in line behind me! I usually leave feeling like I pissed everybody off and I didn’t really even TRY to do anything wrong. Even my TV’s and stereo’s at home, when I walk past them, they’ll cut out or scramble, then when I’m a certain distance away, it kicks back into normal. That has happened since I”ve known my husband and he’ll still say, “WTH DID YOU DO?” I”m like, “what do you mean, all I did was walk past it!”

  • HF says:

    Yup, ever since I was a kid. I shut down clocks, kill watches, and freeze up computers just by being in the same room with them. When I drive or walk past street lights, they often die out and go black. In a room with too many electronic devices, I notice my skin breaks into weirdly shaped hives – often in the (smaller of course) shapes of the devices that are in that room!

    I also notice emotional and psychic vampires are very, very drawn to me as if I am a delicious piece of meat or candy. When I shut them out, they go crazy. I’ve been stalked over 20 times in my lifetime and had to obtain a restraining order against two stalkers just this past month, April 2015. Funny thing though: after I get rid of them, every electronic device I own goes haywire and breaks. I am getting very tired of spending every dime I earn replacing these things. You’re not crazy, folks; I have a very strong, very big electromagnetic field about 30-60 feet in spherical diameter. No fun. Trust me.

    • Elena Latici says:

      OMG! I have this thing with emotional vampires. I published an article in New Woman magazine 30 years ago about my devastating experience with one man that caused a major breakdown from which I have never fully recovered. That was when my electronic problems really went into high gear.

  • Luna says:

    I have my own theories having had this issue as long as I can remember. When I was going through puberty it was particularly bad. I was banned from the computer lab at school at that point because although their was no explanation and no punishment because literally all I had done was turn the computers on and then they just fried, a couple I tried shut down and needed to have all the software re uploaded because apparently aspects were suddenly missing and they would not get past the blue screen of death, but most of them fried. As in hardware fried. I long noticed that electronic items I have with me most often do not fall to such serious issues and I have met many other people with similar issues at varying degrees.

    Controlling my energy has even meant prolonged life of many electronic items, however things still act wonky. On the bright side, I have become very good with computers and recognizing when issues that are not related to my energy are happening, then again I have always been observant like that, working to get to the bottom of any problem.

    Anyway, my ex husband apparently had an issue going through puberty where things turned on and off around him, not computer stuff like me, I mean flat out it was the lights and the tv etc etc etc. Before computer chips were in some of these things. My issue is computer specific. If it has a motherboard in it of any kind if im not controlling myself on a deeper level than most think about doing, their will be problems I cannot explain without ending up in the loony bin because the person I am explaining it to may or may not believe me or that this energy can effect anything at all, or that it exists for that matter.

    Over the years I have come up with some theories, one of which being none of us have the same exact energy however anything ‘energy’ exists essentially in a whole other dimension we cannot yet see, well at least most of us can’t. I know I can’t. However my mom messed up ovens and anything similar, not microwaves but toasters and things made similarly with similar wiring and ways of doing the cooking. And she wasn’t ruining the items but the food. Didn’t matter what she did, everything my mother cooked burned, directions followed to a letter? Charcoal. The more emotions involved the more she burned it, like this one year a cake that cooked for only fifteen minutes turned into charcoal and the glass baking dish was fused to said charcoal. It was the first birthday cake and the last one we had with her. She had just gotten us back after overzealous cps workers had taken us away and had fought for six grueling months to get us back, she had been forced to miss both of our birthdays and that was supposed to be our cake, for both of us because we had been kept apart. It was normal for her to burn it, we just normally cut away the burnt parts too burnt to bury in the taste of frosting and went on with it. Despite everything we loved it when she cooked for us, because it was the time, the effort, and it was like some reassurance that she loved us. Never before had anything ever come out like that though. She had to toss the dish and call someone to look at the oven because apparently it got hot enough to worry about if anything else was messed up after that. Mom used to joke it was like she was divinely cursed to be a terrible cook. Her recipes and ideas however were not bad, it was simply anything she used that was not strictly speaking, a microwave, was the bane of her existence. In retrospect my grandmothers issue had nothing to do with any sort of electronics, every time she so much as watered or so much as touched a plant it died. It took a couple days but it died, its fate sealed the moment she touched it. It was like that as long as she could remember and I was never able to figure out why before she died and she was never able to figure out why either. The family joke was that she just had a black thumb. My mom on the other hand was the only person who ever was able to bring a plant back after my grandmother killed it. And I don’t mean wilted, I mean their was no possible way anyone but my mom could have done so no matter what tools they had(and I am speaking as someone who knows how to clone a plant, learned in high school with one of my electives near the end of high school, because you have to take a series of other electives to even think about getting to that point, it was in an advanced ag science class). Anyway, their was no explanation for why my mom could do with such perfectness, what science has yet to be able to do. My mom used to say ‘it isn’t dead yet, their is still a tiny spark of life holding on in the roots where we cannot see’ and within a week it would go from dead to thriving. The thing is, it was dead enough nobody else could match what she did. I know the science, I know she should have had the highest failure rate on the planet and it should have been written off as utterly foolish to even attempt. Science has yet to explain how my mother brought plants so dead I could not help them with any science and could not find life in them with any tool I had, including the microscope I had when I was younger, it was dead. Its roots were dead. But my mother swore their was a tiny bit of life left and she brought it back and it went from for all intents and purposes dead, to thriving. I have never to this day been able to figure out accept maybe their is something my dinky kid microscope I had at home was too weak to find what my mother knew was their on an instinctual level. People can do amazing things when the fact they can do amazing things doesn’t scare them. I know plants well but I cannot save them like my mother did. It could neither be explained how my grandmother killed them or how my mother managed to bring them back. I will say this, my mother was right about one thing. “We can all turn out weaknesses into strengths”, she was always so understanding about how much I sucked with anything computer-y, then again it wasn’t required back then either. I did indeed eventually turn it into a strength, perhaps in a way that too was her doing. Her strength. She always brought out the best in people, found what strength was in them and drew it out. I just get to despair over a persons true colors. I want to see the best but… my mother brought out peoples strengths, I bring out their truths. It is usually not even on purpose. Just happens. Someone who pretends not to be a monster suddenly becomes one because that is what was always under their mask. Someone who is called a monster but is not one, that too comes out. Because no one can keep a mask around me. They can try but it falls even before they yet realize it. What is under that mask is often unpleasant but sometimes very pleasant. My mother used to call it a gift. Some days I just want to scream and call it a curse.

    I don’t particularly think our energy effecting the world around us is a new thing. I think people just pay more attention to electronics nowadays. Many families who have dealt with such through the generations have long ago realized this. Many old religions are based upon this. My mother was well versed, apparently our family has had people who have had issues long enough to know they aren’t issues and that every weakness comes with a strength, and yet another if you can turn your weakness into one. Most people just don’t give a second though to their gift. I know one person who has no clue, he is much like my mother in a way. Brings out the absolute best in them. Another person, people are drawn to her. All gifts. All influenced by your personal energy, not just your body language or tone, not those things, just some people just draw people in. Other gifts could be being a natural artist, not necessarily things that are seen as supernatural such as empathy or being able to perceive spirits in some way. Some gifts are simply talents, things you do better than others with little to no effort. That is how it was passed on to my mother and what she taught me anyway. People can have more than one gift, and it is said that the stronger the light, the darker the shadow. This has many meanings but for this I will simplify for this context and not go into the depth of meaning of the phrase itself. The more talent you have, the more weakness. It could be one big weakness with many talents or many weaknesses for one great talent. Either way, everything balances. You can turn any weakness into a strength as well, however their is always weakness and arrogance can be such, so be careful when you overcome such weaknesses, that you do not become one yourself, to yourself. Ah… I am trying to explain this in a simple manner that doesn’t need more explaining but if it does, and anyone needs clarification, please just ask.

    I am currently trying to find out if watches exist that have some sort of protection against outside magnetics or influence of said watches magnetics because someone has told me their mother cannot wear a watch or touch a credit card without ruining them, no explanation, just she has to handle cards in cases and she can’t touch a clock or a watch… and I wanted to try and find some options in case the idea of an old wind up watch wasn’t a good idea. Seems like anything that would be protected from an EMP pulse would work for her… but apparently as far as I have been able to find no watched or clocks exist like that. At least so far. Perhaps an old wind up watch from before crystals or electronics were used in watches… but not anything new protected from that sort of thing.

    Call me crazy or don’t, preferably don’t, but I don’t think it ends at electronics nor do I think it began at them either. If one holds their forefingers barely apart, anyone can feel a slight or strong warmth, the longer you hold it the stronger it can be, to warm the finger itself, the area in between, etc etc etc. It is not as if people have not realized this energy existed. People knew long before us, knew when humans were but their earliest selves, most primitive. Many religions call this energy different things, but they are simply different ways of understanding the same energy that flows through all living things. The Tibetan monks of old were particularly well versed in this, closer to modern day. It is said some of them died protecting even the smallest life, for every life including that of a tiny flower, was important to them, when they were slaughtered by the Chinese military. Tibet today, is a pale shadow of the place it once was because of what was forgotten. After all, perhaps nothing is truly lost in that regard, simply people need help remembering.

    Their have always been people whose energy is like this, in fact if im honest we all have it and it has an impact even if people don’t realize it. Some people are known to even have the gift to understand things such as this. I have met people though, who understand. It is a gift of understanding something no one has explained to you. In my case however, this particular thing was indeed explained to me by someone else who understood it, which is what I think is the true gift of understanding, that it is not so limited as only you can understand what you understand.

    Anyway, have a wonderful and blessed day. 🙂

  • jean says:

    i started noticing this a few weeks ago every time i go to the store to buy stuff there registers break down this has happened lately every time i go then today i started worring when i went to the bank and there electronic cash dispenser broke down and three computers that i was 4 feet away from began to fail. now its happening to computers close by in stead of ones im close to also my laptop that is new is starting to have issues i dont know how to channle this i know there is a way to channel into this and make something good out of it i just would love some guidence to be able to channel into this energy.anyone know email me if you do thank you

  • I’ve never experienced computers or electronics “breaking” for no apparent reason. However… I can say from scads of research on this subject, that energy fields from computers, electronics, and *everything*, can and very much do affect humans. I can sense these energy fields in objects, even when I am not predisposed to do so.

    They affect us via our nervous system; and cause minute, (usually) subconscious changes in our relative levels of anxiety and tension. These changes in our levels of tension affect our senses. This is particularly evident in the sense of hearing (which is why most of my studies and those of others on the subject, have mainly been in the domain of music reproduction).

    While this phenomenon is by no means limited to electronic items; it is most often tested on such items. So for example, if I simply unplug a computer or electric clock etc. from the wall outlet, I can always feel a certain lowering of tension. Some people, although they may not feel it, may be able to hear this change. You might listen to an iPod (on batteries) for example, unplug the comuter, re-listen to the same track and find the sound quality has improved a smidgeon.

    Although this phenomenon (known under the aegis of “Beltism”, as explained on my blog, “The Advanced Audiophile”), crosses into territory outlined in this article; I don’t think there is any relation between the two. I know of no mechanism for example, that would cause a computer to malfunction depending on the feelings or moods of humans. So I can’t speak to what that’s about; but I’m sure its worth understanding a bit better.

    I just wanted to confirm here that there *are* indeed “energy fields” around us that interact with both us and electronics and other objects in our environment, that unfortunately the mainstream scientific community does not recognize and is indeed not even bothering to study.

    • Greg says:

      There is somewhat of a study in this field. German scientists that connected wires from a person’s head to a pinball machine and the person controlled the flippers with their mind. Next step would be to perform this wirelessly; like going from landline phones to wireless cell phones.

  • Tamara says:

    I have had trouble with any cell phone I ever owned for as long as I can remember. It gets stuck, then ultimately says I am offline. I have learned to lay it down close enough to reach, but far enough that my energy doesn’t interfere. More recently though, I decided to try to be one with my cell phone and focus on working with it to complete any action I am requiring of it. To my surprise and delight this extremely effective! Sometimes when I am really upset or mad it seems to give me trouble, but if I can relax and focus all is good.
    Another issue I am curious about is, when I lay my remote control for the tv on my leg it causes a buzzing sensation. Sometimes it gives me trouble as well… my cell phone and any other device with a battery buzzes or vibrates when it comes in contact with me. Even other people’s phones when they are close enough to me. What in the world is going on?

  • Laura says:

    I have had this problem for YEARS and have gone through more electronic devices than I care to mention, especially phones. I walk into bathrooms and light bulbs blow out.

    My husband always told me there was something wrong with me…..I guess he’s right! ROFLOL!

  • NatalieR says:

    This has been happening to me for a long time. I just got a MacBook Pro and started working on it. I immediately noticed windows freezing, pages not responding, and a lag. It has happened on every other computer I work on, too. I thought getting a new one would solve it, and I was wrong. It is very frustrating when you have a job that requires you to work on computers and with programming. This happens with my phones as well. At least none of us on this blog seem to be sensitive or allergic to the frequencies, waves, and other aspects of wireless connections.

  • MicheleB says:

    EVERY clock I am consistently around starts running fast…. digital ones (microwave, alarm) and hang on the wall tick ones with batteries (at work in my office) – my two cellphones and the car one… no matter how many times I correct them they eventually all run fast again. I wondered if my human electrical field could be causing this to happen? Does anyone else have this occurring for them?

    • Elena Latici says:

      I wrote my comment way down at the bottom before reading through all of these comments and there are many things I didn’t list, such as my internet going out all the time, or my phone (s) (I’ve had many not functioning etc., etc. However I DID mention the clocks running fast and having just read your comment my mind is completely blown. I reset them again and again and before long they are running fast by at least 15 minutes. At least I’m never late for appointments. I’ve broken tons of electrical appliances for about 30 years now, but many other things I just put down to strange malfunctions without attributing them to my EMF. This is finally starting to get interesting instead of just frustrating and expensive.

  • abi says:

    So glad I found this, iv gone through so many phones, iv never put it down to my e.m.f. As usualy it will be lights the bulbs blow soon as iv tried turning them on and not just one but all the little gets in the house. Iv Also broken toaster a kettle with a simple touch, my TV if I’m in a bad mood my tv screen will just go bright pink. Or if I wanted do something on the laptop or Ipad it will just freeze and crash. My phone does odd things to, like crashing or like this morning I had it under my pillow, my head was on top of it and when I woke up the screen was pink and dotty…. Wtf . But it went back to normal after a couple of mins. I can also make candle lights move with my energy. and I seem to attract such negative ssituations all the time. I used to be able to control it with change of mood. But now it seems to be on all the time no matter what mood I’m in.

  • maulana says:

    I can generate electricity very fast, just 5meters strolling with a metal shopping trolly i can make an electric spark if i touch things. Often I shock myself when I get out of my car and touch the metal part of the car. And yes, I ruined every touchscreen phone and pads I have, just in a matter of months. They just ruined, the screen strip stop working, sometimes it even touches everywhere when I touch only one side of it. well.. its either THIS or im just too sloppy.

  • A. Vanas says:

    Hi! Great article! My stepfather who is a very negative and very anxious person ALWAYS has problems with his technology! He spends an inordinate amount of time on the phone with tech support for his phone, his kindle, the cable company, etc. Anything to do with using technology! His passwords don’t work, his tech breaks and he’s constantly poking at some device trying to make it work but can’t do it! It is frustrating to watch and for a long time I’ve thought it’s his negative energy/aura that makes the technology break! He’s had his kindle for one year and it suddenly went belly up so he ordered a new one which arrived yesterday and it won’t charge. This is pretty typical for what happens to him. I don’t know if he would use the stones but if I buy some and put them around the house do you think that would help?

  • Ted hoffman says:

    my mom couldn’t wear a watch it would stop. I go through phones computers tablets due to mafunctioning “freezing up” locking software corruption it’s to much to write in comments I can even block radio frequencies by putting my hand out around it I also found I can’t stand in front of my flat screen it pixels and warps if I get close and it very in intensity with moods

  • Jazmine says:

    I have been having problems with this for years, especially while driving. When I am driving the electrical system in my car will malfunction when I am very upset and emotional. I have had this problem with 4 cars so far. No mechanic has ever been able to diagnose a mechanical cause for the problems nor were they able to replicate the problem when they had my vehicles in the repair shop. In one vehicle my doors refuse to lock in another the windows would go up and down by themselves yet another would simply turn itself off. A Nissan Xterra I recently owned would turn on all sorts of hazard and warning lights and the doors refuse to stay locked. This would only ever happen during times of severe emotional trauma, otherwise the vehicle ran perfectly. This has been going on since I was 16 years old, I am 35 now.

    • Jazmine says:

      Forgot to add, anytime these electronic malfunctions occur, my cell phone also stopped working. Wouldn’t even let me make a phone call, which was particularly frustrating with the car that would frequently just turn itself off while I was driving down the freeway.
      No power steering, no power breaks, no phone to call for help once I managed to get the car to the side of the road.

  • Wonderer says:

    Same thing happens with me, for years now. Its simple, use it for good, now that you know you have it. Not everyone does, so welcome. Now we know how unexplainable things were built or done. Control it before WE are controlled. Peace, Love and Light. He shall come again to judge the living and the dead, which boat do you want to be on?

  • Jinxed! says:

    Glad I’m not crazy! I have had these issues for years & it’s getting expensive! I replace light bulbs weekly, killed numerous computers just by touching them, several cell phones, TVs, monitors, a fridge and every car I’ve had has had an electrical problem experts cannot figure out. My kids will not even let me look at anything of theirs that plugs into a wall. My job kind of depends on a remedy. The Hematite stones have been suggested & I’m def trying it. Just in search of legit / not fake stones. Thank you for this article!

