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Windows7 Calculator: More than Meets the Eye

Windows7 Calculator

Did you know your Windows7 calculator could look like this?

At first glance, the Windows7 calculator seems the same as every version offered in Windows before. However, if you take a little time to explore, you’ll soon find there is much more to the calculator than ever before.

What do you do when you need a scientific, programming, or statistics calculator? When you need to, how do you calculate your mortgage, a vehicle lease, or the fuel economy of your vehicle? In the past you would probably turn to special online calculators, or complicated spreadsheets to figure things out.

But now you don’t need to do that. Instead, whip out your trusty Windows7 calculator, and calculate virtually any equation or situation. To change the way your calculator behaves, change the settings under the View menu.

Different Types of Calculators

Basic Calculator: When you first start the calculator, it opens as a basic calculator, allowing you perform all the normal functions you’re used to. You can always return to the basic calculator from any other setting by pressing ALT + 1.

Scientific Calculator: To access the scientific calculator go to View > Scientific. Or, you can press ALT + 2.

Programmer Calculator: To access the programmer calculator go to View > Programmer. Or, you can press ALT + 3.

Statistics Calculator: To access this calculator go to View > Statistics, or press ALT + 4.

Different Calculation Modes

Aside from 4 different types of calculators, you can also choose from different calculation “modes” to get the most out of your calculator. These are all located under the View Menu, toward the bottom of the list.

Unit Conversion: Whenever you are looking to convert something, this is the calculator you want. This mode allows you to calculate one type of unit of measurement into another type. For example, easily convert an angle into a degree, gradian, or radian. Or, calculate the area of something into square meters, or better yet, square millimeters. To quickly access this function, press CTRL + U.

Date Calculation: Want to quickly calculate the difference between two dates? This calculator mode makes it easy. Just put in the two dates, and it will show you

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the difference in years, and in days. To quickly access this function, press CTRL + E.

Worksheets: When you want to calculate your mortgage, vehicle lease, or fuel economy, you’ll want to use these easy worksheets. Unfortunately, there are no shortcut keys for Worksheets. You will find them located at the bottom of the View Menu.

Mixing Calculations

Additionally, you can mix-up the functionality of your calculator, so that it’s unique to your specific needs. To do this, activate a specific calculator type and a specific mode. For example, you can change your calculator to a scientific calculator, and activate the date calculation mode so that you can quickly do either type of calculation.

Any of the calculators and modes can be mixed together, so play around with your Windows7 calculator settings. Before long you’ll have it custom tweaked for your needs, and you’ll never again seek out an online calculator or turn to a complicated spreadsheet for your calculation needs.

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How to Replace All the Computers in your Office, Without Breaking the Bank: Hardware as a Service


Image Source: / Henrique Vicente

How much do you think it would cost to replace every computer in your office, including your servers, all at once? If you had to replace everything, could you do so without taking out a sizable loan? Then, could you afford to turn around and do it again three years later, to keep up with technology?

When faced with a challenge like this, many companies would not be able to afford to replace everything in their office at once. As it stands now, most businesses don’t have the kind of capital it takes to stay on top of constantly changing technology demands, and as such their business suffers.

How much time and money wasted on slow computers, or computers that just don’t work right? How much more productive could your staff be if they had the proper tools available to them?

Luckily, there is one solution that allows you to accomplish all this and more – hardware as a service.

Hardware as a Service (or HaaS) is a business solution that allows you to upgrade your entire office to the latest technology, including: hardware, operating systems, and common business software like Microsoft Office, for one affordable monthly fee.

With Hardware as a Service you also receive ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your computers. In the event that something breaks or needs to be replaced, it is done so quickly and easily, at no extra cost to you.

Ongoing monitoring also has additional benefits, as many times parts can be replaced before they go bad, allowing computers to be conveniently fixed on your schedule, instead of your schedule being disrupted by the outage.

Additionally, your technology is upgraded every three years, ensuring that your business is always current with the latest, greatest technology, so that your employees have the best tools available to them.

Instead of creating some crazy schedule outlining who gets the new computer in the office and when, or stressing over where you’re going to get the money to replace the eight computers that are slow and breaking, consider a better solution– hardware as a service. It’s the budget friendly alternative that allows you to get your office technology back on track, so that you and your staff can get back to running your business.

Call us today to discover how quickly and easily you could upgrade your entire office 888.648.4333.