  • Glenda Reeves says:

    Cell phones. I’ve had dozens and something g also ways goes wrong on them after about 6 months.

  • AJ says:

    I’ve long wondered why I seemed to destroy all handheld electronics simply by…using them. Well, I’ve seemed to have grown “stronger” lol for lack of a better term . I’ve always had issues with pre-smart phones as well as smart phones. . However , more recently I’ve had issues with my car audio sound system . It has been re-wired 3 times and all the equipment is functioning properly yet shortly after leaving testing, it acts in all sorts of weird ways. The left front speaker will suddenly become the subwoofer channel or the volume for the mid range frequencies will suddenly act as a volume level for the front L channel . Even more recently , and this one was fun, I seemed to have supercharged my truck by “grounding” myself while driving . I drove without shoes and with my left hand placed on the metal door of the truck. My truck all of a sudden became a race car . Even the handling seemed more finely tuned and responsive . This trip climaxed with my truck causing a vehicle next to mine to completely shut off . Strange and I admit hard to believe bu it happened. I drove this way for about 20 min and felt electric when I left the truck . I swear I didn’t burn any gas on this trip either but this is just the way it felt . My last little story is another mystery . I wS at a cvs and I walked underneath a speaker in the ceiling . The ceiling was probably 20 ft high. Well the music was playing and as I walked underneath the speaker, it began to have all sorts of electronic interference . I moved away . No intereference . Back underneath . Interference . I tried this with about 6 other speakers and all had the same results . Any thoughts , advice , help , etc. I’m currently afraid of lighting as I swear I can “feel” it .

  • Stacey Bliek says:

    This was brought to my attention from my boyfriend who has seen me go through cell phone after cell phone, computers and tablets. They either stop, freeze, or restart over and over and over in the matter of minutes to everyday or just periodically go through spells. So now we are looking into this magnetic field that people have. We have gone as afar as buying the exact same phone and he has NO problemstatus what so ever.

  • Ivan says:

    My entire life I’ve been unable to wear watches. The only one that ever lasted long was plastic coated. The family computer always messed up after I used it, and everyone thought I kept downloading viruses. Living on my own, my computer has needed to be repaired 6 times in a year, my laptops motherboard died after some strange issues, and I still can’t wear watches. I recently found out that my father and grandfather can’t wear watches. We never new this because grandpa wore a leather strap under it to avoid skin contact. My aunt has the same issues and even has heart issues that are complicated by it. To make matters worse, I can’t stand hematite and many other magnetic or charged stones. They don’t feel right. Most people say they feel nothing or a positive grounding force. I think it feels like my hand is asleep while still being able to move it. Copper grounds me pretty well. My repair man gave me a grounding rod as a joke. I left it next to my computer and haven’t had problems since. I like the article. Glad to know someone gets it.

  • sara says:

    I can’t use battery operated thermometers, they tell me i’m 95 or96 degrees then die after a couple more tries. when I wear watches they die usually within a month. Sometimes when i’m on the computer and i get frustrated with it the entire thing shuts down and re-boots. once at a chiropractor the small device that they use to look at your spine and it’s supposed to show you on the computer and the temperature of your joints at a craft show and it worked fine on everyone else when they tried it on me it died 2 times and then on the third attempt it said my joints were zero degrees. Just the other day i was at an appointment and this lady made me extremely angry and i held it in as i tried to leave, only problem was that the elevator wouldn’t recognise that i was there and open up for me, another person walked up, pushed the button and it opened right up, then it still didn’t recognise me and tried to shut on me entering. Then to top off the elevator thing, when i got to my floor i was the last one to walk off of it and it tried to close on me again. by this time i’m really angry and when i got in my truck and started it, every single digital light on my dashboard couldn’t seem to make up it’s mind what it wanted to say so all the digital stuff went haywire. after that i went into a dollar store. when trying to pay with my card the debit machine wouldn’t work right. This kind of stuff has been going on for years. Once it took 40 minutes to take 3 pictures of my neck in an x-ray machine. I don’t even want to describe the difficulty in charting at my job on a computer.

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  • Artivag Schtal says:

    I am sincerely glad to hear that I am not alone with this phenomena – though admit that comes across as rather selfish as you have been faced with many of the same stress inducing issues I have.

    The trigger to my own episodes seems to be anger and has been going on for about fifteen years. The very first episode was a computer on a Windows 98 platform performing strangely, glitching and occasionally freezing while my wife was involved in a role-play chat I had happened to notice in passing. As I continued to stew over the content, which was risque to say the least, suddenly she asked me to help her with the monitor settings as the screen was bowing inwards from the sides. I thought this sounded strange, looked at her again from where I was sitting and realized that white smoke was pouring out of the back of the monitor! I alerted her to what I observed, she screamed and pushed her computer chair away. I quickly unhooked the monitor ran to the door and heaved the now burning monitor out into the snow.

    Since then three other computers have fallen victim to this phenomenon, once including a table top fan sitting mere inches from the tower that shorted out at the same time. In two cases it was the mother board. In the remaining incident it included the mother board, power supply and CPU all in one fell swoop when I learned that the man who refurbished that eBay purchase used budget parts instead of the high performance graphics processor and quad-core CPU I had asked for and paid for.

    Computers have not been my only victims however. Phones have also fallen victim to the phenomenon, including several cordless telephones. Most frequently effected are the batteries including one in which the battery spontaneously burst into flames and was treated in the same fashion as the monitor of many years prior – thrown into the snow. Just recently over the course of the night, with my cell phone close at hand, I awoke after a nightmare to find it completely dead and unable to accept a charge. I am -hoping- I only destroyed the battery.

    Who among us is not annoyed, irritated and sometimes angered by alarm clocks? I cannot be within ten feet of one when sleeping or it will not last more than a month or two. We learned that the hard way when over the course of six months we went through four of them, not to mention others that had just ceased to function in years prior. (Perhaps we would have better luck with a classic wind up alarm clock?)

    The last episode was before we switched to these new energy efficient bulbs when while on the phone I learned that my wife had spent ALL of the money we had allotted for Christmas shopping leaving me nothing with which to buy anything for her or our kids specifically from me. As I grumbled in anger, she said she was going to take some of it back, which naturally I refused – surely she was just went overboard with the holiday spirit even if a bit shortsightedly. We argued back and forth over that for a time which again began to stir my temper as I paced back and forth in our bedroom when suddenly the overhead light bulb literally burst. I freaked, asked her to just come home and not worry about it, because a light bulb just exploded. She stopped arguing and soon returned home.

    Anyway, there you have my story…. of unintended victims of a temper I keep in check from developing to violence and instead targets electronics with my own chaotic energy field.

    -Artivag Schtal

  • Cherann1 says:

    Great article!! Thanks for the tips, I intend to obtain some of these stones in attempt to see if they can help me. I am certainly going to put more than one in my car. Half the time, I just feel like I’m going nuts! And, I think everyone else thinks that too. Thanks to the so many who shared their comments and experiences; many of the same things happen to me. Especially when it comes to watches, clocks, and computers. I can only wear a watch for a few days before its ruined or the battery drains; at one time, I was told by a doctor that it had something to do with the amount of copper in my blood and my excessive coffee habit – I didnt buy that, but that was his idea! Just recently I purchased new car that has an extreme amount of “computer-extras” if you will…..the car is going nuts! Seats moving back and forth, lights doing all kinds of wacky things, and fuses have blown. I was beginning to think I was driving my own “Christine”! I have always known I have some kind of gift that I, most of the time, try to ignore, mainly because it scares me, but I very often see the “sparkles, and the mists that are present among us. Then my BP goes sky high and I feel this weird type of vertigo that I can not explain. I am a health care professional, so its a tad difficult to talk about some of the things that happen without others, and sometimes myself, thinking that I myself have a mental disorder of some sort. However, like the article suggests, when I am most anxious I notice more things happen. I am going to try to channel the energy that I already know is around me, but trying to figure out how to do that over the years is quite frustrating. In a way, it makes you feel so alone because those who deny that this happens can make you feel like your are crazy. So, thanks again to all who shared, Im glad to know there are others who feel and see the same types of things. Hopefully one day, I can learn how to control it better and understand it.

  • Marilyn Lukomski says:

    I finally recognized this problem about 20 years ago. I could never wear watches since I was little…they always died within 3 days of me getting/wearing them. (Which really drove my Dad nuts because he worked for the Bulova watch company!) I have had so very many incidents in my life that I really should write them all down. But when I first started working at my current company 20 years ago, it became so apparent when I went through 5 computers in my first 6 months there! They would develop all sorts of strange problems that no IT person could ever fix. The last one was the best. The contractor IT guy told me that our company would not allow me a new computer unless mine “completely died”. And it wouldn’t…the strange blank-outs, weird screens (I mean rolling diagonal stripes like on an old 1950s television set) and noises, were all intermittent. So he tried for a few weeks to fix it…to no avail. Finally he said…”don’t tell anyone” and he clipped several diodes out of the mother board and dropped them into his pocket so the computer could finally be declared “not usable” and I would get my 6th replacement. It STILL would not die. It kept working…which, he informed me…was impossible. We named the computer “Christine” after the Stephen King book. It took a few more days before it finally stopped working. Since that day I am a legend where I work. They always would give new equipment (cameras, extra drives, new graphic cards, etc.) to me to try first, saying if I couldn’t kill it…then we would keep it. To this day, if my computer or my co-workers’ (just a few feet away in these cubicles) are having problems they start laughing and tell everyone to put up some lead shields or wear tinfoil hats around me! One of my sons has the same condition. When he was young we were both upset over an incident in his school. We walked into our house in the evening and every lamp we walked by would pop and blow out the bulb…but just as we approached it. We got into the car and as we drove down the street, every single street light we drove under for two whole blocks blew out as we approached it. He was only about 7 at the time and he said…wow, Mom…this would be cool if we could control it! My mother was truly psycho-kinetic. In the “Carrie” sense. Some really amazing and frightening stories there…I guess to tell in another time and place.

  • Kate says:

    I can knock out the wifi and computers close by when I’m upset. It looks like I’m not the only one after reading all of these replies! Thank goodness 🙂

    My boyfriend thought I was being silly when I told him this. But every time we get into a fight, BAM, down goes the wifi and any nearby computer. If I leave the house, the problem disappears. If I come back still upset, BAM. Systems back down again. I told him to stop making me so upset if he wants to watch his Netflix and play his computer games. Hahahah:)

    I wish I could control this more actively & effectively. I also find it interesting that wifi and computers are so volatile around strong emotion/energy. Maybe we really are more powerful than we think we are. Anyway, without jedi training, I might not be able to develop these abilities to empty the bank accounts of the 100 or so richest people of the world and direct it to the poor. I can’t wipe out every debt on the planet so we all are equal without some sort of direction. I can’t register for this course at my local community college.

    The best I can do is work on relaxation and calming myself down when it happens. Though honestly, when the boyfriend is doing things to make me so upset, I kind of think he deserves no Netflix or computer games, so maybe I wouldn’t change a thing. I will meditate more on it though.

    • Elena Latici says:

      Hi Kate–I love your comment about developing your abilities in order to empty bank accounts and send the money to the poor, or cancel student debt. I have had this wish for years, but all I do is break stuff, blow out lightbulbs, streetlamps, and on and on and on. It’s never occurred to me that this could be “power” that I could put to good use. As I will be 70 next week I’d better hurry. 🙂

  • Alicia says:

    Couldn’t sleep tonight as usual. Suddenly it dawned on me to research this matter. For as long as I can remember these things have been happening to me. Lights always flicker when I’m around, tvs and radio do not work properly, street lights go out all along my route if I’m in deep thought or upset. My best friend becomes so frustrated when I’m over for movie night because he tv’s freeze, service gets interrupted etc. Recently she told me her daughter told her that every time my daughter visits her bedroom lights go off and on.
    I haven’t been able to watch tv in my living room in over two years unless it’s a dvd. I don’t have cable so i watch Netflix,YouTube or hulu but it never works for me. Ever! But my family can watch if I’m not close by. After reading other comments i realized i too have had issues with watches. I had a love for pretty watches in the past but they always stropped working so eventually i stopped buying them.

  • Connie V says:

    I’ve had this issue for over 30 years. Since I’m in the Technology field it’s a huge issue for me, as I try to work the same type of problems I can cause. I can’t wear watches, but I’ve found Mesh bands prolong the battery by about 2 weeks. Cell phones and other devices are constantly on a power source for re-charge. I only go near my large TVs if absolutely necessary. And the same applies for my Wi-Fi routers and other network gear. The Bluetooth signals from my mobile device and headset, and/or speakers… they constantly fail; requiring multiple pairing throughout the day. My vehicle locks, and ALL things remote/electronic and/or electrical… just wonky. LOL!

    Life is tough when you’re affected by this type of condition. Especially since no-one seems to understand the root cause, nor relief from the symptoms. We’re anomaly and more than medical in nature, it appears scientific research may be the only recourse. Just my thoughts.

  • Donna says:

    Just this week…Kurig broke. iPhone broke as well as my computer , printer ,refrigerator,air conditioner and a fan. Non older than a year. Thank goodness it does not effect my car. Can’t wear a watch with a battery. This”Thing” gets expensive. Nice to know I’m not alone. DMC

  • Missy says:

    I have had many experiences with electronics malfunctioning around me throughout the years of my life, and many times clocks will start running really really fast…. like it’s fastforwarding time over and over and over. Also people would notice strange things in my eyes or the way I looked on the same day this happened.
    I’ve always believed that the elements around us interact with our boy chemistry in some way and this is part of the over all picture but not all of it. there’s something much bigger than that.
    Also, I am very intuitive, a Cancerian an have a lot of thoughts that come from nowhere and can sense peoples thoughts and sometimes even make a statement or comment that someone else is thinking at the exact same time.
    It’s a very real thing and I do feel “special” in a way but would like to know more in a way, but the mystery is part of the fun about me too.

  • will says:

    hi from reading what some of the others are saying i have not read about anyone blowing up light bulbs randomly, this does not happen all the time onle a few times but its normally when i get angry. i have always thought it was linked to my emotions, but reading whats above has giving me more questions but a lot more answers. i have had all what the others have spoken about but sometimes when im out with friends when i walk past cars the car alarms will go off as i get near. or once i jumped in the air all exitedly and set off two car alarms in the distance, yes this could very well be a Coincidence but it has happened and still happens regually. i had to write this twice as it had crashed on me on the first time aha. some days even months i have no activity but others it can be so annoying :/

  • Lisa 123 says:

    Since we all seem to share the same problems of destroying cell phones ,computers and all else electronic at such a great expense lets start a discussion about the best place to buy our products with the best replacement plans… I can not handle the constant expense of replacing these things …This tablet is going back AGAIN to HSN ..did not work right away… drivers touchscreen ect. They have been pretty good ,,, Any other company’s that you all can suggest for fast repair and replace plans?

  • Allison Schulthies says:

    I’m so happy I found this article! It’s almost comforting to start understanding what’s been going on with my body, and that others understand. When I got my first iPod, it didn’t take long for problems to start showing up. Then I got a higher GB iPod, and it seemed to be worse than the first! I’ve also gone through numerous phones, and I’m hesitant to spend the money on the latest Apple iPhone, because I don’t want to ruin another expensive device. As my mom and I have talked about this, and it’s been disappointing but not very surprising to her, because ever since she was 12, she and her parents came to realize that her watches, even if worn only a few hours during the day and taken off at night, they’d quickly die. She’s gone through dozens and dozens of watches because of it. The problems varied a lot, and nothing could ever be found “wrong” with all of my electronic devices.

  • Wynn J says:

    I can walk into a staff meeting and the computers in my closest proximate will freeze up or shut down. The lights flicker too. In my classroom, particularly when there are too many devices using wifi, it’s amost systematic that the closer a student is to me the devices start to shut down. I wear a sound field system and use a docucam to project lessons from my lap top through a ceiling mounted projector. This provides clear lesson over views for the whole class. I am known at the tec support desk on a first name basis (which serves over 5000 employees) because many of work computers won’t work for me. I’m well skilled in technology. Stress does play a part on my seemingly odd presence around computer,phones and electronic devices, and the number of devices in a teacher’s room simultaneously needs far more scientific data. This can not be in the best interest of the health of our children. I know I alter devices, but I haven’t yet harnessed how I’m doing it. It will be interesting to see what focused intention does. Whatever this ability is of mine, it is growing.

  • Dale Carter says:

    I really need to figure out how to fix this issue. I am not rich and cannot afford too but laptop after laptop, cell phone after cell phone, printer after printer, etc. In 2 years of college I went through 3 fairly expensive laptops. That’s it! I can’t deal with this anymore! Seriously.

  • I have always had issues with electronic devices malfunctioning. Mine don’t normally break but my programs do have to be reinstalled on my computer more than most. Just this week I was going to help my brother send some photos off his computer to me. I was only near the computer and had the mouse in my hand for about 30 seconds when the entire screen started to show pixels. We closed the window and then shut the computer down. Upon restart it asked for the PW and no matter how often we tried it would not work. We called the help desk, they ran us through all the prompts to try to reset it….. to no avail. So made an appt. at the store with the Mac Genius desk. Took it to the store. While the Genius was trying to work on the computer it started locking up, so I just left the area. When I left it finally started working so they could get the PW logged in and everything reset.

    I have had my sister in laws TV start to pixel or not respond to commands when I’m in the room. My own TV pixels at times (had it all checked out along with our cable line.. nothing is wrong..hmmm heard that before. I finally just gave up calling about that anymore.

    My phone seems to always have trouble getting calls through even when there is a strong signal. It does better when I make calls but put it on speaker so it’s not next to my head.

    I have always had issues with this as long as I can remember once technology was more advanced. I am very spiritual though and have always been very sensitive.

    What is funny is the fact that I am a Reiki Master and have had my Chakra’s aligned, my energy is great and I have learned to relax very well. I am, however, very sensitive to others energies when I work and can tell what they are having problems with. Makes me kind of concerned about requesting a digital camera for Christmas though. LOL

  • I found this article because I googled ” could my magnetic field be messing up my electronics… so yeah i believe it. It’s a running joke at the office. Especially because whenever i get worked up in a tizzy bc of a deadline or a mean client or whatever, my whole computer & my software i’m using just refuses to work right. It locks up & everything just crawwwwwwls. Which is great when you’re already stressed out about a deadline.

    Also, i’ve worked here twice. The first time i was laid off in a big cutback about 6 years ago. While I was there the analog clocks that are posted at either side of the office kept resetting themselves &/or breaking. Finally they just left it broken and figured we could see the time on our computers. I started back again a couple of months ago. I noticed that the clocks worked when i got there. (BC i used them to tell time.)

    They’re both screwed up now. According to my boss, they never had a problem with them for a really long time there.

    I go through light bulbs like crazy, too. And it’s not my wiring, i had it checked. FUN STUFF!

  • Stacy says:

    Wow, I’m not alone here! For as long as I can remember I’ve taken out electronics. The IT folks at the last 2 places I worked knew me by name. I went through computers, corrupted software programs. GPS navigations shuts down, cell phones die, music players = toast. I even get electrical shocks very easily–4″ blue arc flashes from door knobs don’t exactly feel good.

    However, the most interesting part for me, apart from my interactions with electronics is the energy I pick up from other people. I gravitate towards people with high energy, because it feels good to be bathed in that kind of energy. The flip side to that is I can read who the scary liars are, or be repelled by others who put out negative energy. I can even spot a predator out of a crowd–I think just the real bad ones, because it doesn’t happen all that often. I can always tell when somebody is lying. In general I just don’t miss much.

    I think of it as a gift and not something to get rid of.

  • Bernie Edwards says:

    So everyone laughs when I’m around computers as they know they’ll break down. I’ve become a bit of a joke in the office. I can’t even work from home as the laptop, which works well for everyone else in the office, just won’t connect at home – I called our office help desk and they can’t resolve it as they don’t know what is causing it and all the checks they have done have come back OK. Today I need to call my daughter to let her know where I’ll collect her from after school but my phone just stopped working. I tried to turn it on and off and I’m just getting a really weird signal before the screen turns black. I went to take something back to the store today and the cashier’s computer stopped working when she put my card in. I’ve just tried to order something online on my laptop, I got to the last part, tried to click the order button and the screen went black, which I’m used to now. This is just weird.

  • Gali says:

    Hi all,

    What happens with me is that when I get upset, weird events start occurring. Sometimes objects fly away, and I’m not kidding. The other day I was going for an important interview and my iPhone died on me, just as I was climbing the stairs to the building – even though it was at least at 36 percent.

    Then after the interview I reconnected it to the plug, turned it on – it still showed 36 percent and then worked just fine. But I had calmed myself down.

  • Alicia says:

    This is going to sound totally crazy, but I have been wondering a lot about this. So today I googled the question : Can a pc be affected by the user’s personal vibration: and I found your site.

    First I will say, that I am higly intuitive, I can “feel” the mood status specially of my loved ones. On ocassion I get their thoughts and experience it as a sudden intrusikon in my brain,

    There are 3 kinds of events that occur quite often when I connect with the internet:

    1. Yes, as many of the comments here have posted, when I am upset my internet connection does act up…once I calm down, pc goes go back to normal.

    2. Sometimes I come into then den where my pc is, my intention is to turn it from the Log off state to on, then, before I click the command for on, the computer turns on by itself. Same thing has begun to happen with my cell phone – I maybe thinking about a certain person, and lo and behold my cell phone dias that person’ phone.

    3. Here is the one that started about 2-3 years ago. I may be checking my email, or sites that I am register on, when I experience a heart felt, sudden wave of:
    a. impersonal love, all encompassing
    b. Personal waves of love from specific loved family members or friends
    c. Personal waves of love for specific family members or friends
    d. Experience sudden impressions that something is wrong with someone – usually confirmed within a short time.

    If human magneticelectrical fields can interface with pc or cell magnetic/electric fields, can this act as a magnifying effect is one is naturally intuitive?

  • Alicia says:

    This is going to sound totally crazy, but I have been wondering a lot about this. So today I googled the question : Can a pc be affected by the user’s personal vibration and I found your site.

    First I will say, that I am higly intuitive, I can “feel” the moods/feelings, specially of my loved ones. On ocassion I get their thoughts and experience it as a sudden intrusion in my brain, I know they are not my thoughts or feelings.

    There are 3 kinds of events that occur quite often when I connect with the internet:

    1. Yes, as many of the commentaries posted here, when I am upset my internet connection does act up…once I calm down, pc goes go back to normal.

    2. Sometimes I come into then den where my pc is, my intention is to turn it from the Log off state to ON , then, before I click the command for on, the computer turns on by itself. Same thing has begun to happen with my cell phone – I maybe thinking about a certain person, and lo and behold my cell phone dials that person’ phone. Very frustrating sometimes.

    3. Here is the one that started about 2-3 years ago. I may be checking my email, or sites that I am register on, when I experience a heart FELT , sudden warm wave of:
    a. impersonal love, all encompassing
    b. Personal waves of love from specific loved family members or friends
    c. Personal waves of love for specific family members or friends
    d. Experience sudden impressions that something is wrong with someone – usually confirmed within a short time.

    If human magnetic/electrical fields can interface with pc or cell magnetic/electric fields, can this act as a magnifying effect is one is naturally intuitive?

  • Lynn Fitz says:

    For as long as I can remember, I have had problems with all my electronics. My brand new laptops screen blew and before it did that, it started moving real slow and eventually wouldn’t even turn on. I go through cellphones quick; about 2 a year. I won’t get service and eventually the battery will no longer charge. The biggest one is the last 2 cars I’ve owned, the driver side window quits working; both electric. This is frustrating and irritating. I thought it was all coincidence, but the more it happens I realize that it is not. It’s nice to know that there are other people out there with the same problem. I am going to try carrying a crystal with me and see if that helps (cause buying new phones and having my laptop and windows fixed all the time is getting expensive).

  • Lena-Jo says:

    My situation is simply this. I’ve always been very energetically connected to the spiritual realm and my metaphysical senses are pretty heightened. I can definitely feel the energy coming from electronic devices the same way I can feel energy coming from trees. I am a healer so my hands have a very real energy to them. When my energy is in a certain state my phone will completely freeze or do all types of cool things that potentially make me upset and mad because it doesn’t work. I’ve been dealing with for so long that it doesn’t affect me anymore because I’m used to it. When I talk text sometimes I actually channel messages from the other side.. years back I would walk by TVs and cause static. I keep all the electronics unplugged or on a power cord so I can disconnect them from being charged all the time. Some things are plugged in in the house but nothing in the kitchen and the TV with the DVD player and we are on a surge protector cord or I turn it off at night. Most of you are referring to your energy affecting things when you’re upset or angry. Mine happens when my energy is vibrating at a high frequency. As I’m speaking about this my phone keeps freezing up.

  • Chris Shean says:

    I used to joke with my wife when the microwave keypad went haywire one day but I never thought this was real until she fried her new laptop for no apparent reason a couple of weeks ago…She also has problems with her tablet not functioning…I can oprate the same devices without a problem….very strange..

  • Laura says:

    I don’t seem to have issues with computers, but the metered lights on highway ramps always lock up when I get on the ramp no matter what time it is and street lights always go out when I walk under them.

  • Affinity Starseed says:

    All I can say is my cell phones never last long I am constantly buying new phones. I have noticed that no matter how many new phone I get my battery dies really fast. My phone creates a mind of their own an starts to do weird unexpected things… I tired of buying new phones.

  • Nathan in Washington says:

    I found this site by Google. I was trying to see why when I hold small toys without the batteries they work. Mostly really small toys. I have a keyboard that if I hold the circuit board it will play. I’m 33 now and have always been able to do this. I see a lot of people have noticed lights turning off or blowing out, and that happens an awful lot around me. I don’t really buy into psychic phenomena, but I do know that my body holds more “energy” than any of my friends or family. If someone can tell me ho I do it I would love to know. It has nothing to do with static electricity because I have done small experiments where I grounded myself .

  • Paddy says:

    Nearly every piece of technology that I ever try to use breaks in some way or has some problem that I don’t see with anyone else. Honestly, the issues are beyond counting at this point. Every time I seem to figure out a problem, another one appears. And all the time it almost seems as if the technology is trying to break itself. I’ve never tried too much to convince anyone of this because I’m sure they’d think I was crazy. Something I have noticed is that I am someone who is tune with their emotions, and often when I am trying to use technology, and I am really annoyed, the technology does not work, or some seemingly unexplainable thing happens, and then I get even more annoyed, but then I make an effort to calm down, and the technology seems to work better. Often for no explainable reason, my computer, no matter which one I use just can’t seem to connect to the internet, but everyone else’s computer works fine. It’s interesting to see other people having similar issues.

  • Aaron says:

    Computer glitchs? I have way more then just that I have had dozens of radios & TVs turn themselves on and off for no reason. I’ve had several microwaves cook theirselves for no reason when I came home. My phone even though its been reset several times blurts out in a perfectly clear voice things that have to do with my life but by no means anything I’ve said while there’s no apps running on the phone. The most significant was the day my daughter was born when I first came to the NICU room and walked into the lobby a very heavy automatic high security door repeatedly started opening and closing of which I walked right through it into the room my daughter was in at the hospitals surprise. That door is only operated by one security guard who was not present when I walk through and they were all in shock I was able to walk right into such a high security area. The electrical disturbances I have are beyond simple glitches. Where can I go to have this looked into further?

  • Aubrey says:

    Having one of these days right now!!! Other people can come along after me and the issue is resolved immediately. Even my very skeptical friends have witnessed and admitted that it is strange that it happens so often.

  • Danita M Kerrigan says:

    I am very glad that I had my niece look this up. My sister was always given me grief about how I always have trouble with electronics, specially my cell phone. She’d ask, “what did you do to it this time?” Just because I’d go through like six phones a year. And a few land line ones too. Always have had these issues with things and always thought it was just me. Glad to know it’s not. And that there are some things to try to help.

  • Joanne says:

    Wow! There’s a lot of people who commented on this. I have experienced weird stuff for many years. In college in 1992, I was a digital animation major, anytime I went into the room full of computers, I could hear my professor mumbling a few minutes after sitting at my designated work station, how weird it was that the main frame crashed, it was fine all week. I worked in a editing studio and was the art director there after doing my internship at this studio. I would have to “piece” digital animations together in our editing room. It got to the point where the editor would not let me in, since everytime I entered her room the computers would crash, when they had been fine all week/day. I thought it was nonsense, so I began to pay more attention. I have “killed” every computer, cell phone , watches and many other electrical devices countless times WAY before their time. I have experienced other phenomenon, one was a temporal vortex( I saw a glimpse of events prior to it happening for 5 minutes. It was not a prediction, but a mundane series of events, same people, same situations happening twice. Once before it actually happened. I have no explanation) many other phenomenon has happened too, out of body experience at 11 years of age, bringing my dog back to life for 6 hours and seeing apparitions briefly. My personality is an emotional one with anxiety caused by palpitations, errythmia, and tacchacardia. Weird? Yeah! Well it’s all making some more sense. I have always known before I got close, that a electrical power plant is nearby and when a storm is coming, my hair stands on end and a vibration occurs in my body. I practice therapeutic touch on patients, and ground myself prior, the patient always feels the tingling and where my hands are, with their eyes closed. They get relief and are amazed, usually they fall asleep. Gift or curse? I’m not sure! But it’s extremely annoying to have countless computers and devices malfunction before their time. I have changed my career since realizing I can’t work without messing up a computer. So, I am called into hospitals from time to time to work on coma patients. Where their is hardly it no brain activity, we almost always get a response from patients, no matter how small, to the hospital staff it’s miraculous. And I have my own company, where I need my graphic programs to design and still fight with all the devices I use…any input is appreciated. Especially for my own health reasons.

  • A Fischer says:

    There is absolutely no doubt that our energy affects electronics. Today, I was FURIOUS over something and in fairly quick succession (within half an hour of each other) my cell phone malfunctioned (lost signal in my house where I never lose signal), my email server went haywire and was sending a message that “my message couldn’t be sent because of an error (It in fact was sending and I sent 15 of the same emails to my employer as I tried and tried again to “send” the email!), my internet explorer continuously crashed, and my fax machine wouldn’t send my faxes– of these electronics (cell phone, internet, and fax) are on different lines (cell phone is Verizon, internet is Comcast, and fax machine is AT&T)!!! There is NO QUESTION that my energy was interfering with the electronics. Eventually, these interferences became so ridiculous, that I actually began to laugh and calm down- low and behold everything returned to normal when my anger subsided. Hmm…. makes you wonder!

  • Jean Harlow h says:

    My problem is the opposite, these waves bother me! I feel much uneasiness and like aching and pain to incoming electronics! Anyone else? It’s getting worse and worse! Burning pains while on my iPhone and aching during the night like my body is trying to cleanses it out! I have trouble sleeping a lot, no other problems in my life! It feels like a dead ache all around me! Can’t find any sites about this. Help anyone? .

  • Eric Frazee says:

    Bought a new computer, a bit over a year later the hard drive went south. Many things like that have happened over the years. Almost without fail, every time I go through self check out at the grocery store something screws up…swipe an item, put it in the weight area, voice says to remove the last item and swipe it…three times later and I have to get the attendant to fix it. And almost always I hear the register computer say “attendant has been notified to assist you.” Today I checked my voicemail on my cell, entered the password I’ve been using forever, and was told I entered the wrong password??? It is and always has been the last four numbers of my phone number. The list of failures goes on and on, and finally, today, I stepped back and realized that I am a living electronic disruption entity and it’s my fault the things I depend on let me down constantly. And today I decided to see if anyone else experiences a like phenomena, and after scrolling through these posts, I see I’m not going crazy…ESP has always run in my family, and it’s proven a valuable resource over the years.
    Guess I have to look it as a gift rather than a curse. Makes me wonder that if we worked harder at developing the gift some of us were born with, just maybe we wouldn’t have to depend on cheap electronics to do what we were meant to do naturally.

  • Gina Martin Sprayberry says:

    I have for years had bad situation after the next major traumatic events and since 2006 been diagnosed with PTSD, severe anxiety disorder, traumatic brain injury and so far four times since my major car wreck amount five stress induced psychosis’s. I haven’t had the same phone or computer for years, now my husbands playstation’s are just going out left and right he swears I am breaking them but I just dust or move them. I also have drove my car and while driving it just stops working we can fix it got a new one but still have the Grand AM. Now besides medication which isn’t making my negative energy release from my body it is like a band aid and I cannot live like this. I go thru cycles where my body catches up with my stress mental and I get migraine and become sick for a few days. Round and round I go. To this day my mom and dad wont allow me to use anything electrical at their house so this is something I have had for a long time just did not realize or have bad effects until today.

  • LOL Guy says:

    I know that it is true I manage to change all my computer setting just by playing minecraft. I also manage to damage devices so they wont start up

  • Higzy says:

    I have this one friend who comes over every now and again, and whenever he comes over to my place my internet connection fails. This only happens when he is here, NEVER when he is not, or whenever I have other visitors. Is he from another planet or possessed by demons? It’s too weird.

  • Terri O says:

    I have the unique ability to: kill hard drives, power supplies, cause lights to flicker, stereos and tv’s to power on or off, a myriad of electronic car issues (incl batteries and alternators), etc. Sometimes it seems as though it is emotionally based, but many times it just “happens”. I have found for me calming music or sounds helps to reduce the effects of my “energy”. I would like to look into the stones idea. Perhaps this would save me a lot of money on replacing everything I seem to knock out, and eliminate the “creepy” factor.

  • monica says:

    I am so annoyed by this. I have gone through phone after phone after phone, the same with computers. At this moment my phone is literally glitching out turning on and off, on and off. The day before yesterday my computer started glitching out. the start button on my desktop wouldnt work. I tried everything, restart, off and on, scanning, reprogramming… my boyfriend comes and does nothing but hold t and it’s working just fine. last night my phone starts glitching out turning off and on uncontrollably. i cant get it to either stay on or off. I call my boyfriend and ask him to do something. again he picks up the phone and holds it for a while as he’s talking to me, tosses it on the bed and says “this phone doesnt listen to me” and walks away. what does it do? starts working… this morning it was working fine until he’s glitching out again! ugh.

  • lindsey says:

    I have had this problem from being a small child could never wear watches pkay computer gamrs any hand held battery devices id drain when mobiles came aboit id have device after device they woild last 3 month then show signs of battery trouble start crashing and in end just stop working computers tvs hoovers jeez ive had about 6 in one year before i have am now a reiki practitioner/holistic thrapist i work a lot with energy and crystals but still have this problen lol i didnt actually need to be attunes to reiki as i had been born with the gift already i have always been intuative and had a six sense all though i dont often delve into it im well aware of it im also empathic but that comes with the healing ability i have come to realise im just not going to be able to use electric devices watches etc like other people guess its a good thing in a way save on money lol x

  • Brandie says:

    I have this as well. I am constantly making lights flicker on and off, or dim. In my house, when I go workout (this usually occurs when I’m at my peak cardio point). My poor husband thinks we keep buying bad light bulbs for the house and is constantly trying to replace them, to no avail. The same issues will occur over and over. Street lights kick off when walking or driving under an absurd amount of times. My work computer is constantly experiencing delays and server connection issues. Our IT guy referred to it as an “anomaly” as him (working with Apple engineers even) cannot seem to pin-point a reason for my issues. I also have constant electrical malfunctions in my car, my check engine light will flash on, or my fan speed will jump a few notches on it’s own. All of which have been looked at multiple times and end up with nothing more than the repair man scratching his head. I also used to have a tv (before digital) that would randomly flash to a static screen on it’s own, and if I touched the tv itself, would come back on to the normal picture. I don’t usually wear a watch either, because when I used to in high school, the battery would last no more than a month. My dad also had this issue for years too and constantly went through watch batteries.

  • Robert Brading says:

    So This is an actual thing? I am surprised i thought i was having mentel issues actually because ive had this problem for years and was starting to think i was nuts until i decided to look up this phenom yesterday. I cannot wear a watch or jewlery because either the watch stops or the jewlery is constantly zapping me,necklace,ring it really doesnt matter even getting a coin out of my pocket does this and dont even get me started about getting out of the car summer or winter it makes no difference i ALWAYS get shocked,yesterday it happened so bad i could feel it through my shoe on the ground and when we got back in the the car the guages were malfuntioning and a Check guages light came on(ive heard of “check engine” light but “check guages? ive never heard of that one).The Van wont start for me sometimes it just clicks but this never happens to my wife? Had to change to rechargable batteries becuase i go through regular ones so fast,this is annoying too since i am a photographer.Sadly i could probably go on for a while about this like my pc not coming on and even not even being able to turn on my tv because the remote wont respond but i feel better now knowing it actually happens to other people,Much respect to you all who suffer from this it really is a very strange thing when you experience it for yourself.

  • I have had issues with electronics all of my life. Radios would buzz when I was near them, lights would flicker, wrist watches would go crazy with hour hands moving fast enough to see them move or the batteries would just die. Flashlights would go dead with in a matter of minutes with new batteries, several cell phones have died and computers do funny things at times. I’ve always blamed it on extra electricity in my body. This week takes the cake! This week has been particularly stressful. My husband hasn’t been home for a few weeks, both kiddos were sick and I had a 16 page final paper due to a professor who is not good at correspondence. Everything electronic in my house has been dying. My portable telephone, cell phone, digital camera and the electronic key pad lock on my front door all died within a few days. Saturday I loaded my kiddos in our Prius to go out and it would not start. No lights at all. I gave up on that car and loaded the kiddos into the other car. This morning I loaded the kiddos up to get them off to school and my other car has a dead battery too! This is just crazy! Both cars have an automatic shut off for everything once the car goes off. There were not lights left on, no doors left open and best of all, there were no indications that anything was wrong when they were parked in the garage. This is the craziest thing that has ever happened to me.

  • Tammie says:

    I really never put two and two together until today. I have gone through several tablets this past year because they don’t work right. I am about to give up on this one I called my mom and asked if she has problems with the brand she has she said, no works perfectly. So today I was visiting her and standing next to her and her tablet when hers started acting up. Off the cuff I said it’s me…then I looked up later about persons with metal in their body that cause computer interference, it lead me here. I am glad to read I am not alone, but wonder if my EMF is magnified by the rod placement in my leg. I also have tinnitus in both ears maybe that’s the EMF interference

  • Thomas says:

    Interesting article. It leaves room for thought. I have an extreme problem with my computers, cell phones, television remotes, etc. My nickname is “hit a button” because everyone assumes that I must have hit a button to make my electronic item malfunction. Computers won’t open programs. Programs just disappear off of the screen, passwords will not get accepted, the problems go on and on. My cell phone will stop working. It will mute itself, start dialing the recipient of the call I am already on, the list goes on and on. The remote for the television will not operate the tv for me when someone else will walk over, pick it up, and start using it. Sometimes when I am just standing somewhere, my wife will tell me that she can feel me vibrating. With all the things that happen in my life, it makes your article all the more plausible. Thanks for the additional direction of thought. It is easier to accept than some of the guesses people make.

  • Christy Eichler says:

    I have been experiencing this reaction from all electronics. I have friends and roommates tech guys ect.. personal assistance everyone in my life see that even when i am near the computer,tv, even when i go to the apple store or the dmv the computers usually freeze and i hear often wow this has never happened before. I have to live with this everyday. I usually just get someone to do the electronics for me because it puts me in the worst mood. I know its not because I’m stupid but sometimes if feel like everyone thinks so. ug so happy to read more info on this. Makes me feel like I’m not crazy

  • Pamela Kiss says:

    Last night my security door at my apt went off at 3am with nobody there. AllY hdmi cables die all the time. I can’t wear a watch, my phone drains when n it’s fully charged gone. Last year I lost my tablet and tv on 2 weeks. My lights flicker in whatever room I’m in. Sometimes I feel a headache and wanna run from electronic components. I work in a electronic store and my register malfunctions quote a bit. At Walmart my self scan register turned pink one day. I need some definite help as I have a new 4K ultra HD tv.

  • Karen says:

    I was very glad to see that this issue I have been experiencing seems to be fairly common judging by this blog. I have had many of these same experiences in my life and I would joke that I was an electronic jinx. My IT guy would check my computer and say that nothing was wrong but as soon as I was back on it the same issues would happen. It wouldn’t connect or would freeze up. I noticed that other people would have the same issues if I was near them while on their computers. Yesterday it happened twice in two different commercial locations when I was standing next to people on their computers. They both stated that their computers had never done these things before. I just jokingly said “It’s me, it will be fine as soon as I leave.”

    I noticed that in several posts people related that they also had psychic issues such as precognitive dreams and “knowledge” of things they should not know by natural means. I have both of these. I can’t say that I can control any of this. The issues with computers and the dreams and knowledge don’t occur all of the time. Some of the dreams have related to people and events that eventually occurred or came into my life. Others have been about events that occurred in the world shortly after the dreams took place. In the dreams I am a person I don’t know and in a place that is unfamiliar. Like others I do shock people often without having walked on carpet. I find I shock my animals most and always have to say “I’m sorry” to them. It seems as though these abilities have gotten stronger over the years. I even had a very heavy dish raise up and smash down on my counter when I was angry recently and nobody in the room was anywhere close to it. I wondered if we had a ghost. Now I’m wondering if it was me.

    In case this sounds evil I am a Christian woman and very spiritual. I always try to stay away from darkness and ask for spiritual protection and wisdom from the Lord.

  • Linda says:

    I have just found out about this site. I also have trouble with my watch battery always going dead. I just got a new computer and already having trouble with it. That has been the problem with all my computers. I had a guy look at it and he said nothing wrong with it. It drove me nuts. I went and got a new one and the next day problems again. It’s freezes and icons disappear. My shutdown icon disappear and the next day it was back. I would have my hubby look at it and all he can say is , that’s weird .Now that I have read this article. Now it makes sense. Now I can stop being so hard on my husband. My cell phone is another area which I have trouble. Can’t get it to load sometimes and always charging it. Have to carry my charger with me. I also get shocks from a plastic cup and fountain pop. Fill my cup and take a sip and every time I get shocked. This is new to me so I enjoy reading what everyone has to say.

  • Marcelo Borges says:

    Yeah, I broke three devices today. It happened instantly. I was just feeling uncomfortable because one of the employee at the company where I work hates me because he can’t accept that I don’t want to talk to him and I felt like I transferred these energies to the devices that I touched. It was really strange because it never happened like that. Before, I used to have problems with computers and even smartphones but it would stop for a few weeks, and then resume again, but to break devices like this just by touching is crazy, I can’t even believe it.

  • Aurora Celeste says:

    Electronics have always died in my presence, and it’s gotten to the point where my friends won’t let me near their phones because they think I have some sort of curse. At first I thought, okay maybe it’s just a phase, but it’s been going on for almost twelve years now, and it’s only getting worse. Worse including insanely expensive and increacingly dangerous.

    I break a phone about every four weeks, a watch in about a week and a half, a tablet every few months, and a laptop about twice a year. I’ve had a six(+/-) phones, a laptop, two watches, a DSI, two tablets, four electric toothbrushes, three lamps, four(+) smoke detectors, countless card readers, a few ATMs, some digital clocks, too many pairs of headphones, pocketwatches, calculators, etc… stop working near me. A microwave and a smartphone have both caught fire around me, the security computer in my car hates me, and i’ve had the power in my entire house brown out in the calmest weather imaginable ,I admit that could be anything though. Either wa it’s all getting really creepy.

  • says:

    I’m relieved and overjoyed to find these posts! I’ve had trouble with electronics my whole life! I work as a Cashier at Lowe’s and the register slows way down when I’m near it. If I back away from it, it goes faster. This happens on any of the registers I’m at, but they work fine for everyone else. After reading these comments, I now wear a necklace with a rose quartz cross, and a green quartz pendant. Problem solved, unless I get upset, then it takes longer. There are some other unusual things I’ve noticed throughout my life. I have psychic abilities, where I’ve predicted things like airplanes crashing, earthquakes, the winners of football games, boxing matches, etc. I’ve actually left my body and wound up in my sister’s bedroom the night she wanted to commit suicide. Just a whole bunch of strange things. Animals love me and want to run to me. I always have ringing in my ears. I can tell what a person is thinking just by looking into their eyes. There are people I instantly detest just by looking at them and I don’t know why, it’s just a horrible feeling sometimes. I used to work at Lockheed Martin and IT would call me the bug queen, because the computers, xerox machines, fax machines would all break down around me. So glad to be able to tell this all to somebody! Relieved! Cathy

  • Highly Charged says:

    Electronics behave strangely for me a lot. EFTPOS machines malfunction, the ipad freezes intermittently, the laptop will stall, the internet will drop out! Phones stop working, electronic doors won’t open (it’s not because I’m short either – I’ve jumped up and down and the door wouldn’t open & I’ve walked away and seen the door open for a person shorter than me). It’s frustrating. The power goes out for no reason at home. No appliances of significance are plugged in, no TV on, no irons, no dishwasher, no toaster. I don’t get it. Maybe I need to wear crystals.

  • Ashley Rogers says:

    It seems to be that this topic is easily dismissed when brought up in conversation. All others I have attempted to discuss this topic with merely aren’t interested, seem to be fearful of speaking of such matters, do not understand whatsoever, or perhaps have something to hide. I have noticed there seems to be a correlation between lights being switched (whether it’s a lengthy amount of time an electronic has been switched on/off, or flicker that occurs in less than a quarter of a second.) and people speaking. I have noticed this in many different places. There is a particular individual who speaks to me, and while doing so, light flickering commences and is incredibly obvious and possibly synchronized with what I theorize may be their sentence structure and word selection or the time of the day that communication is established. It is so blatantly obvious when this happens. Superpowers? Conflicting energy fields? (We have conflicting interests on some levels.) Was someone at the power plant paid off to flip some switches? This happens much too frequently to be a mere coincidence. WE SEEK TO UNDERSTAND! This is something not “scary”, or “creepy”. This is misunderstood and overlooked.

    I feel like this “force” is attempting to establish communication whenever this phenomena occurs, though the message being relayed could be interpenetrated in so many different ways, deeming the means of transmission to be unreliable, thus leaving the message as undefined. This is incredibly frustrating and disheartening for an individual who so earnestly wants a crystal clear way to communicate.

    IF IT IS a superpower, then, by golly, why not use it to FIGHT FOR A NEW WAY OF LIFE?

    ANOTHER THEORY, farfetched, is that there is an anomaly similar to GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) that just interacts with us through these means to see how we react, or tries and teach us a lesson, or has its’ own fun, or implements this interference “FOR SCIENCE!”

    • Chris Barber says:

      If we are living in an Aperture Science experiment, then that would explain a lot!

      Perhaps it is not an external force trying to communicate with you… but your own force affecting things around you as you get new information.

  • Ashley Rogers says:

    Who else senses what seems to be a “magnetic field of energy” with their skin?

    From the toes to the scalp, from a subtle tingle to an intense pricking? Could there be any correlation to this topic?

  • William says:

    I had a near death spiritual experience, thinking to myself that I was going crazy and ended up in the hospital with a mental breakdown, I am a professional and a stable person, in 2005 is when very odd things would happen such as dead batteries in seconds I would drain them, I have to turn my I phone off about 10 times a day because it locks up on me, televisions will turn on and off as I walk pass them, when I wake up in the mornings my hands are like magnets and when I get to hot at night my fans will turn on. I also premonitions and dreams on drastic events, I have reported some to the government only to find black sub posting at my house and following me around. My family sometimes makes fun of me because they said that they think that I’m on drugs! We laugh in good humor but my family has been witnesses to numerous accounts. In 2005 I started drawing scribbles in a trance that I can’t explain with constellations that I wrote the names of stars among other areas. I have a bachelors in business and computer science. I never had interest in astronomy and the 3 stars is about as much as I ever new, how did I learn and how can I name many and systems, I can’t answer that, but I can tell you that some of us are here for a reason. I don’t know why

  • William says:

    And I don’t think I’m an alien either, I am a teacher, I love to help people and veterans, I donate my time to help the elderly and everybody adores me but at home there are things just a little different

  • Cat says:

    Having this ability(ies) without knowing how to contain them are difficult experiences to share.
    Since birth we are taught to believe that 90-95% of our DNA is nothing else but junk, when in reality if you take a minute to process then you can instantly tell it is trickery. If anyone with this abilities attempts to ask for help you are immediately shoved into some sort of mental diagnosis, because you don’t fit into the ‘average crowd.’ I am a firm believer of/and practice shamanism.
    Our believe is that this like many other abilities are present through our spirit which is the true-self. As humans we forget that we are more than just our bodies (DNA) but in our ego ways, we also forget we have so much more we have yet not learned. Spirit has an interesting way to remind us about that and bringing us back to it.

  • Lee says:

    Yes I have the same thing frequently when my emotions are heightened.. I try to channel it too as I am an activist for the environment and social equality where I live.. I have to be sure my intent and focus is very strong though for this to work and am finding also that faults within myself are magnified.. ie I have alot of hurt and anger still left from years of abuse as a child and I find this can sometimes also manifest which is not such a good thing..It is also easier to do this when I am working solo because I feel like I tap into some sort of energy or super highway of thought or positive energy when I do this and it is easy to lose connection to that when others disturb my focus..It would be really great to learn how to consciously manifest and direct this energy we have towards good.. I think though I have alot of internal work to do before this will reliably happen and there are no knock on effects.. That being said once I decide something will happen, if I want it enough I am pretty sure it will… even when the odds are really stacked against it.

  • Lee says:

    note I also visualise the result I want alot when working like this.. and will not or try not to let visions or thoughts of failure enter my mind

  • L L says:

    Lel I have ADHD and when I’m pissed I’m extraordinarily angry. I’ve never had this happen PS I’m good with PC and Android systems I have never had a computer break but my mom’s laptop the hard drive got fried her phone just straight up died and my little bros tablet just doesn’t even show sign of life. I couldn’t even boot into Odin or recovery.

  • Margaret Schmidt says:

    When digital watches were popular for women, I would ruin them on a regular basis. Now I have been through four Fitbits in 8 months. It’s frustrating! I only get laughs when I tell people it’s my body that does this.

  • Chloe says:

    I’m only 13 years old, but I’ve experienced a lot of weird things with technology. A long time ago I was watching a video, and I thought the word “stop” and it would stop on my command. I did this several times, and I had control over it. Yeah, I don’t have control over it anymore. In one of my classes we would watch a CNN student news video every day. The same computer was used for every class and it never worked in my class without something happening to it. If I thought about the video stopping, it sometimes happened and sometimes wouldn’t. If I did get it to stop, I had no control at all. Sometimes the video would start over without anyone touching it. Just recently I was in my room watching a movie on my laptop and it did a lot of weird things. It would exit out of full screen mode, change to a different tab, switch back, and then the screen would freeze. During the same time, I also had my phone in the bathroom, and earlier I had been listening to music. It was paused, and a while later I took of my headphones and the music was playing. I know I didn’t leave it playing and nobody touched it. I have a low level of psychic ability, and I’m an emotional and physical empath. Maybe this could be something weird my psychic abilities are causing or my energy field is way out of whack.

  • ANA says:

    Yes its energy. I was reading the bible alot and watching healing and started praying and since then our wlectricity and water valve burst tv goes staticy my powerfit dies atms cant read my card radio statics. It means too much energy and power. To receive the full gift u need to be in the presence of the one who created energy God. You know get to know him read the bible. He will give you this gift.

  • John Pierre says:

    Yes that is true not only that but it sucks and absorb your energy and your intellegence not only like this but u feel sleepy the blood is not flowing to ur body the heart beats become slower it does many other problems the computer and tv but others not so much like mobile u juat feel ur brian little sleepy not alot after using it.

  • John Pierre says:

    My father is very right Noboby in these days is using a computer in his home actually and Of what Steve Jobs had said is definitely correct PC’s are shifting their usability from desktop computers into tablets by using an innovation skills and techniques and Computers store demons not only that but they are very harmful to the health such as being depressed, pain in all over the body and problems even including emf radaition spread to ur body all over it which is very bad and i think u become electro-magnetic sensetive also as well but anyhow THE BEST SOLUTION IS TO SELL IT OR THROW IT GARBAGE OR RECYCLE IT LIKE THIS we will become a better humans and free of harmfulness of the computer thats what made me hate computers so much alot and get even angry, crazy and mad on them like the beast computer my brothers and sisters temptate u do to evil things also such as watching pornography and many other things im very serious and i had all these expriences computer is very very evil device and i feel myself a can of garbage when i use an computer i know that it eases the tasks, watch movies and play games and many other things u can do it all-in-one device but its harmful us alot lastly, God and Jesus christ have mercy on us all!! Its the mistake of the human that he made these things so the best for him is to handle the responsibilities of them!!!!

  • Michelle says:

    I was wondering if anyone else has issue with wireless devices. I have a problem of interfering with things like bluetooth if I’m too close. The sound will cut out a lot or just disconnect. If I’m in a rather bad mood it can seem like our home’s wireless Internet becomes unbearably slow. These are the only things I have ever noticed about myself.

  • Eva says:

    Y’all are saying how things work around you. I will be lucky if this gets sent. At this moment I have no bars, my 4G is now an E, and both my arrows are gone. I’d say LOL but it’s really not funny.
    If I put the phone down the signal will come back after a few minutes.
    I can’t wear watches with batteries, radio signals will mess up if I’m around them, and sometimes I set off car alarms.
    I always thought I was imagining things as well. Then I quit telling people about them because they look at me funny.
    I make jewelry and have always been attracted to tourmalated quartz. Wondered if there was any significance to it.
    This makes me feel a little better. Knew I wasn’t alone in it but first time I ever read anything about it.

  • James B says:

    Anybody also crash computers through a phone call?
    Happens to me, my wife and children all the time!
    Even at stores, the registers crash.
    It’s getting annoying.

  • Heather says:

    This type of thing happens to me all the time, so much so, that I’ve lost count years ago. The most recent event happened when I went to visit my daughter. As it began to happen, I looked at her and before I could speak, she just shook her head and simply said…”don’t even say it”, because she already KNEW that at the declaration of the people working in the office that we were in, stating ‘what’s wrong with these computers, I don’t understand it…they were all just working fine only a few minutes ago’….that it had to be because I had walked in to get a pass printed out. Suffice it to say, the entire time that I was in there, none of the computers or their nearby devices such as their printers, would work. I was unable to get a pass to go to the store with her as she had hoped. It should also be noted that as we walked in, there was already one to two groups of people present who were in the process of receiving their passes via these computers and they were able to get them without any issues. Once I approached the counter to retrieve mine, is when everything went hay wire as they say. I have a very sad collection of digital cameras and phones that I’m hoping one day will be fixed. I’ve gone through several computers and a laptop or two. I’ve gone through two Ipods, at least two home stereos. Car stereos, windows, electronic system (when I had a Prius) went on the fritz too. I’ve always been fascinated with electricity, and electrical storms…but have a respect for it. It exhilarates me, but also makes me a little nervous. I worry that I act as a sort of lightning rod. When my girls were in after school day care and I’d go to pick them up, on one occasion, the teacher in charge of the after school care…had brought in a miniature version of a Vandegraph machine. I’d shared a story with her about how I seem to have issues with electricity. She said that it ‘sounded as if I have a tendency to absorb it and said that I could try testing it on the machine. It seemed to prove her point. During dry, cold air climates or weather, in the past when giving my girls a kiss goodbye before sending them off to school, they would receive a very strong shock and you could even see either a goldish-red spark or a purple-green one from my face to theirs. Same thing occurred if I made contact with my hands on their shoulders. This would also occur if during cold weather, I find myself in the grocery store and go to pick up an item for purchase from the isle shelves, I’d get shocked.
    I read above in the article how one possible reason is due to heightened emotions…I’m known to be a very emotional person…ranging from various kinds. So…perhaps this is why. At my last post, when I would become highly stressed or nervous…the computer would constantly freeze with the “not responding” error message and it’s printer as well…making my job nearly impossible to perform.

    I’m hoping to channel it a little more positively, productively, and hope that it will not have any negative effects on my physical health, as it would only add to an already lengthy list.
    You read in history…stories of people who have dealt with such things…but were often not believed or perhaps even found to be something that you would hear about in certain cultures like a “Chi”. They seem to have learned how to channel it and use it in a positive way to better one’s health.

    ANY advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mikela Bark says:

    I spent 17 hours on tech support this week and this is not unusual for me. Every few months something goes wrong with cell or computer. This has happened more in the past 16 years, maybe due to more EMF around, I don’t know. When I was a kid, my watch would break every few months (wind-up). Now, I wear a battery driven one. I was getting to the end of my rope when I saw this blog. I thank everyone for sharing. I wish there was a specific fix, since it doesn’t seem to be connected to strong emotions, it just happens.

  • A Happy Girl says:

    Thank you for this post. I have been wondering for years if this was common. I even saw where a prominent college did studies on it (wish they still were). I built a department in a tech company and went through four computers in ten months. My husband and daughters don’t let me get on their electronics when I’m angry (which is when I usually do the most damage). For what it’s worth, I’m able to see ‘orbs’ with my physical eyes (and I do sometimes get images in the third eye, not a lot but sometimes), and there are some instances of driving beneath streetlights and taking them out in a line. Thank you for posting, everyone. I don’t talk about this a lot and it’s nice to see it’s not that rare.

  • Iron Mike says:

    Thank you so much for this article!! I was starting to believe I was either a mutant from the X-Men world or some form of deity. :). No one can possibly ruin electronics more than I. I have had people at the Apple Store, computer technicians and high level system administrators all tell me they have never even heard of some of the problems I’ve had with computers. I will now surround my desk and wear these stones because I am losing my mind. I don’t need tech support, I need the little lady from Poltergeist to clear my electronic devices.

  • mica says:

    I havent had a problem in years till my dad died- Everything I go near has been glitching since then. Even a bank’s computer went on the fritz when i brought his last check. Now I understand why people think it is the person who has passed doing it- but I know it is just my own electrical field going wonky… I know it because I can feel it in my head and it only happens if I am thinking about him / upset about it.

  • Eurobound says:

    It helps to have a static electricity pad grounded to a screw from your electrical outlet plate – put this under your computer.

  • Susan Kelliher says:

    I have been having this problem for years with my computer ‘hanging’ for no apparent reason and others’ computers around me too! I am staying with friends and this is happening all the time here and they say they have never had this problem before. Today I went for an MRI and the machine ‘hung’ and they had to reboot it which took 10 minutes. Last week I was a \t a friend’s and he was trying to send me a driving route from his phone to mine and his phone ‘hung’. He said it has never happened before. I told him it was me and he was like – wow! My Dad was never able to wear a watch because they would just stop on him and not start again until he took them off. It drives me mad as sometimes it happens constantly so I just give up and go back to the computer later. Why is this happening?

  • Elena Latici says:

    This has happened to me for years!! I rarely spoke about it. I once stayed in an apartment of a friend in NYC for several months. I was being treated for melancholic depression at the time and on a medication that gave me a lot of energy. By the time my friends got back, every single electric appliance in the house was broken, including the security camera which was high above the sink and which I never touched. My friend said he thought I should have my electromagnetic field tested. I thought he was joking as he is a not at all given to weird theories. A few years later I was visiting a friend who is a scientist and I told him this story. He said it was ridiculous, that everyone has the same EMF and he would prove it me. He had some kind of machine to measure it. He turned it on and stood on a cable some distance from the machine and the needle moved. Then I stood on it and he was clearly confused. He fiddled with the machine, stood on the cable and then I stood on it. He said I have no explanation for this, but your EMF is 2x greater than mine. He added that he didn’t believe I was blowing out electrical appliances. But I was. And I do. Some years after that I read a tiny article in the NY Daily News about a group of people in England who manifested this phenomenon. They attributed it to static electricity and to counteract it they advised taking several showers a day, something I would never do as I hate showers (I can’t stand the feeling of water coming down on me) and only like baths and I’m not about to fill up a tub 3x a day. Watches stop working on me. My phone is always going nuts. Once it switched the language from English to Japanese. Sometimes the alarm goes off out of the blue and then goes silent for weeks or months at a time. Watches don’t work and my battery run clocks, no matter how many times I reset them, will always eventually speed up by 15-20 minutes. I never know what the real time is, but I’m never late! Thank you for this article. I’ve been experiencing this since 1986 when I suffered my first bout of MDD. I thought I was nuts.

  • Elena Latici says:

    Oh, and my GPS??? Forget about it. It’s nearly gotten me killed several times, tells me to turn around in my own driveway, takes me to strange places and tells me I have arrived at my destination. I hate it. I swear at it a lot.

    If anyone with this kind of aura ever sees a psychiatrist for anything, NEVER tell them this as they will diagnose you as delusional.

  • Aaron Lowe says:

    i have experienced several spiritual situations during prayer where i have felt energy or a warm pulsing vibration flow out of my hands emanating from my solar plexus area towards who or what i am touching. this has on more than one occasion been felt by the prayer recipient. However i have been having problems with a pair of fm radio wireless headphones since i bought them, and i discovered tonight that i can interrupt the signal entirely and shut them right off by placing my left hand in a certain posture over my heart, it creates so much static that the signal is completely interrupted! i can create rhythmic patters in the static by waving my left hand around in the air, and i can make the headphones work perfectly by touching them with my left hand… this is more than a little spooky, as i had always beleived the “energy healing” experiences that i had to be religious mumbo jumbo, or some kind of shared or communal delusion… i dont know what to think but i do know these headphones are not the right ones for me!

  • Shawn says:

    Absolutely, if its strong enough.

  • FriedCircuit says:

    I think I need more help than any of you 🙁 My problem is my car. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the car I own now, or the car I owned before. I sold the previous car 4 years ago – after paying almost 5K in repairs to find out what caused the engine stalling problem, but none of the repairs fixed a thing. I almost killed myself driving this thing and started to think the car wanted to kill me… 🙂 I disclosed the events to the dealer, presenting him with all receipts. I was making sure nobody else killed himself in that car driving it. Alternator, starter, all electronics, electrical wiring check, new battery, even new transmission.

    My present car has been with me for 4 years (different make, different everything) and I love it so much because it is reliable to the point that I’d rather drive it for another 10 years than ever buying another one. Well, that confidence ended 2 months ago. It stalled, out of the blue. On the highway. At 70 miles per hour. The ensuing pattern matches exactly what happened with the car I had before, but I didn’t “catch on” right away. It stalled a few more times, again on the hwy, and 5 more times going about 40 mph in busy traffic. Yes, I counted. I don’t know how a) I didn’t kill myself b) I didn’t kill anyone else, and c) I didn’t get into an accident. EVERYTHING goes out. Lights, steering, breaks, radio. It starts right up again. 6 weeks ago I had the drive shaft sensor replaced, which fixed the stalling for about 2 weeks. Then it stalled again, same story, rinse and repeat. 2 nights ago I went and bought a new battery.

    The car took me to work without a problem, and on the way home it stalled twice on the highway, 4 times crossing an intersection to a safe parking lot, and once I reached the “safe haven” it died before I could park it correctly. DEAD. Would not start.

    3 hours later the tow truck started it right up. I just finished talking to the repair shop. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with your car”. Nothing. They checked everything and everything is in perfect condition. They drove it. Told me to come pick it up because there is nothing to fix.

    Please note that several people have driven my car to try to replicate the problem and none have succeeded. You would have to actually turn off the ignition to get the problem I am experiencing. AGAIN. Tomorrow I’ll have someone pick up the car, take it to the car wash, and drive it to a dealer to put it as down-payment towards another car. I just can not bring myself to drive it again. That is some really, REALLY scary stuff. I’ve always had the feeling that the problem is ME. Today my boyfriend, who doesn’t believe in anything ‘supernatural’ (i.e. if you can’t see it it doesn’t exist), led me to the internet to check out “People who affect electronics”…..

    I did a state of mind review and compared the last 2 months to the “stress level” I was going through when this happened with the first car and YEP, it matches. The interesting thing is that I am LOW in energy now, as I was 4 years ago. Not upset, but very high blood pressure and totally worn down. It almost seems as if my body is drawing energy away from the car……making the engine die.

    There’s your laugh for the day, but I’m not laughing. 🙁 I will sign this with the avatar name I’ve used since the first session of very expensive car repairs that didn’t fix a thing.

  • Jane Delynn says:

    I can’t stand it anymore. My router ( supplied by cable company) just died. My computer (bought dec 15 2015) been 2 weeks at Dell– the overnight Fedex box took 4 days to get there. I sent it in for not charging (customer support logged in remotely & said it was the motherboard, but repair said I’d damaged it physically & I had to pay almost $500 for LCD screen, Palm rest, DC port& motherboard even the motherboard which was the reason I sent it in in first place. A week of phone & email BS & they’re doing me a favor by fixing it free.) i was given 2 1/2 free iPhone replacements since I got feb it 2015 (the half is for the part w mic & speaker). I only had 1 year warranty but they let me get new one in April for $79. I had 2 free kindle replacements, but just had to buy new one. My retractable roof on car won’t open. M wireless printer used to work, but yesterday it stopped.

  • Connect says:

    Interesting article, it’s worth to read. But I don’t think so. There is no negative effect to computers.

  • M. M. Walker says:

    Two home fans just quit yesterday. Same day. Both of them. My air conditioner unit in my classroom conked out Thursday. My tablet and work laptop started glitching this past hour. Just had tablet repaired this summer. It just died then, wasn’t 2 years old yet.

  • Jodi says:

    I have had this issue since I was a child. My mom said I would kill every watch she bought me in 3-6months. She’d take them in to be fixed and there was never any explanation how I killed them-I thought maybe acid in the skin. As I moved onto smart phones, I noticed I constantly have unexplained electronic issues techs can’t explain. I’ve been through 5 new iPhone during 2016 none of them dropped or damaged, no virus but software/hardware did things the Techs said they have never seen and replaced the phone each time. I’ve only had this one 3weels and already major problems. And forget connecting to wifi networks-I must block the signals.

  • Amanda says:

    This has recently started happening to me. At first I thought it was just a string of bad cell phones, however they were all different makes and services. When I am using the phone the person on the other end says that there are voices coming through besides mine. My husband has the same exact phone as me and his doesnt do that unless Im using it, so it cant be service or location.
    I haven’t affected televisions or other devices so far it is just voices coming through the phone with mine or sounds and at some points people say they cant hear me over the sound.

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  • Carol Doemel says:

    I have the same issues…computer freezes, won’t respond, etc. And my assistant literally walks by it and it does for him what it wouldn’t do for me. Big question …When I call a bank, credit card company, anyone who has to access a computer, they (I think I can use “Always” here ) tell me they are having computer issues. Is it transferable through phone lines?

  • santosh says:

    Two home fans just quit yesterday. Same day. Both of them. My air conditioner unit in my classroom conked out Thursday. My tablet and work laptop started glitching this past hour. Just had tablet repaired this summer. It just died then, wasn’t 2 years old yet.

  • Jade says:

    Every day, all the time. From watches and lightbulbs to cell phones. I’ve lost another cell phone this week. Brand new from the box with a new battery yet it won’t respond at all or does on and off. I blew the lightbulb in the fridge yesterday and last month at my in laws house. In university my laptop crashed in the middle of writing a paper, was told it was a virus. I gave it to a relative to fix and it worked perfectly for them from the start. ! I do shield and ground myself, not as much as I should apparently 🙂

  • Reb says:

    I am having to stay in a motel smiled my home is repaired due to a house fire. Something strange happens every time i am within 3 feet of the elevator. Nausea, strange feelings,unexplainable because I have never experienced them before. It doesn’t matter which floor I am on ,(there are 3) it happens around and inside of the one and only elevator. Anyone else experience this or am I imagining it all?

  • Kryshon Bratton says:

    This is me to a T. I go through electronic devices all the time. Even my daughter won’t let me touch her digital camera. I can’t keep a computer, cell phone or anything electronic for long. I am the only one at the office that ever has problems with my computer. When I was first married, my husband didn’t understand why I always had problems. Now, he buys the extra insurance on everything electronic for me. Sometimes, I ask him to stand behind me so the “glitch” will fix itself. I don’t even need to touch a computer to make it stop working. Once, we were in an Apple store and no matter what kiosk we were close to the computers would not work. The salesman couldn’t understand what was going on. My husband, said” it’s my wife.” He thought my husband was being rude. When I left the store, the computers started operating just fine. The salesman was shocked!

  • TB says:

    I’m so relieved to know it isn’t just me! I’ve been called a “breakion emitter”! I’ve been through countless mobile phones, laptops, tablets, remotes, etc. Microwaves often stop working when I touch them. My cars develop peculiar electrical issues. I set off store sensors walking in and out. It’s ridiculous. People have told me they can feel when I’m upset or angry because it feels like static or a shift in weather, but indoors. For years I thought it was just a run of bad luck, but after having to have other people turn my mobile phone on or boot my computer, they’ve accepted that I’m like a human EMP. It’s a drag and expensive!

  • Paul says:

    Happens all the time. I’m bi polar and find it happens only when I’m high. I even feel the electricity current and wifi from my phone. Most bizarre thing happened to me I was in Thailand in a manic state. I was driving my scooter and listening to my iPod when I was all time high, my scooter was miss firing and my iPod music sounded like a fuzzy radio station.
    At the time I thought I was delusional but now I’m sure it was reality. I believe when these things happen it’s because we are spiritual beings transmuting energy through a spiritual way. Mind over matter I believe Especially if you can tap into your chi/energy.
    Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

    • Swedish Chris says:

      HI Paul.
      I am bipolar too but looking back I see that generally I effect electronics when my emotions are intense. I blew out a gas station display once and actually saw the static electric shock come out of my finger.

      I think to control this we have to understand ourselves better. first of course we need to watch how much static we collect before handling anything. Then use our positive energies and thouhgts to change things. i have also healed myself with positive thinking.

      I have recently been offered the name of a practitioner how aligns chakras. unfortunely she charges too much for me to try something Im not quite sure will work.

      good luck, Swedish Chris

  • Dennis Ward says:

    I have had cell phones just go crazy and dial Ransome numbers or people in my contact list over and over while just near me. I go through cell phones like crazy. When I was a mainframe computer operator the computer failed frequently on my shift we joked that I was cursed. Two years ago I was disabled in a freak accident. While battling to get disabily a have become the more depressed than I ever have been, and extremely frustrated and angry. In the last couple months I have had 5 perfectly good computers fail with ether processors or ram failing. It has gotten to the point of spooky. I have had ESP since I was was about 8 or 9, but I has seemed to go to away the last few months I have suffered with depression for decades and I believe I am an indigo.

  • Joan DeNoyelles says:

    I’ve been living with this all my life. I am so happy to see I’m not alone. I never thought it was a curse just aggravating at times. No mater where I go I always hear “this is strange, this never happened before, I’ve learned to ignore that I know why it’s happening.

  • Bob Rea says:

    All the stories above are quite eye opening but with me I have the complete opposite affect with electronics and machinery. In my office when any computer, printer, server, phone, even lights gets glitchy people will call me over so I can “fix it” all I have to do is put my hand on said electronic or device and it usually starts working. I have heard the line “How did you do that” more times than I can count. Also my electronics tend to last a long time even though they go through heavy use. The only electronic that I seem to have a negative effect on are CFL bulbs. Even though the box my say that they have a lifespan of years I usually burn them out after a few weeks, sometimes i go through 5 or 6 CFL bulbs a week. So when one of my electronics finally dies I know that it is DEAD.

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  • A Simple Middle School Teacher says:

    We really shouldn’t be calling them “energy fields.” Energy can be transferred from and to fields (like magnetic, gravitational, and electric fields), but I wouldn’t consider energy a field. I would agree energy would be involved somehow, but maybe it all has to do with energy transfers?

  • Julie G. says:

    Hi there! I’m a 65 yr old retired teacher who couldn’t wear watches for decades (they never kept the right time) until digital watches were invented. Likewise, compasses don’t point to the north when in my hand — the needle just spins round and round. Finally, in the days of floppy disks, by touching the disk with my hand, I partially erased the comments on 32 school report cards. Finally, I used to erase the magnetic strips on my credit cards. But since 2000, nothing unusual has happened — until recently. I am now on my 7th, remote car starters. The Le Beau company where I got it, here in Quebec, has replaced my starter 7 times, for free. The weird thing is, that they were the ones who had installed remote starters on my previous car, and the pair of remotes worked non-stopped for 5 years. My current ones are a different brand, and don’t even last 1 week. Help? Julie, in Ste-Adele, Qubec.

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    Is there any Doctors that do case studies on persons with Electronic Disorders??

  • says:

    Wow, I’m so glad I found this blog. I have been searching and searching for someone having a similar problem as mine. I have been going through cars and it is getting so expensive. It started when I started wearing magnets for health problems. I started wearing magnets only at night, but still, my 3rd car, 3rd of three in the last 4 years, is acting like the first two cars. The cars I own like to die when I’m right by a trolley passing, or when I use my cell phone to answer a call – still legal in my state, or when I’m in certain intersections, always the same intersections cause a problem. And my car especially had a problem dying right by or under freeway underpasses.
    Different mechanics would put in different parts, especially a fuel pump. Sometimes this would help, but only for a few months. I thought I had bad luck picking out bad cars. I’m thinking of having my mechanic replace the computer and the cables that are connected to the computer. That would be a lot cheaper than buying another car and cheaper than putting in the same parts that they put in before, but did no good.
    I can’t give up wearing magnets at night though. If I did my arthritis would flare like crazy and I would be weak and without energy. Reading other blogs here, I might try wearing quartz stone, check my emotional energy, and review my spiritual state of being. I’ll try anything ethical instead of throwing dollars away trying to fix or replace a broken down car.

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  • skin care says:

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  • eaglehuntergavin says:

    maybe some peeps are just bad at electronics but goddamn i know that when im goin some weird universal changes in my lifetime the electronics around me shut down in the wierdest but possibly smartest ways. back when i was a child and really depressed i couldnt get the computer to work and so many times my mum would come over and do the exact thing i did and it would work. just this weekend 12 years later my android phone fully broke and when i went to my iphone which ive been using all the time wouldnt turn on. then my computer started not letting me open certian applications. i think maybe i could be a really terrible super villian that asks to use your phone and wipes it.
    dr phonedeath possibly i dunno

  • Joanne says:

    Haha! I’ve been aware of this for a very very long time! I think you become aware when things of an electrical nature CONTINUOUSLY misbehave, as it seems, for no reason at all. Then you begin to wonder, this is not coincidental anymore! Look up Sliders, there are other names for this phenomenon. It came to my attention at age 11, and continues to happen at age 58. Yes, I know it all too well. It got to a point where associates would not allow me in the computer rooms, ( I’ve been in the entertainment biz for a long time and editors would not allow me in the digital computer editing room.) I have blown out countless hard drives, cell phones, lights going out, including street lights as I walk under them. It’s real, it’s weird, opposite effect of a disease called efs, which is a very horrible condition with a “crazy” stigma attached to it. But in my younger years I learned to ground, and channel it to heal others with therapeutic touch. For me, it turned to a gift to help others. Peace and blessings to ALL!

  • I used to be recommended this website through my cousin. I am now not sure whether this
    publish is written via him as nobody else recognise such precise
    about my problem. You are incredible! Thank you!

  • B Carlson says:

    Holy cow. It’s real. Or at any rate I’m not alone. I’ve been saying for years that machines hate me. And computers now really do not function well with me.

  • selina balwinski says:

    OMG, I am so glad I found this site. It is 1:32 am and I am at my apartment complex “computer café” because, I am in graduate school and I can not get anything done on my laptop, or library, or here. I have not been able to get registered for classes, get my FAFSA completed. I am at my wits end, it makes life hard, I contemplated everything tonight, It is very very frustrating, help!!!!!!!!
    If you can a chance to see it.

  • Anon says:

    I wonder if this phenomenon occurs in “degrees.”
    I walk past the tv antenna and it automatically shuts the tv picture off… this doesn’t happen with anyone else that has been in my house. I have routine issues with computers, when I was in school I remember doing a class project with a partner in the computer lab and my computer quit working, the IT person couldn’t fix it so I moved to another computer…. and it stopped working. I haven’t done anything like “blowing out” lightbulbs or having excessive car trouble or anything like that. I also don’t feel like it’s relative to my mood. It is all just very confusing.

  • Greg says:

    I have a small business that I wanted to put on line but this thing keeps breaking down. My fix it guy says things like I don’t understand what you did this time. I also work at a Community center and when ever I log in to the computer, suddenly the doors will not open and the screen stops working, now they want me to do online payroll. So far I have frozen 2 computers and once the dates mysteriously all changed. Street lights go out as I walk under them , but if they are already off they turn on.
    I don’t know what to do to get my business going, it’s hard to learn on a computer that is in the shop all the time. I will show this to my boss because non Sliders don’t believe it.

  • Micheline says:

    I found out about this bizarre phenomenon some 20 years ago, when I was going through a very stressful period of my life. My husband had contacted a paranormal investigative team and told them what was going on (much the same as everyone above has described). They felt strongly that it was me that was causing the issues. I wasn’t sure I believed them, until I had my third son, who cried constantly for 2-3 days on end with GERD, then crashed for just 8 hours or so before the cycle began again. At the time, I was also teaching at a University full-time, taking University courses online, and my father was dying. My first two weeks back to work, I killed three desktop computers, two laptops, and two printers (one was brand-new). Then I killed our desktop. The University bought me a special ‘static’ mat thinking it was static that was frying the electronics – I really don’t remember if it worked or not, but I will never forgot the chaos in the office at that time!

    • Jodi says:

      The electronic device failures as well as issues with clocks and wristwatches have been happening to me for over 30 years. I work for a large, international telecommunications company and just today my company issued laptop died, which might not seem all that unusual, however this will be the 4th time this has happened in the past 6 months – and I’ll be getting yet another replacement laptop (major hardware failures). I work with a lot of people and this only happens to me – it’s gotten to be a joke around the office. I had a battery die on a wrist watch so I threw it in my purse to get a new one installed. It sat there for several months. Every now and then I’d dig it out, look at it… dead as a door nail…. and chastise myself silently because I hadn’t gotten the battery replaced yet. Finally I remembered while at a Target store, and when I gave it to the clerk at the jewelry counter she looked at me strangely. Not only was the watch ticking away, it was set to the correct time! I also get “premonitions”. One day thoughts about the toaster will keep popping into my head and when I go to use it next, it’s dead. After a while of things like this happening you start to take notice.

  • lee says:

    Wow! glad to know that I am not alone… I have never been able to wear a watch for more than a month. Bought a new apple lap top, old one crashed… they had to replace the logic board 3 time in less than 6 months. finally sent me a new one and I am afraid to open the box and touch it..
    I got a new i-phone Sunday by Monday it was translating my texts and voice texts into every language possible. got a new one – guess what??? same things are happening again.
    I am so tired of the tech people saying… “well this is something I have never seem before”.
    going out to buy every crystal possible.

  • Erica says:

    My husband and I have been married for nearly 6 years now. I cannot keep a working phone. We usually both have the same model and after mine just shuts down I use his. As soon as I start using it the problems then begin with his phone.

  • nicole says:

    is there a term for people who are the opposite? Im a computer and electronics technician and many times encountered people who have these problems with there electronics devices just dying for no reason but i seem to often just touch a malfunctioned device and it starts working. My business partner and customers even joke regularly that i have magic hands. i am very highly charged too and a born healer but i seem to do the opposite of most electrical sensitive people i also have a lot of the same physical symptoms i have read about that most experience. just wondered if anyone else experiences same.

  • Jennifer says:

    The term for this is the “Pauli Effect”. It’s got a Wikipedia page and everything.

  • new girl says:

    Hello, so I don’t understand the science behind it but I would notice for a very long time that sometimes my mood affects lights and electronics. I think ever since I was a kid maybe. Depending on if I’m in a good mood, street lights or lights anywhere might turn off (if I’m in a really bad mood) or on if I was in a good one. I recall one time having a really bad argument with my bf and the lights would start to flicker. Sometimes it happens if I just focus on a flickering street light. And for phones I notice if I get really excited to see something on my phone it would stop loading until I focus my attention on something else. My best friend would also notice this. I also remember last year I felt a zap in my head like an electronic spark. I have no idea why this happens, nor do I have any reason to make this up. I’ve had a lot of weird psychic experiences so I always happened to think I might be a witch lol but who knows.

  • Stevie says:

    So glad I’m not the only one out there with this problem. I’ve had it for years now. I’ve always had problems with computers and my friends would blame it on my lack of experience on them. However, since this has been goin on for years and there is no rhyme or reason to it I think it’s me.
    Can I ask does anyone have problems with tape recorders. As they do not operate on crystals I’m not sure why I seem to effect them. When I was in school I went through several for a class. It wasn’t until I bought a very pricey one that the problems subsided for a while. I couldn’t use walkamans at all. (This was a long time ago.) They always broke down.
    Thanks for the article! I don’t feel so weird now. I will check into the cystols for my desk and to wear and see if that helps.

  • Paul Damiano says:

    I’ve had this condition for so long, I’ve even named the phenomenon after myself: DREMIS (Damiano Reverse Electromagnetic Interference Syndrome). Welcome to the club (and feel free to use the acronym!!!)

  • Brittany Scott says:

    Sometimes when I sit down or walk past a telephone at home, it will start ringing. Or if I log in to a website, it would keep saying my login is invalid. That causes me to burst in tears instantly. And I find it stressful to use a computer for school , at work, and to fill out a lengthy online job application. There has been times at school when the computer would not open up PowerPoint presentation assignments I completed on the day it was due. When I worked at Arby’s, we had touch screen cash registers and they drove me mad. It would freeze up on me and not let me do anything when there are hungry customers in line waiting to order something to eat. It would refuse to take credit card payments even though the customer knows they have enough money on their card to pay for their meal. Or some error message and code I don’t understand what meant would pop up on the screen when I tried to ring someone up. So frustrating that I’d become irritable the whole shift dealing with that register. And when I finally submit a job application in online that took hours to complete, a “Failed to submit” message pops up. All that work for nothing. Or the computer gets really slow and freezes when I am working on school work or job hunting. It has gotten to a point when I believe that the computer just does that to spite me. And that it has a conspiracy against me and hates me with a passion and just loves to give me a miserable time when its timing is right like when I am almost done with a school assignment, crucial times at work, and when I am done with a lengthy online job application. And it gets a kick out of my suffering, tears, and frustration and it loves getting that reaction from me. Kind of like mean kids at school finding pleasure in laughing at, picking on, and making fun of other kids different from the rest of the student body. Sentimental or quiet kids and kids with special needs seems to be targets for that kind of bullying. Just like my energy levels might make me a target for the torment of computer malfunctions and glitches. And every time I use a touch screen, I get nothing but unwanted typographical errors even though I did not spell anything wrong. Or it will be slow to respond or do nothing at all. My Samsung tablet does me like that and I only had it for two years.

  • Brittany Scott says:

    Want to add on that these computer malfunctions mentioned in my previous post seem to happen whenever I am in a good mood. All it takes is one computer malfunction to kill my good mood.. And once I become frustrated with the computer, that is it. The good mood I previously had is now tears and irritability and the day is ruined. And it takes a long time to recover from the frustration and the only way to do that is get off the computer and turn it off. A computer malfunction or glitch will make me cry at the drop of a hat.

  • Brittany Scott says:

    Want to add on that these computer malfunctions mentioned in my previous post seem to happen whenewver I am in a good mood. All it takes is one computer malfunction to kill my good mood.. And once I become frustrated with the computer, that is it. The good mood I previously had is now tears and irritability and the day is ruined. And it takes a long time to recover from the frustration and the only way to do that is get off the computer and turn it off. A computer malfunction or glitch will make me cry at the drop of a hat.

  • Amy B says:

    This is something I always wondered about. I worked in the Emergency room and we had this patient that I could not take any vitals on the electronic machines. I tried everything to get his blood pressure, oxygen stats, and ekgs. This all just showed errors. He said that happens to him. I was like huh?? LoL I really didn’t know how to explain this to my supervisor. I guess there are certain people who just can’t be monitored. This explains it a lot better.

  • Lindsey Townsend says:

    STORY OF MY LIFE HERE. My people. I have had three cars that developed major electrical problems. Seat belts suddenly froze up and tried to choke me and would not release, automatic door locks going on and off, constant dead batteries with brand-new cars. With one car the power windows caught on FIRE and melted into the console. Cannot wear a watch; they go dead within days. Cell phone chargers die within a couple of weeks or go backwards when I plug them in. I constantly shut down scanners at stores and have the clerk say, “That’s never happened before.” I’ve had to replace three computers with dead hard drives in the last year. Last time I was at my sister’s house, her week-old router burned out completely nd I was the only one who could connect to Wi-Fi, but no password was needed. Her networks had disappeared. The day I left everything was fine.When I travel I often am the only person who does not have the airport Wi-Fi even showing up on my computer, and no one is able to explain why. Cell phones go dead while I am talking to people or my voice mail suddenly comes on during the conversation. Yesterday I was at the doctor and the nurse was unable to get my temperature with a digital thermometer after trying three times. Of course, she said, “This has never happened before.” I spend countless hours on the phone with tech support trying to fix vpn and connectivity issues that the tech support people accuse me of creating with equipment that worked fine the last time I touched it. Yesterday I was extremely stressed and trying to get some work out, so of course my computer froze up completely and I couldn’t even send email. Wrote a book and was at the designer’s house and froze her Mac completely while I was standing next to her while she did the layout; and of course, “This has never happened before.” She made me leave the room, and then it worked. My best friend will not let me touch her phone because every time I’m near it it freezes up. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve called people and they said the phone did not ring; they just picked it up while they were thinking about me and I was there. My mom and my sister both say they can feel a difference in the energy when I leave their house. I am extremely sensitive to other people’s energy and have had problems with one woman in particular that I feel is an energy vampire and makes me feel physically ill if I am near her. I feel my best in nature and am almost obsessed with gardening; it’s like a natural way to ground myself. I see auras in people and just “know” things about them when I meet them. I have this strange gift with animals; I can understand what they are thinking and feel best around them. I am super-sensitive to my environment and was always dragging in lamps when I worked in an office because fluorescent lights make me feel physically ill. I have always known I was different and being on this planet is very hard for me. When I see pictures of war and violence I have this reaction like I do not belong here. I also have multiple sclerosis, and I feel like somehow my energy field is just wired differently than other people’s in a way that science does not yet understand. I realize all this makes me sound like a nut. It is just good to know that I am not alone, but I would love to hear some ideas on what to do to control or harness this “gift” that so often feels like a handicap. It is very hard to live in our technologically-focused society.

    • Rosallie says:

      You sound like an Empath, maybe check that out if you do not know about Empaths. You sound very much like myself…

    • Chris Craddock says:


      I just posted today (Chris Craddock) so you can probably read my post at the end of the list.
      I am so sorry to hear that you seem to have a rather severe case of whatever it is called that we have. (extra strong electromagnetic field?)
      Your post touched me although I almost didn’t read it due to its lengthiness. I am glad I persevered as you posted quite a lot of interesting & useful information. Thank you.

      I worked as a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) for 40 years in Ca. and am recently retired. During my practice years delivering anesthesia, I was very upset to discover a monitor which was used for vital signs and pulse oximetry would just go crazy when I was giving the anesthesia (brand was Welsch-Allen, which at the time was the most inexpensive all-in-one monitor when pulse oximetry monitoring became mandatory). I quickly decided to carry
      my own pulse oximeter and would always double check the patient’s B/P with a manual cuff I kept in my brief case. (so funny, as of course my typing just now completely disappeared and I was just going to find you and start another post when……..yep! there you are! We were meant to connect.) Anyway, yes, all this electromagnetic interference is real. I have come to accept the fact that no-one will believe you or will think that you are just looney-tunes or both! I, too, sometimes feel as though I may be from a different planet. I just learned over the years to not voice my concerns over why a monitor became non-functional. I had two children to support and many mortgage payments to make so it was better to keep my opinions to myself and carry my own monitors which got smaller and smaller as the years rolled by. Since my initial experience with Welsch-Allen monitors, I have worked with many other anesthesia monitors without problems, both in hospitals and out patient surgery centers. I do not want to disparage Welsch-Allen as most people did not have these interference problems and they loved Welsch-Allen products. I truly hope that the scientific community will eventually acknowledge this skewed electromagnetic field interference phenomena in a mainstream manner. I am sure that we are all tired of “hiding.” Wouldn’t it be nice to know that most people would know about this? (and also be thanking their lucky stars that they are not also afflicted)
      I know years ago UCI (University of Ca. Irvine campus) was measuring auras as both my daughters participated as volunteers. My youngest daughter presented with an expanded aura. I remember I thought, “uh-oh.” There has been nothing positive with this increased electromagnetic field. I have had excellent health most of my life (I am 70) but have no idea if there is any relationship between the two. I, too, have always felt an affiliation with animals and they with me. It always helps to know that you are not alone! I understand.

  • Sunny Noel says:

    So, I have a unique version of this. I’m a super positive person. If you’re fans of Parks and rec Chris Traeger, Rob Lowe’s character. That’s me obnoxiously positive. I find that technology just stops… Yesterday I was cleaning listening to the tv had the sound bar on it just stops. Then I tried my laptop. Tried to check my email. It said I was connected to the WiFi however the page won’t load. My smart TV worked was streaming Netflix. My Android phone was able to surf the web. But my laptop just wouldn’t load a web page. I was in an extremely happy mood. I was planning out my future, I was pouring happy beams like a freaking lightning bolt. I had to speak with two tech guys. About an hour each. Somehow someway my TSL selection was not checked. I don’t know what they are or where they are. Not sure how that happened.


  • Diana M perez says:

    So what are the best crystals to help if they wotk

  • Daniel Williams says:

    Really glad to find this comment section. For the longest time I’ve felt alone on this.. but see by a large margin I’m not. If I get VERY excited, nervous, angry, upset ect. the wifi or radio will stop working almost every single time. But it has to be a true emotion, I can’t fake it. Like if I’m watching a football game and the team I’m going for makes an amazing catch.. there goes the wifi. Or if I’m checking grades or to see if my financial aid went through and am very nervous.. there goes the wifi. If I’m watching a Youtube video and I really, really don’t like what I’m watching or about to watch but just looking to see if my opinions about what I’m about to watch are true… my computer will glitch and make this super loud repetitive noise and I have to hard shut it off (just happened again tonight which is why I finally decided to research this) this has happened multiple times but got to the last straw of ignoring it as a coincidence because it’s happening daily at the exact time my emotions get VERY high about anything . LIKE RIGHT NOW, I HAD TO STOP TYPING BECAUSE I FELT SOMETHING WEIRD WAS GOING ON WITH MY PHONE.. WHICH IS ON SILENT.. JUST HAD A MISSED CALL THAT SAID Missed call and time I missed it was “NOW”. This stuff happens on a regular basis. Was annoyed by it but have also learned how to speed connections up which is kinda of cool. Like if I’m on a website and it’s not loading I just put out a lot of energy from an area in the center of my chest (not from the head which I find interesting, I have to use my head to think haha but the energy it feels comes from my chest) and the computer just starts loading instantly for a little bit till I cool down. Don’t want to ramble on to long have a thousand different personal examples. Another thing I’ve found weird is my emotions can control whole rooms or very large parties.. I’ve had entire parties go silent when I got in a bad mood and parties just start going insane when I want the party to get loud (it’s not because I’m looking for it… people literally will start talking VERY loudly for no reason) .. it’s weird I don’t have to move or anything.. I also have witnesses. I can do this on command. People who’ve noticed it and I share with them, the next time I will give them a sign of when I’m going to do it again and they get to freak out or whatever emotion you’d call it when their just like WTF for a lack of better words. I knock out radio (or make them go static) not sure how radios work, either in my car or anywhere if I get excited, and they won’t come back on till I either relax or walk out of the room (if it’s a radio not in my car) just wanted to include that before I finish.

    All in all glad to find this, I’m just a normal guy, athletic, people ask a lot if I would ever model (not trying to sound ego-ish) just trying to say in other words I’m not some weird dude sitting behind a computer all day. I’m a manager for a store, make decent grades.. etc etc. Just wanted to say thank you to those who’ve posted before me, read a few of your stories and was okay whew I’m not the only one. Good luck and God Bless

  • Luke says:

    I’m not as bad as some of these people , but I googled the subject as when I’m using my own wireless devices it pretty ok , but if at work or with other family members and I’m called over to look at something there internet just spins for like minutes until I move 5-7 feet away , it’s a joke amongst family and friends.

  • Madi says:

    I have the opposite effect on computers: whenever something isn’t working for someone, internets down at work, IT can’t fugitive it out, computer frozen, speaker won’t connect, iPad freaking out, etc all I have to do really is touch it and it fixes the problem. I’ve had this ability all my life. My aunt can do it too.

  • Randi Dusenbury says:

    hi my name is Randi and i have static energy that runs through me daily. its been going on for years. i kill all watches. i have killed a 100 cell phones at least and my computer goes on the fritz all the time. it drives me crazy and i dont know how to get rid of it. i shock my family and my pets everytime i touch them. it is a hard thing to deal with and i seriously thought i was the only one so its nice to know i am not a freak of nature like i thought. glad to have found this post.

  • Lucy says:

    This has been happening to me my entire life and is something that I have sort of learned to live with. If I’m emotional, upset, etc, then my cell phone will slow down, stop working, basically sync with my mood. However, my most recent example is that when I am with the man I am completely head over heels in love with, his cell phone is often screwed up when he goes to use it, especially the connection to bluetooth when he goes to play music. I find this pretty funny because I’m used to it by now, and I told him to google it because it’s not unique to me. He now jokes about it. And sure enough, usually every time after we have a… passionate time …where my emotions are running high, it happens again. I know it’s the effect he has on my energy. It’s a good effect but I guess the effect on the electronics isn’t!

  • Chris Kernot says:

    For me, it is about laptops (and other things, but mostly noticeable on laptops) when i use a laptop, the cursor just keeps on resetting itself, so i could never type a sentence without having to do and redo entire lines at a time as wherever i was typing, just restarted in a random place

    Last Christmas, i came up with the idea of putting an inner sole from my shoe over the mouse pad – ever since then, the PC which had been giving me so much grief behaved itself, and every now and again, i try to work without the inner sole/thong idea – just to see if it is still the same – and it is still the same so presuming i am putting out some sort of impulse that the mouse pad sensor picks up upon and does its own thing

    Other PC constant issues too, but at least i “won” that one, Chris

  • Emma Lechene says:

    I finally looked this up and I see I am not imagining anything. I go to the bank and they have problems with their adding machines and computers. I was on the phone today and their computer strangely was freezing up, so I told her I had that affect on computers. I can’t even wear a watch for more than a few days and it stops. It sounds strange but I am happy to see I am not alone. Thank you all…

  • Pam Stevens says:

    I too have problems with my laptop. I lose control of the curser and the computer starts doing weird things The screen gets larger and then smaller and it jumps to different websites. I was going to buy a new one, when a friend said he would look at it, but when he took the computer, it worked fine, but as soon as he handed it back to me, it started acting up again. We did this many times and every time, the same thing happened. So, the problem is me. I have to keep the laptop a couple of feet away from me which makes it difficult to type. But, as long as I do that, it works fine. Very weird.

  • Wells says:

    Hey Julie – just came across your writing on electrical fields and electronics, years later! Nice. Thanks. Just to say I noticed exactly that yesterday, used my dell laptop immediately after cycling, enjoying that ‘buzz’ from exercise and noticed that laptop cursor was all over the place!! It was extraordinary! Thought it was software at first but then noticed that after resting, everything to do with touchpad was ‘normal’ again. Interesting how powerful the body’s electrical system can be!!

  • Charlene Lane says:

    I am having all kinds of inconsistencies using the iterro scanner at work. Sometimes it works and other times it won’t work. I started to use a stylus rather than my finger on the screen which helps maneuvering through segments but I still have many difficulties with the scan showing up on the screen. I remembered my dad could not wear a watch because it would stop. I wonder if I could have inherited some of these electromagnetic fields inteferring with my work. It is so frustrating. Some people pick up the scanner and have no problems and it seems as if all I have are problems and red spots no matter how exact I follow the instructions. I could not even touch a scan and brings up a delete box, I did this 5 times, a co-worker can up touch the segment 1 time and the delete box came right up. I feel so inept because of this and yet I am not computer illiterate by any means.

  • Mary in SC says:

    I have the opposite situation in my family. This happened again this morning for the umteenth time. My 50 yr old daughter is a computer expert who used desktop extensively in her job and laptops, epads and ephones at him. When she came to see me this morning, I told her I was having problems with my Word software: it had tried several times to load a new version but gave me an error message each time. She went to my desktop and started Word, and it worked perfectly. Damn, it happened again! Just let her walk in the room, and my computer starts working perfectly! I asked her if this ever happens with other computers when she is around, and she blushed and said “Yes, it does.” Has anybody ever heard of this? A person having a beneficial, rather than negative, effect on electronics?

    • Mary in SC says:

      PS – This happened again today. My daughter dropped by again, and I asked her to wait while I loaded Word again just to make sure it was still working properly, as I hadn’t used it since she was last here. Iit gave me the same error message I had been getting! Then my daughter sat at the desktop and again loaded Word. Damn, it worked perfectly!!

      I give up. What’s going on with my daughter and computers??

  • Amber says:

    Thank you for this article. My experience is very specific as every bluetooth headset I’ve ever owned- multiple sets by multiple manufacturers- becomes dysfunctional in the right ear earbud within a few months of me using it. I don’t know why but it’s always the right side and it gets so quiet I can hardly hear through it, even on full volume.

  • Mister Pig says:

    Not that I wish this problem on anyone else, but I’m glad to know I’m not crazy or alone with this problem. Computers glitch up and my cars have glitched up with bizarre electrical problems and engine misfires (With no codes thrown) on many occasions. My question is this: If I can cause things around me to malfunction, certainly I can do good things? Is it *just* an electric field or some other psychic phenomena?

  • Bruhrilla says:

    I am typing this on my phone and can’t see what is being input as the screen is messing up. PlayStation turned off and CPU stays off when I’m in this mode. Radio won’t work hardly received channels. Over a dozen CPU os shut down and can’t reboot. Very real and cutting message short as it is deleting letters as I write

  • Chris Craddock says:

    So comforting to know there are other people who have this same problem. I recall a saying I learned from my political science teacher in high school, “Misery loves company.”
    I finally gave up on wearing watches about 45 years ago, although at that time I could not guess nor understand why my watches always kept failing.
    I have always noticed streetlights turning off and then reactivating when I was about a 1/2 block past. Of course, I always thought that there was something wrong with the streetlights. I have “fried” a countless number of laptops.
    It was the multiple dead laptop pileup that finally made me realize something must be askew with me. Nothing like thousands of dollars down the drain to force a wake up call!
    I now have a MAC laptop which is still “alive”after 15 months. Although I have had a few weird scenarios occur on and off, this has been the best laptop to function for me with my now recognized high energy field. I recently had to buy a PC as I want to run virtual reality software. Tomorrow I am going to use it for the very first time but I am so afraid I am going to fry the most expensive one yet. Yes, I have loaded up on crystals to ward off the “evil spirits!”

  • Alejandro says:

    I have been thinking about this lately, since in my family they pick on me for breaking all electronic devices. I really don’t know what to do. My phone died for no apparent reason and even trying to fix it wouldn’t work. My mom lent me her old temporary phone which is slowly breaking too. I also used her tablet which IS NEW, and yesterday the screen went black with but when you click the buttons they still sound. My mom is so pissed.

  • Tatikaze says:

    I am so petrified to even ADMIT this as I have refused to say ANYTHING to anyone about it in fear of being viewed as crazy. This phenomenon has been happening to me for a few years now, but even worse it is starting to destroy my life. I am a computer guru by birth basically always feeling that I got along with computers better than ANY human, always have I had great success with fixing anything electronics related, sometimes without even having any experience or knowledge of the system/device I would be troubleshooting or diagnosing. But when it comes to my own personal equipment……the last year and a half has been a drastic contrast.
    Although it has been happening to me for the last few years, I originally thought it was someone that I was living with, an ex girlfriend, for ten years. As she was into crystals and auras and all that spiritual stuff. Me on the other hand am dedicated to: If you can’t explain it with math, or science… doesn’t exist. After some very dramatic electrical incidents with computers, house wiring, home stereo equipment…..etc, I couldn’t explain any of it or find any correlation of why it was happening. The only thing that was common during these events was the constant anger I was receiving from my ex. This was in the form of verbal and…… embarrassed to say it……but physical as well. Authorities were called several times, but being the man in the relationship was never brave enough to press charges or even distance myself from the situation, thinking that I could fix anything and was not going to give up on us.
    After looking into electromagnetic disturbances and trying to figure out how I suddenly lost almost 2 terabytes of data on a magnetically shielded, dual redundancy external storage drive, I started to correlate the equipment failures with incidents between her and I…… the only difference in this situation was the fact that she had left me a few days prior to this data loss. As I mentioned before electronics are my life, data recovery has always been another niche of mine and have made lots of customers very happy with my results. This data loss…….unrecoverable, in fact I still have the drives (I think) in a box somewhere in the garage.
    This was disturbing for me, because I had no way of explaining how, why or even WHAT caused the malfunction.
    I found a few posts and pages about how electro magnetism and auras could have an affect on electronics, but most of those pages were very “Spiritual” or “Paranormal” in content. This something I have never tried to grasp, or even thought about existing in the past, so I did not look into it much more, until now.
    In essence of making a very long story just long, I will skip the events that brought me to this post and just describe what I have been dealing with since I moved to a new area in California. Not only have I lit my stereo receiver on fire, 2 desktop PC’s and had numerous unexplainable automotive and household events, but I am a frequent observer or should I say “Visited” by strange unexplainable ORBS of light that seemingly manifest out of thin air out in the desert. These light balls, have been observed several times by my friends, but NONE of them have ever seen them while not in my presence. In fact, in my stupidity I welcomed my ex into my home again and these orbs disturbed her so much to the point she would NOT leave the house without me or alone EVER. Needless to say she left me again, shortly after her departure I found out that a baby that she was carrying (would have been my only and first child ever) was not mine, her disappearance is still VERY unexplained, but with her departure the ORB activity seemingly stopped and I have been un-disturbed by them for almost 4 or 5 months…..UNTIL a few weeks ago.
    Lately, everything I touch seems to get fried and the reason I am finally posting about this, is because of a lawn tractor I have been working on suddenly fried all wiring and somehow is now MAGNETIZED. Not a lot, but enough to notice small metal flakes and debris seemingly stuck to the frame. The kill switch I installed, the ignition and starter are all bad suddenly, and running resistance tests on the wiring has resulted in me having to replace almost ALL of the wiring from the instrument panel to the frame. The ground points that I had for the solenoid and battery have had to be re-located (which is what I have been doing today) along with the kill switch and battery cut-off switch I had recently installed in the last few weeks? Ontop of all this confusion, the ORBS have been materializing again, recently observed by a friend of mine that was helping me on my property for a few days……. WHAT DO I DO? How do I fix this…… and who do I talk to so I can get help, WITHOUT being thrown into the looney bin? I have NOT told any of my family, or all but one of my friends (who has witnessed all these events first hand). I am scared, alone and very confused. I don’t know if anyone can help me on this page, or anyone out there can reply to my request for help, but if you can….. PLEASE, I beg of you I am OUT OF OPTIONS and my life is being affected by this….. HELP or at least let me know where to go, or who to speak to that can help me….. or cure me, or someway to control any or ALL of this?!! I have never in my life turned to the outside world to ask for help…… I don’t even have a facebook page or twitter account, due to my strict policy on privacy and commitment to “NON-SOCIAL media” policy. Once again, I have NO IDEA what to do anymore……

  • Gina says:

    OMG I just want to cry. I haven’t read all of these replies, but enough to believe it’s not just me. I’m sorry for everyone here, but grateful that I’m not a complete screw-up, which is the way people make me feel, especially my husband. I’m 55 and this has been happening to me since I was 9. My worse incident was that I was a temporary for a job that I really wanted badly. I had gone to school for it and worked my way into that position. One of the issues I had with my computer is the Calendar. It was my responsibility to add things to a shared calendar and invite attendees. I would take time and recheck at least three times, the date, times, and all details before sending it. As soon as I hit send, I would check the calendar and it wasn’t there. It would show up on a random day/time. I did not get that job because I was told I make too many mistakes. I was heartbroken. Would it have been better to have told them my body destroys computers? I don’t think so. Hopefully, I can somehow hide any issues that arise at my current job.

  • Jonathan Wilson says:

    I got stressed out over a conference call that I needed to dial into and broke my phone today. I had noticed in the past, whenever I tried to use any cell phone while upset or excited, the phone would always take an extremely long time to connect calls; and occasionally drop them – or have some other weird malfunction. I had been on the this very phone, minutes before the impending conference call, conversing with my manager – discussing the upcoming call, probably getting agitated … and poof (I guess) — We ended our call and I tried, desperately, to call in to the CC — didn’t work – the phone just kept dropping call after call. It can’t send or receive emails, calls or texts and the device is generally useless. This sort of thing happens to me all the time and with other sorts of electronics. — I also get approached by “odd” people that seem to always want to engage me in esoteric debates. …. I don’t go looking for it; and I don’t dress or act like a weirdo.

  • First of all, I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve experienced everything from streetlights going out one by one as I pass under them, to lightbulbs going out (sometimes explosively) when I touch something near one, to serious “wiring” issues in every car I’ve owned, to computers and printers going haywire, to clocks that weren’t working suddenly working while I’m in the room, to setting off my daughter’s light up shoes (when she was little) when I was several feet away from them, to making her Jumping Tigger start jumping when I’m within several feet, to having her talking Winnie the Pooh and Elmo talk without even touching them (those were all when she was a toddler almost 20 years ago).

    The first time I was aware that something was different was in 1990 when I lived above a heavy snorer in an apartment with thin walls. I would stomp on the hard wood floor to get him to turn over but one night it didn’t work. He was keeping me up at night and I was very frustrated. This particular night I was pretty upset and stormed into the living room to sleep on the couch. It was midnight–and I know this because of what happened next. Once I was comfortable on the couch I heard ticking. I hate ticking clocks and had eliminated any from my home so I was perplexed to hear it. I went about in the dark trying to locate the source, going from clock to clock, knowing it couldn’t be one of them. I had to turn on the light and that is when I looked at the huge, ugly clock mirror hanging above the couch–the one I had set to 12:00 and then turned “off” because of the loud ticking it made. I had already spent enough nights on the couch to know that clock was a distraction. The clock said 12:05 and was ticking away. I pulled it off the wall and looked at the battery compartment and it was still in the off position, but continued to tick. I freaked out and ripped the batteries out. The ticking stopped.

    I also started an unworking antique mantel clock working one night several years later. The friend I was staying with said the clock belonged to his grandparents and had never worked. There was a lot of tension in the room, for reasons I won’t mention. And we suddenly started hearing the clock. It was working and continued to run all night. My friend said it stopped right after I left.

    There have been countless times when I’ve driven or walked under streetlights and they go out. I go through headlights and taillights in my car like crazy. In every car I have ever owned I end up with stereo systems that die soon after I occupy the car. Even after I replaced one with an expensive system, it ended up with faulty wiring.

    My daughter and I have mutually experienced weird phenomena in a few houses we’ve lived in, and once in a hostel we stayed at in Billings, Montana. In that case we ended up leaving two days early because it was uncomfortable and scary. We both experienced something at the same time that had to do with my grandmother, who had died the year before. I have had strange experiences like this since I was ten. When my other grandmother died I woke up at her exact time of death, shortly after 1:00 a.m. I used to hear footsteps going up the stairs when I lived in a mother-in-law dwelling–the owner of the house lived in the main part. I would hear it the same every time. Footstep, footstep, then a little thud. Footstep, footstep, thud. I heard this once when the owner was away from home for a weekend and thought it weird because I thought it was her. When I mentioned it she said it was her husband, who had died some years before. She said she heard it too. The little extra thud? He had a cane. I have had many other situations like this.

    I was also involved in an investigation where a team goes in and tries to debunk the theory that a “ghost” is present. Well, the experience was interesting indeed. I had a lot of sensations that were unexplainable until after the investigation. I went into it blind, not knowing a thing at all, except that the owner was experiencing odd occurrences and that a woman had died there 80+ years earlier. When I walked into the house, and up a spiral staircase, I instantly got the feeling that something happened on those stairs. I don’t know why. The house was huge–something could have happened anywhere. I went through the house with someone else (we went in pairs) and experienced nothing out of the ordinary, except the smell of muffins cooking in what turned out to be the old kitchen where a nanny used to bake 80+ years prior. About two hours later we decided to meet downstairs and talk about findings. I think there were about four teams of two (my daughter included–she was about 13 at the time). As I walked down the spiral stairs I developed a terrible headache; excruciating. It made me want to throw up. I also smelled a weird kind of acrid smoke, very strong, and mentioned it to the couple who ran the investigation, Bill and Connie (who I knew because we had them investigate our house with some interesting findings), and Connie got very excited. She said, “can I tell her?” Bill said, “not until we’re completely done.” I was tired and hungry and I sat down on one of the stairs toward the bottom. I put my elbows on my knees and put my face in my hands. Connie gasped. “Can I tell her now?” Bill said, “not yet.” I ended up not being able to continue as the teams went through one more time. Once we convened at the end of the investigation I found out that a woman had been killed in that house by her husband. She had walked down the stairs as he followed. At one point she sat down on a stair near the bottom and he shot her in the back of the head. When the authorities found her she was still in the position she died in; with her elbows on her knees and her face in her hands. The terrible headache, the smell of smoke–which I realized was gunsmoke, and sitting on that stair in that position–all I can say is that it has to be more than coincidence.

    On a more positive note, I took a polarity class and was very successful at identifying physical ailments of the people I practiced on during class. The problem is that it zapped all the energy out of me. It is why I couldn’t finish my massage therapy training.

    Interestingly, I have serious electrical issues with my heart and have an ablation scheduled for this August 3rd (I’m terrified). I have been wearing an implanted heart monitor for the last two years, which has greatly helped to identify my issues (ectopic atrial tachycardia, a-fib, PACs, PVCs) and interestingly, that implant has never malfunctioned. Good because I will probably need a pacemaker eventually. I have also been diagnosed with dysautonomia (my autonomic nervous system is screwed up–this is the system that affects body temperature, blood pressure, heart rhythm, all the things we don’t have control over).

    I could go on because there is so much that has happened that involves me and energy. I even had a woman come up to me once and give me a mix of essential oils because she could feel my energy and it was too much for her.

    I’ve always wanted to vent about this topic. Thanks.

  • I’ve had this problem my entire life and recently worsened but I never tied it with my emotions.

    Writing/Sending this was a challenge. (You all know what I mean). I have a main tablet, call me crazy but in my car, I have a backup tablet, and a backup phone for the backup tablet, and a backup laptop (That refuses to go on line anytime of the day) for my backup phone.

    One stressful and hot afternoon, I had gone thru 3 devices just to take a simple pic for a job.

    How many of you deposited cash and the ATM malfunctioned? Machine shut down!! No receipt!! Happened to me twice at different branches! I got it squared away but took days. I paid for a money order, the printer wouldn’t print or died. At the bank, system down, paper jammed, no ink, no paper…this and that. The list just goes on.

    How about storage? I drove past the coded gate, but could not get out on the 4th of July!! I ended up ditching my car and walking home. (They had a walk thru door). I was told later that the storage was closed on July 4th, system shut down, no one had access to go in. but my crazy mind opened it!

    Then one early morning, after successfully got past the coded gate, with the same password, I was refused by the coded door to get into the unit. It said: “Access Suspended”, I waited in the car til they opened, the office said “someone” checked “Suspend” on my account in the system right after I drove in but NO ONE was in the office, they showed up 30 minutes later. How very Twilight Zone!

    I don’t wear watches but now I know why…they kept breaking on me and all this time I always thought it was just a cheap piece of crap. Wifi, computers, laptops have always been so naughty around me, wacky things happened frequently I assumed it was evil spirit or I was just jinxed.

    I lost count how many times I’ve heard: “Don’t touch it, you’ll break it”!

    Days after reading this, I watch my emotions, but even on a calm and peaceful day, they still won’t work right. Wifi lags, KB typed blank or typed different words by itself…..Today, in the car, after I glanced at the screen on the tablet, I told myself to close the app to save battery, I barely faced my palm down while inches away from it, the app closed itself and returned to something else. Then last night, I thought about finding headsets to start listening to meditation music but was too late and too lazy to look for it. This morning, boom, a pouch fell into my purse. I opened it and found two headsets!! So this could work in my favor!

    And today, I stopped by to get a money order, oh my gosh, not even one hiccup, I was in n out in 1 minute like a normal person, I looked at her and went like are you sure we are done?! But of course, that was my 3rd attempt this week and after my tablet has gone flaky on me: won’t read my finger scan, refuse to get on line and after I did, gave me “wrong password” while I logged on to Dropbox.

    Thanks to this article and the wonderful info people have shared. You’ve given me hope and hours of entertainment!! I laughed and went “That’s me, too!!” so many times!!

    If a doctor/scientist is reading this and needs someone to study on. I am up for it!! We ought to form a “Slider Support Group”. Contact at your own risk!!

  • Mary Sgromolo says:

    This is the very first article I have ever seen that even remotely addressed this phenomenon…it is a very interesting article and explains quite a lot of things. The so called high magnetic charge in my body and most of my family, including my Mother, we have experienced more of psychokinetic ability such as thinking about calling someone and the phone on both ends ring at the same time, no one dialed the phone. This has happened quite frequently between my Mom and my sisters or close friends. I point to the button on an elevator for the floor I want to go to and the light comes on and it takes me to the floor I wanted. I used to work for a government contractor and worked within the secure facility, which had a cypher lock on it, it would always push the buttons for me automatically to get in the facility without me even touching anything…so I demonstrated this weakness in security and we had to get a different type of lock for our secure facility. This stuff is real, I have experienced this my entire life. I also have had visions which came true more times than I can count. Dreamed of places and people that I recognized and knew who they were when I experienced these people and places years later. I had to quit working for a government agency as a computer intern because the magnetic charge I carried in my body would shut down the world wide computer system if I got within a 10 inch radius of the master system. My Mother always said it was a trait from the Cherokee Indian side of her family. My cell phone always acts strange for me, my oldest sister has never had a computer that worked correctly for her. My other sister could not wear a quartz watch because it interrupted the mechanism that controlled the watch, of course it worked fine when she took it off. My youngest daughter and I always hear a high pitched sound of energy when we talk on the cell phone. We both can read each others mind. My husband has audibly heard my voice when he was in our office on the other side of the house and came to the bedroom where I was and asked me if I was standing out side the office talking to me and said what he heard my voice say, I told him I was thinking of something I needed to talk to him about and was only thinking in my head…but he heard it as clear as if I was in the room with him. There are many other things which sound crazy but it is normal for me, if there is anything out there that is metal I can find it, I cannot tell you how many watches, rings, coins, knives, etc. I have found throughout my life!

    • Kay says:

      YES! That darn buzzing of electricity!!! It is the bane of my existance! Okay, maybe that was melodramatic, but it drives me nuts and I constantly have to ask people to repeat themselves whilst on the phone.

  • Ian says:

    I am disabled with this problem. My business cannot move forward because of it.i am up to the early hours of the morning constantly trying to reset stuff and passwords. I feel some one is getting up in the night and messing with my settings and stuff. This began when I was 14 I am 52 now, my first digital watch broke as a kid on my birthday the moment it was put on my wrist. The Apple shop hate me as I once broke a blue tooth speaker when he was testing my phone. This was great because I told him if it works I will eat the speaker, luckily for me I did not have to. Yesterday was a night mare, today is not much better, tomorrow I will go through it all over again.

  • Kay says:

    Well, we are all in this together lol. My grandmother has this issue too so I grew up thinking it was “normal” for some people. It was an annoyance (and a joke between my husband and I – WiFi not working? Just kick the wife out of the room) but I never looked into the reason until my daughter started having the same issues (she is 2). She will be growing up in a tech world so I decided to try to find out what is causing it. Still looking, glad to see it is not just my family. I block satelite signals, WiFi, cell signals, drain batteries twice as fast as they should, cause static if I get too close to a radio, can’t wear a watch, the computer freezes up regularily, and if I was a super hero I would be StaticGirl! I can shock people from almost a foot away (we’ve tested my range haha). I can almost feel metal when I get near it because of the static. I have blown a few lights out while turning them on and can make the walls “crackle” by getting close to them (again, static and the nails in the studs”. I HATE lightswitches because the shock from them is quite painful, especially in winter when the air is drier. I have a wooden meter stick in my house that I use to turn lights on and off haha. On the bright side, I am a walking stud finder when trying to hang something!

  • Colleen says:

    Interesting article! I’m going to try the suggestion about arranging certain crystals around my desk to see if that helps, because there’s no way I can afford to see a Reiki specialist. I’ve had problems with electronics ever since around age 20. At one of my jobs during training, I would constantly get what others referred to as “the red screen of death”… The training leader switched me to FOUR different computers, and it happened on all of them – even when I had not yet touched the keyboard! Also, keeping a wireless connection on anything in my house is nearly impossible. My Alexa device, printer, computer- they all struggle with keeping connections. We thought it was a problem in our neighborhood – but nope. Two neighbors have the same wireless services as us, and their connections are fine. It’s so annoying!

    The article mentions that stress can impact it as well. I’ve seen that happen with my cellphone. I have a very tight schedule sometimes, with only 10 minutes to drive from 1 busy location to the next, for my boyfriend’s medical appointments. Three times now, I’ve needed to contact him or the doctor – and of course trying to do this while driving is very stressful and frustrating. Each time the phone would suddenly say it had no internet connection. Now keep in mind, I’ve driven this path hundreds of times, and never experienced any glitches – It was only when I was stressed out, and really needed to reach him with important information! Suppose I should try to “de-stress”, but when you have no way of avoiding a hectic schedule, the body’s natural response is stress, even if I try not to show it! I need some sort of energy-field blocker around my body.

  • I have a bed & breakfast and three times this year, we have had couples that cannot make their TV remotes work. They work for me, but not for them even with fresh batteries. If they commonly had issues like you discuss here, I would think they would mention it. Can these things change based on location maybe since they are traveling when they stay with us?

  • Adela says:

    Hello, and a BIG THANK YOU to Ms. Julie Strier for bringing up this subject! I’m sorry I found this only today in 2019 but felt I had to put my grain of sand into this gigantic puzzle! Contrary to what everyone here experienced, the problem with my computer comes, as I read, from a magnetic field from the corner where I keep all wires connecting to around 4 devices: landslide phone; TV and (now) 2 computers! My computer’s weird behavior is mostly on my email program by causing a chaos on my screen making it impossible to use. It also suddenly rushes down like a bullet any text already there or while I’m writing it, all the way down to the end and stays there. And it duplicates any open file many many times and I can’t stop it and it flickers and trembles and God knows what other weird things. I can’t even shut the computer in the normal way. I just have to push the power button off. It lasts from 5 minutes to an hour or two. Sometimes it does it also while I’m in the internet and even on some websites.

    I don’t think it’s me because this happens regardless if I’m nice and tranquil or upset and furious. How sad that there’s nothing to be done (at least none of the techies I contacted knew anything about it). I was forced to buy a laptop and put it on my kitchen table away from all those wires, but this makes it extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient for me. I tried this new laptop at the troubled corner and….it also had similar reaction. In fact, while in that troubled corner, this new laptop WITHOUT THE BATTERY still did those weird things! So back to the kitchen table! Unbelievable!!!

    I’m at a total loss what to do, just as all of you. Maybe we must force Microsoft and the other COMPUTER LORDS like Google, all browsers, social networks, etc., to investigate this phenomenon? I wish you all best of luck!

  • Spencer Linn says:

    What about draining phone batteries and causing chargers not to work? Same problem?

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, I have problems with phones of all kinds. Cordless and cell phones. When I need my cell phone to work the most, that is when it starts malfunctioning. I have issues with the speakerphone setting in particular. I won’t even try it anymore on any phone. The battery drains immediately. I don’t bother buying brand new phones because they seem to be more vulnerable. I get cordless phones from thrift stores and buy new batteries. I still have occasional problems, but I keep extra batteries on hand. As for cell phones, the more high tech they are, the more problems I have with them malfunctioning. I’m on my 3rd cell phone in a year. I’ve had this one for about 6 months. Initially I could go several days without having to charge the battery. Now I’m having to do it every day. In another few months, I will probably have to get a new phone because it is a cheap one where you can’t take the battery out. (I think).

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